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17 Best FREE Horror Games on Meta Quest 2 & 3 (2024)

Here Are 17 Of The Very Best Free Scary Games On Meta Quest 2, 3 & Pro. These Scary VR Games Literally Give “Cheap Thrills” A New Meaning!

Being a VR gamer is tough. First, buying a VR headset, and then paying for every single VR game.

Following the launch of Assassin’s Creed Nexus and Asgard’s Wrath 2, I know how tough it can be on the wallet.

But guess what doesn’t require spending anything? Free horror VR games.

Leave the horror of emptying your wallet and delve into the authentic terror with these free Quest horror games.

All of these Free horror games are available on Meta Quest 1, 2, 3 & Pro, whether through Applab or Sidequest.

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The 17 Best FREE VR Horror Meta Quest (1, 2, 3 + Pro) Games

17. Phobos VR

Phobos VR Gameplay
  • Developer: EditZz
  • Genre: Shooter, Horror, Zombies

Phobos throws you to who knows where and challenges you to survive the horror in the room.

The ghosts, zombies or monsters, whatever you want to call them, can appear out of thin air. Shoot them before it’s too late…

The atmosphere is beyond creepy and you can even choose the difficulty level as per your braveness.

Phobos VR

16. Don’t Upset Bobby

Don’t Upset Bobby - Release Trailer - Oculus Quest
  • Developer: Don’t Look Digital
  • Genre: Arcade, Horror, Puzzle

Don’t Upset Bobby is a puzzle horror VR game where you need to solve puzzles and keep your ghost-fried “Bobby” happy.

The gameplay is fun & fully physics-based and you can also interact with almost everything.

Just keep one thing in mind that is – Don’t Upset Bobby!

Don’t Upset Bobby


  • Developer: NSM_xRLabo
  • Genre: Adventure, Horror, Shooter

I hope you’re prepared for some Japanese-style action horror because if you’re not then you’re missing out.

In Ayakashi Kitan, you take on a journey where the shrine maiden and her disciples become a spirit called “AYAKASHI”, and your task is to save the world from the powerful evil souls that plague the city.

Gambare (Do your best) and kill those not-so-pretty ghosts!


14. The Obsessive Shadow

The Obsessive Shadow - DEMO LAUNCH TRAILER
  • Developer: Sleepy Dog Studios
  • Genre: Action, Horror, Strategy

After a tiring day, you’re winding down, ready to binge-watch your favourite show but unfortunately, someone wants to watch that show too.

That “someone” is not your friend or a family member…. yup, you guessed it right, it’s a stalker.

The Obsessive Shadow is a survival horror game where you face an unknown stalker. Armed only with a flashlight, you must navigate dark environments and escape the mysterious presence before it catches you.

It’s a simple concept that plays on the very real fear of being stalked and chased. After completing the game, you’ll be checking every corner of your house.

The Obsessive Shadow

13. The Haunted APK

The Haunted APK (Trailer 3)
  • Developer: Tab Games
  • Genre: Action, Arcade, Horror

Growing tired of playing the same Horror games over and over? Well, you need to try the Haunted APK.

The Haunted APK is a Free VR horror game collection by acclaimed VR developer Justin “Tab” Rosete.

The game features a series of spooky experiences that have their own special gameplay and aesthetic with an amazing soundtrack.

The Haunted APK

12. Tunnels

Tunnels | Demo Release Trailer
  • Genre: Adventure, Horror
  • Developer: Nomad Monkey Game Studio

Darkness + Monsters + Cool Storyline = Perfect Horror Game

In tunnels, you are tasked with closing an abandoned gold mine but accidentally you fall deep down into the tunnel. Now you’re stuck, far from the entrance with just a torch and a radio connection to your friend and guide, Henry.

You need to get out of the tunnel, all while fighting Claustrophobia and the “mysterious” being.

The tension will be high as you escape the dread that wants to consume you. You can bet you’ll be gasping for air after finishing Tunnels.


11. Only Us

  • Developer: Tristan Mastrodicasa
  • Genre: Escape Room, Horror, Puzzle

Don’t confuse this title for a multiplayer game – “Only Us” stands for you and a partner that you never signed up for.

You’re on a space station ‘Sol II’ minding your own business when suddenly, there’s an electric glitch that needs fixing.

No biggie, right? Well, here’s the catch – you’re not alone. So, will you be able to do your job and get out of there…alive?

Who said horror can be only in houses and forests, nowadays the space station is also not safe.

Only Us

10. Whyme

Whyme - Gameplay Trailer
  • Developer: Deathvelopers
  • Genre: Survival, Horror, Escape Room

Whyme is like a perfect escape room game, but with a horror twist.

You’ll be locked in a mansion and your goal is to find the key to the main door using clues and get the hell out of there ASAP!

Because there’s a creature lurking in the shadows playing hide and seek with you. And if you have “guts” then do try the Nightmare mode where your torch is the only source of light!

Get ready for a wild night – it’s going to be so intense you’ll find yourself screaming, “Why me?!” (editor note: super high brain wordplay)


9. Paranormal Inspector

Official Trailer #1 - Paranormal Inspector
  • Developer: Dream Challenger
  • Genre: Adventure, Horror, Puzzle

Watched Detective Pikachu and now you think that every detective’s story has a happy ending? Think again.

You step into the shoes of Inspector Franklin; a rookie police detective who is assigned to solve mysteries and explore the supernatural.

You’ve got 2 paranormal cases to solve but only 1 pair of pants.

Paranormal Inspector

8. CatOS VR

This Vr Game Scares Me....
  • Genre: Action, Horror, Sports
  • Developer: Acidic Reaction Studios

Not every horror VR game has to be intense. Sometimes playing together with friends and family and just screaming is more fun than actual horror.

In CatOS VR, you must outrun a fully custom AI-controlled cat while exploring eerie environments, interacting with other players, and even customising your character with cosmetic items.

The cat moves independently with random destinations, creating a sense of unpredictability and suspense.

CatOS VR combines horror elements with comedic aspects, creating a unique blend of emotions… You can say it’s a pretty “funny horror VR game.” (…hehe)

Catos VR

7. PolarDread

POLARDREAD VR: Release Date Trailer
  • Developer: MVRKY
  • Genre: Horror

Next, we have Polardread VR – a game inspired by the Sit And Survive Genre!

You must survive a night in a winter-themed resort, using your wits and resources effectively to outsmart bloodthirsty mascots while the clock ticks towards morning.

Hide under desks, throw objects as distractions or weapons, shut the doors and vents – whatever it takes to stop those mascots!

Overall, PolarDread combines elements of survival, horror, and strategy to deliver an intense and challenging horror experience.


6. Backrooms VR

Backrooms VR Trailer
  • Genre: Adventure, Horror
  • Developer: WCDuck Games

Moving on with our list of FREE HORROR VR GAMES we have Backrooms VR.

“Backrooms VR” is a game that allows players to explore the surreal backroom environment using Gorilla Tag locomotion.

You can swing & navigate through Level 0, Level 1, and the Poolrooms, encountering evil entities along the way.

Each level offers a unique atmosphere, presenting new challenges and mysteries to uncover.

Backrooms VR

5. Crawlspace

Crawlspace Trailer
  • Genre: Action, Horror
  • Developer: Kiririn Games

Next on number 5th position, we have Crawlspace VR.

The game revolves around retrieving missing dolls from a crawlspace while avoiding their deadly attacks over five suspenseful nights using a unique VR crawling mechanic.

Each doll in the game has its unique attacks that add to the mystery and danger that lurks in the shadows.

Also, be prepared for heart-pounding moments as the game features well-timed jumpscares that heighten the horror aspect of the game.


Crawlspace 2

4. CAT

A Monster? WHERE!? | CAT (Quest 2 App Lab)
  • Genre: Horror
  • Developers: Devan Games

Another “CAT” horror game? A word of wisdom: “Not everything that looks cute is fun to play with”.

In CAT VR, your mission is to collect all six items scattered throughout the world to send the evil pussy CAT back into the box.

But here’s the catch – CAT shows up after finding the first item and becomes faster with each discovery so you’ll have to collect all the items as fast as you can.

Can you outrun the CAT?


3. Big scary

BIG SCARY is PEAK Gorilla Tag Horror!!!
  • Developers: Axelmatic
  • Genre: Adventure, Horror

Moving on to 3rd position we have Big Scary VR! Think of this game as a horror version of Gorilla Tag!

Big Scary offers an intense and heart-pounding VR experience as you team up with your pals (‘if’ they agree) and go on an adventure in the underground world.

But remember it’s filled with challenges and dangerous monsters so it won’t be a walk in the park!

Big scary

2. Noclip VR

Noclip VR is the SCARIEST Backrooms Game...
  • Developer: Reality Games Online
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror

Noclip is a multiplayer VR horror game where players solve puzzles and navigate through eerie environments.

But what sets this game apart is its proximity chat feature. It allows you to communicate and interact with other players near you in the game.

It’s as if you’re truly in the same space, whispering secrets or strategizing together. But If you accidentally wander into the wrong areas, you might find yourself in the Backrooms.

It’s like the game’s twisted version of “Oops, wrong turn!”. Trust me, you’ll want to find your way out of there ASAP.

Noclip VR is all about teaming up and exploring together, making it the perfect game for some unforgettable multiplayer fun.

Noclip VR

1. SCP: Labrat

SCP: Labrat v2.0 - Trailer
  • Developer: Bezbro Games
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Psychological Horror

Finally, on the number 1 position of the Best FREE Meta Quest Horror Games we have SCP: Labrat.

This is like the beta version of Phasmophobia VR that runs natively on your Quest headset.

Imagine being trapped in an underground facility, surrounded by SCPs that are more unpredictable than a squirrel on caffeine. (Sounds crazy right? It sure is!)

You need to gather resources and encounter supernatural & mysterious elements all while teaming up and facing the thrill of the unknown together. (It also features single-player mode)

SCP: Labrat is one of the best horror VR games available and it’s really surprising that this game is FREE!

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SCP: Labrat

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So that was our list of the 17 Best FREE Meta Quest Horror Games that you can BUY right now for $0

From the heart-pounding backrooms of “NoClip” to the twisted nightmares of “Tunnels,” these free VR Horror games are sure to give you an adrenaline rush like no other.

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