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The 25 BEST OCULUS QUEST 2 GAMES You Need To Play In 2023

The Best Of The Best 25 Oculus Quest 2 Games That You Need To Play Right Now!

Have A Blast While Playing These Super-Fun Oculus Quest 2 Titles. This Is The ULTIMATE And Most Comprehensive Best Oculus Quest 2 Games List! (Updated 2023)

You bought or received a Meta / Oculus Quest 2 as a gift and are now looking for the Best Oculus Quest 2 games? Then We’re here to help you.

These are the games that are worth every single penny you spend! From AAA VR Titles to Indie Gems, from Adventures to mind-bending puzzles, we’ve got you all covered.

Trust me, it was tough to keep this list at just under 25 awesome games. With that said, here are my Top 25 picks for the Best Oculus Quest 2 Games Available Right Now That You Need To Play!!!.

***In this list, you’ll not find games that are already super popular like Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, Bonelab or Superhot because let’s be honest we all know that those games are “must-have” VR titles and adding those games to this list would be useless.***

“Best Oculus Quest 2 Games”

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Here Are Your Top 25 Best Oculus Quest 2 Games That You Must Play

25. We Are One Demo

We Are One - Release Date Trailer | Meta Quest 2 + Pro
  • Developer: Flat Head Studio
  • Genre: Action, Puzzle, Shooting

We Are One is a puzzle shooter where you solve mind-bending puzzles by cloning yourself and playing with time loops.

You are your only teammate, so you need to plan ahead and cooperate with your clones to overcome the challenges.

You can use your clones to solve puzzles, fight enemies, and even build structures.

The game has a unique art style that combines watercolour textures with digitally drawn lines. It is easy to pick up but challenging to master, making it perfect for VR beginners and experienced users alike.

So, if you are looking for a VR game that is both challenging and unique, then We Are One Demo is definitely worth playing.

We Are One

24. ESPIRE 2

Espire 2 - Reveal Trailer | Meta Quest
  • Developers: Espire VR
  • Genre: Action, Shooting

Moving onto number 24th position we have – Espire 2

A VR game that takes stealth action to a whole new level.

In this full-fledged FPS, you can dive into two exciting story campaigns about stopping the corrupt terrorist organization.

Do it alone or team up with a friend for co-op action – the fate of the world is in your hands!

And that’s not all – You can also control multiple Espire frames, each with its own unique abilities and attributes to discover.

So call your friend & get ready for a VR FPS experience unlike any other with Espire 2.


23. No More Rainbows

No More Rainbows | Launch Trailer | Meta Quest 2 + 3 + Pro
  • Genre: Squido Studio
  • Developers: Action, Adventure, Social

No More Rainbows delivers a delightful and immersive VR platformer experience.

As the Beast of the Underworld, you embark on a reversed good vs evil adventure, destroying happiness and reclaiming their desecrated realm.

The intuitive locomotion mechanics using hand and arm movements bring a unique twist to the classic platformer gameplay.

With a captivating single-player campaign, exciting multiplayer mode, extensive customization options, and competitive leaderboards, the game offers endless fun and replayability.

So, whether you’re a VR enthusiast seeking a nostalgic platformer or someone looking for a fresh and engaging virtual reality experience, No More Rainbows delivers an enjoyable and thrilling adventure that will keep you coming back for more platform-hopping fun.

No More Rainbows

22. Battle Talent VR

Battle Talent | Launch Trailer | Meta Quest
  • Developer: CyDream
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fighting

Battle Talent is a physics-based rogue-lite action game designed to satisfy your Combat Fantasy.

Players take control of characters from various races, each with their own set of abilities and special attacks.

You can play as an archmage, swordmaster, or marksman, climbing, running and sliding their way through the game’s various levels.

For added depth, the game includes mod support, a sandbox mode, and a war mode.

With countless possibilities for customization and replayability, this is one of the Best Fighting Oculus titles available.

Battle Talent VR

21. Phantom: Covert Ops

Phantom: Covert Ops | Gameplay Walkthrough | Oculus Quest + Rift Platform
  • Developers: nDreams
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooter

Phantom: Covert Ops, a stealth-based FPS shooter that duties players with sparing the world from a merciless enemy strength. The catch? Players will frame the whole of their risky missions from a strategic kayak.

You can openly move in your military kayak and experience creative on-water VR traversal to paddle stealthily through unfriendly areas.

Players are urged to move toward every rival experience uniquely utilizing an assortment of upgradeable equipment and weaponry.

Phantom: Covert Ops is stealth-action reclassified. This game also includes a completely fleshed-out single-player story campaign.

Want to hear every enemy’s footsteps? Here are the headphones/earphones that we recommend: Best Oculus Quest Headphones/Earphones – From Cheap To High

Phantom: Covert Ops

20. Racket NX

Racket: Nx Mixed Reality Trailer

My absolute favourite online multiplayer game has to be Racket NX because this game takes racketball to the next level by throwing you into a dome and making you battle it out against an online opponent to destroy the targets with the ball. 

Racket NX is a new kind of game that challenges the limits of what you can do with a racket and a ball in VR.

It features two single-player modes, a campaign, and an endless runner plus a multiplayer mode that supports cross-platform so you can play against quest or PC players.

Racket NX is one of the most fun games; you can have in VR multiplayer as far as I’m concerned. Just be careful not to punch a wall or knock over a lamp in the process.

So if you like Sports and Multiplayer games then Racket NX is your go-to game.

Racket NX

19. Trover Saves the Universe

Trover Saves the Universe | Oculus Quest + Rift Platform
  • Developer: Squanch Games, Inc.
  • Genre: Adventure, Interactive Story

From the co-maker of the comedy-adventure series, Rick and Morty come Trover Saves the Universe.

Your puppies are absent. The universe is in question. Just you and Trover can spare everything in this! 

You’ve banded together with Trover, a little purple eye-opening beast who is certainly not an enormous enthusiast of working or being placed in the situation of sparing the universe. 

It’s a comedy adventure loaded up with battle, platforming, bewildering, and ethically flawed decisions.

You can control Trover’s developments, yet not his mouth. He has a ton to state about what’s happening in the game. 

Overhaul Trover AND YOURSELF with new capacities to crush Glorkon while dodging awkward circumstances. You’ll be immersed in weirdness with the VR headset.

Trover Saves the Universe

18. Medal of Honor™: Above and Beyond

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond - Launch Trailer
  • Developers: Respawn Entertainment
  • Genre: Action, Narrative, Shooter

Meta Quest 2 is lately receiving a catalogue of games that make you seriously wonder if this is the future of Virtual Reality with Triple-A games for its native platform and it is that Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond has come to this platform with a port of the PC game that is much more than worthy.

The remarkable Medal of Honor in VR is set, as usual, during the Second World War, and puts us in the shoes of a soldier who – together with Americans, British, and members of the French resistance – will have to defeat the Nazi regime.

The game has a single-player campaign, multiplayer mode, and also a survival mode!

Its campaign is divided into 6 missions, of which each of them is divided into several fragments. The campaign mode lasts for more than 10 hours. (Time to get a battery pack!)

The game has many strengths such as its graphic quality, its history and its level of immersion that will leave you speechless.

And do not hesitate to invite your friends to live together an extraordinary VR experience!

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Medal Of Honor

17. A Township Tale

A Township Tale | Oculus Quest Launch Trailer
  • Developers: Alta
  • GENRE: Adventure, RPG, Simulation

Moving on to number 17 we have placed – A Township Tale!

A Township Tale is a captivating cooperative adventure game set in a vast medieval-fantasy world.

Embark on thrilling quests with friends as you explore forgotten lands, build a flourishing town, and master the art of crafting.

With its beautiful atmosphere and lots of ways to personalize your experience, A Township Tale is a game that draws you in.

The exciting storytelling keeps you hooked as the decisions you make shape what happens to your character.

So, whether you’re a fan of cooperative gameplay or immersive exploration, A Township Tale offers a rich and rewarding experience that will keep you coming back for more!

A Township Tale


STRIDE - Launch Trailer | Oculus Quest Platform
  • Developers: Joy Way
  • Genre: Action, Arcade, Sports

Do you love Mirror’s Edge and have a strong stomach? Then Stride is just for you!

Because here you experience and control the game with your own body instead of just sitting and pressing buttons.

The experience is far more immersive and physical than on screen and comes closest to real-life sport – without the risk of breaking your bones.

In Stride you can do almost everything you could do in Mirror’s Edge: Jump from the house roof to another house at high speed and at dizzying heights, run along walls in breakneck acrobatics, and incapacitate villains with a pistol or bare hands.

Even bullet time and zip lines made it into the game. The game offers three arcade modes in which you can compete with other players via leaderboards!

If you experience motion sickness then here’s some help: 9 Ultimate Tips on How to Prevent Motion Sickness in VR Forever!


15. Red matter 2

Red Matter 2 - Announcement Trailer l Meta Quest
  • Developers: Vertical Robot
  • Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

Red Matter 2 is a visually stunning and immersive VR puzzle-adventure game set in a dystopian cold war setting,

You step into the shoes of Sasha, an agent on a mission to uncover the secrets of the mysterious Red Matter.

The game mixes tricky puzzles, exciting battles, and jumping challenges together in a way that keeps players hooked and excited throughout the game.

With its striking environments, challenging gameplay, and the freedom to soar through the skies with a jetpack, Red Matter 2 provides a truly unforgettable adventure.

So, if you own a Meta Quest 2 headset and are looking for some adventure to start with then Red Matter 2 is the one you should go for!

Red matter 2

14. Swarm

Swarm | Oculus Quest + Rift Platforms
  • Developer: Greensky Games
  • Genre: Arcade, Shooter, Social

Swarm is a high-action shooter that makes you feel like an armed futuristic Spiderman. Basically, it’s Spider-Man with guns.

This is the crazy premise of Swarm, a frenzied shooter in which we must destroy the hundreds of robots that plague the planet.

In the game, there are five macro-areas divided into five sub-levels, of which the last is always the boss at the end of the section

Each combat arena is full of platforms, having to move at the same time as we shoot.

Also, the soundtrack is straight fire! So, will you be able to rise to the top of the world rankings?


13. Lies Beneath VR

Lies Beneath Gameplay Trailer | Oculus Quest + Rift Platform
  • Developer: Drifter®
  • Genre: Survival, Action, Adventure, Horror

LIES BENEATH takes survival horror to the next level with its comic book art style, full of nightmarish & terrifying scenarios

As Mae, players will be fully immersed in the horrifying town of Slumber, while you fight off deadly monsters and unravel dark secrets.

From searching for weapons to solving puzzles, every aspect of LIES BENEATH’s gameplay will be heightened in VR.

Don’t just witness Mae’s terrifying journey – live it for yourself in LIES BENEATH VR.

So, if you want to play an Action-horror survival game with a twist of a wondrous retro comic art style then Lies Beneath is THE game for you.

Love Lies Beneath? Then you’ll love these games for sure cause here are the Top 15 Amazing Best ACTION Games For Oculus Quest 2

Lies Beneath VR

12. Warplanes: WW1 Fighters

Warplanes: WW1 Fighters - Launch Trailer [PC VR]
  • Developer: Home Net Games
  • Genre: Arcade, Flying, Simulation

Warplanes: WW1 Fighters lets you fight World War II battles in historic planes.

It is more of an arcade shooter than a simulator. You face fighters, bombers, airships, and even enemy ships.

Authentic to the era, you engage in close-range combat and use hand-dropped bombs.

The controls are flexible: you can fly the plane with the thumbstick on the Oculus controller or grab the stick in the cockpit with the real-style controller and operate it realistically.

Buy new planes or modify one with the money you get by winning fights. Sounds fun right? It certainly is!

Warplanes: WW1 Fighters

11. In Death: Unchained

In Death Unchained | Oculus Quest
  • Developer: Superbright
  • Genre: Action, Shooting

In Death is a fast-paced and challenging game inspired by traditional Roguelike dungeon crawlers.

Instead of swords, you use a bow or crossbow to battle your way through procedurally generated levels, collecting ammo and aids and facing off against powerful bosses.

Each run is unique and starts over if you die, including unlocked improvements.

The game features a success system that scales the difficulty level as you master the controls and combat elements, making for a truly relentless and rewarding experience.

So If you love action-horror shooter VR games then In Death is a must-play. And that’s why In Death: Unchained is our #8 Pick For Best VR Shooter Games For The Oculus Quest 2

Love slayin’ Monsters in In Death then slay some more in Doom: How To Play DOOM In VR On Oculus Quest 2 (EASIEST Method)

In Death: Unchained

10. Demeo

Demeo Launch Trailer | Oculus Quest Platform
  • Developers: Resolution Games
  • Genre: Adventure, RPG, Strategy

Demeo VR is a thrilling cooperative board game that brings players together for an epic adventure. Players must cooperate in groups of up to four to defeat enemies and accomplish missions.

The game features a unique combat system that allows players to strategize and cooperate with each other in order to defeat their foes.

But it’s not all about strategy – Demeo VR is also a visual masterpiece, making it a great choice for gamers who want to get lost in a good story.

And because Demeo VR supports cross-platform play, you’ll be able to team up with friends no matter what platform they’re on.

So whether you’re looking for a new type of game or a casual player looking for something fun to do with friends, Demeo VR is sure to deliver.


9. The Contractors

Contractors Quest Launch Trailer
  • Developers: Caveman Studios
  • Genre: Action, First Person Shooter

The Contractors is an Action-Shooter Multiplayer VR game. The most important thing that makes Contractors apart from other Shooter games is the polish of this game. 

Visually, the graphics are stunning. The amount of detail this game has is incredible…

Mechanically it feels very satisfying to just fire the guns and the variety of loadout options is really satisfying.

On a pure gameplay level, it’s so much faster than the other well-known VR shooters out there.

If you love and want to play a fast-paced military competitive multiplayer shooter VR game then Contractors VR is the right choice for you.

You Can Also Play Pavlov VR on Your Quest 2, Here’s the Tutorial: Pavlov VR – How to Get Pavlov on Oculus Quest (Officially)

The Contractors

8. Real VR Fishing

[Oculus Quest] Real VR Fishing Trailer
  • Developer: Devs United Games, Inc.
  • Genre: Arcade, Relaxation/Meditation, Sports

Real VR Fishing is one of the most popular VR games on the market and this popularity means that you can immerse yourself & compete or cooperate with other players from around the world.

Whether you’re trying to catch the biggest fish or just chat with other fishermen, Real VR Fishing is a great way to socialize in VR.

And It’s a great way to chill and unwind. What could be better than spending a few hours fishing in a beautiful virtual reality environment?

Real VR Fishing lets you choose from a variety of idyllic locations, including rivers, lakes, and seas. Relax, socialize, and get some exercise all at the same time.

So if you’re looking for a fun and immersive VR experience, be sure to check out Real VR Fishing.

Real VR Fishing

7. Walkabout Mini Golf VR

Walkabout Mini Golf - Oculus Launch Trailer

Walkabout Mini Golf VR is a great choice for those looking for a beginner-friendly game that can be enjoyed by all ages.

And it is one of those games that won’t blow your mind with 4k textured graphics, What it will do is give you hours of fun while gently hitting a small ball.

In this game, players can compete against each other in multiplayer matches or play through the course by themselves in single-player mode.

Walkabout Mini Golf also features an interesting art style that makes it one of the more visually appealing games on this list

In short, a highly recommended game to play with family and friends!

Walkabout Mini Golf VR

6. Population: ONE

POPULATION: ONE | Launch Trailer | Oculus Quest & Rift Platforms
  • Developer: BigBox VR, Inc.
  • Genre: Action, Arcade, Shooter, Multiplayer

Population: One is a great VR game for fans of the battle royale genre.

You and your group of 2 others fight it out on a map until only one person or team is left. There are 18 gamers in total, separated into 6 teams of 3 players each.

The game feels unique and fresh each time you play because of its free movement mechanics and the ability to build walls on the fly like Fortnite.

The player base is growing, and the game offers special events, seasons, and new content to keep shooter fans happy.

So If you’re looking for a brand-new, exciting, and heart-pumping Multiplayer shooter VR Game that you can play with your friends and family then you should definitely play Population: ONE and best of all it’s FREE!

Population: ONE

5. Resident Evil 4 VR

Resident Evil 4 | Full Length Gameplay Trailer | Oculus Quest 2
  • Genre: FPS, Horror, Action
  • Developer: Armature Studio

We could not create a Top Best Oculus Quest 2 Games List without making a mention of Resident Evil 4, the exclusive Oculus Quest 2 game developed by Capcom.

In RE 4 VR, we will embody Lion S. Kennedy in one of the most played adventures in the history of the saga created from scratch for VR.

Where we will face those infected by a parasite in a survival horror.

The jump scares feel more intense and visceral when you’re actually inside the game, and you’ll actually find yourself flinching and dodging attacks instead of just mashing buttons on a controller.

So if you are looking for an AAA horror survival game and want to play the Iconic franchise in VR then RE4 VR is the one you are looking for.

And that’s why Resident Evil 4 VR is our #5 Pick For The Best Oculus Quest 2 Games

Resident Evil 4 VR

4. Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted

Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted | Oculus Quest
  • Developers: Steel Wool Games
  • Genre: Horror, Puzzle

Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted is the ultimate VR horror experience. It combines everything we love about the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise with the fear factor of virtual reality.

The game tasks players with surviving night shifts at familiar locations from the series and they must navigate through each level while being stalked by terrifying animatronics.

The immersion and fear factor is off the charts, as players must face their animatronic fears in a whole new way.

So prepare to scream your heart out in virtual terror like never before. and don’t forget to put on your headphones, You won’t regret it.

And if you want to record your’s or your friend’s gameplay? Then here’s the perfect guide for you: How To RECORD YouTube VR Videos On Oculus Quest 2 2022 Guide

Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted

3. The Room VR: A Dark Matter

The Room VR: A Dark Matter - Official Trailer
  • Genre: Puzzle, Adventure
  • Developer: Fireproof Games

Now, moving on to no. 3 position, we have placed The Room VR: A Dark Matter.

The game puts players in the shoes of a detective searching for an associate who has suddenly disappeared.

You must search through various environments and solve challenging puzzles all while exploring new clues and unravelling an eerie plot that will take you to places filled with mystery and magic.

And the puzzles themselves range from simple mechanics to brain-bending logic challenges, sparking that perfect mix of frustration and euphoria when finally solved.

So if you’re looking for an immersive escape room game then nothing beats The Room VR: A Dark Matter, an absolute must-play for any VR gaming enthusiast.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter

2. The Walking Dead: Saint and Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners | Announce Trailer | Oculus Quest Platform
  • Developer: Skydance Interactive
  • Genre : Adventure, Horror

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is set in a post-apocalyptic New Orleans filled with zombie hordes and desperate survivors.

The game offers a thrilling mix of tension and adrenaline as players fight off walkers, and scavenge for supplies.

The graphics and sound design also heighten the immersion, making it easy to forget that it’s just a virtual reality game.

So if you are looking for one of the best and at the same time most adventurous VR games then go blindly with TWD: SAS.

Just Like TWD: SaS there are more AAA VR games that are available but can’t be played on Quest 2. But for that, we have 2 Solutions for you.

You can play PCVR Games on your Oculus Quest 2 with Oculus Link (Wired Method) or with Oculus Air Link (FREE Wireless Method)

The Walking Dead: Saint and Sinners

1. Blade & Sorcery: Nomad

Blade & Sorcery: Nomad l Oculus Quest 2
  • Developer: Warpfrog
  • Genre: Action, Fighting, Simulation

Developed by independent studio WarpFrog, Blade And Sorcery is a medieval fantasy VR game that takes full advantage of the mechanics of virtual reality.

In a medieval fantasy style, Blade & Sorcery offers dynamic combat based on melee weapons and magic.

Whether it is your knife, your sword, or the arrow of your bow, each object has its own physics and its impact will be different depending on the target.

So leave the story and narrative behind to focus on killing and killing with a near-perfect simulation as the weapons, our body, everything has collisions and weight

And that’s why Blade And Sorcery: Nomad is our #1 Pick For The Best Oculus Quest 2 Games

Do your controllers keep slippin’ away while playing Blade And Sorcery? Then here are some awesome controller grips recommendations for you: Best Controller Grips For Oculus Quest 1 & 2 – (W/Links)

Blade And Sorcery: Nomad

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So that’s my list for the Top 25 Best Oculus Quest 2 Games 2023 That You Can’t Miss On!

Do you agree with our list of Best Oculus Quest 2 Games? If yes, then please share it with your friends and family.

Let me know in the comments what your impressions are of the games, I would love to know.

And if you have any more questions about the games and more suggestions, you can also put them in the comment section below.


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