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NIKE’s Metaverse: Nike Is Ready To Sell Digitalized Goods

Nike Is All Set To Sell Virtual Goods In The Metaverse

It Looks Like Other Giants Don’t Seem To Want To Be Left Behind And Are Keen To Get Their Share Of The Pie As Well.

The whole world has only been talking about the metaverse since Facebook decided to launch headlong into the creation of a virtual world, going so far as to rename the Facebook group to Meta.

And it looks like other giants don’t seem to want to be left behind and are keen to get their share of the pie as well. First example today with the international group Nike which has just filed new brands with the American institution as noted by CNBC.

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As of October 27, the day before the Meta announcements, the brand “Nike”, its slogan “Just Do It” have been registered for a very specific use which is to sell Virtual Goods in the Metaverse

Nike will therefore be ready to create virtual stores and sell its brand’s products virtually. Already in the past, Nike has collaborated with the game Fortnite by creating the brand’s sneakers for characters.

The equipment manufacturer group is therefore totally ready for the metaverse which promises to be a new channel to sell products, but virtual this time.

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