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Top 9 Amazing Best ACTION Games For Oculus Quest 2021

Best Oculus Quest Action Games | Action games on Oculus Quest

From Arcade Style Beat ’em up to Stealth Action – These are the Top 9 Best Oculus Quest Action Games (Updated 2021)

Are you looking for high-octane thrills? Look no further because here are Top 9 Best Oculus Quest Action Games.

These 9 hand-picked VR Action games will prepare you for the ultra-hyped and to explode things and punch a few fellows—all while guaranteeing you’re having a great time.

Video games are tied in with getting you directly into the action, many feel they’re experiencing their best lives when they’re getting a charge out of some high-octane zeal. 

Action games are among the most well known on any platform. They get the blood siphoning, the fingers moving, and it’s an incredible method to test your reflexes and brains. 

There is an assortment of action games out there, including shooters, fighter or Survival VR games. Be that as it may, the DNA of a decent action game is it props you up.

 There are vast amounts of games to look over, so here are 9 of the Best VR Action Games for the Oculus Quest!

“Best Oculus Quest Action Games”

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Top 9 Best Oculus Quest Action Games 2020 | VR Action Games for Oculus Quest

9. Path of the Warrior VR

  • Genre : Action, Multiplayer
  • Developers : Twisted Pixel Games

Path of the Warrior is an action-packed VR game. Path of the warrior has become one of my favourite games to show people and to get people excited about VR. 

As it harkens back to the Age of arcade games like double dragon and Streets of Rage, but it shows what it’s like to experience such a game in VR. 

In Path of the warrior, you have to beat up bad guys with all sorts of different crazy attacks and every level puts you face-to-face with new enemies and surprises.  

The combat is fun and works great with the ability to use almost anything from the environment to slash, smash and just all-around pulverize the baddies as you work to clean up the streets of your city while listening to a funky retro 80’s soundtrack.

 The locations are fun, and each one has a different feel. The bosses are challenging and hilarious, and what sets this over-the-top for me is the ability to play at all in co-op just like the old arcade games. 

Path of the Warrior VR is designed for co-op. The co-op mode allows you to team up with a friend and cause mayhem together.

The arcade-style beat ’em up feel like just Streets of Rage or even the Ninja Turtles games which are some of my favourite original arcade games. 

If you’re a fan of the arcade-style beat em up games and want a healthy dose of nostalgia, then Path of the warrior is your go-to choice. Path of the warrior VR costs $19.99

Some Notable Features…

  • Funky Soundtrack
  • Multiplayer VR action
  • Challenging Boss fights
  • Arcade style Beat’em up
  • Healthy dose of Nostalgia
  • Use everything for your Combat

8. Arizona Sunshine VR

THEY WANT TO EAT ME | Arizona Sunshine (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)
  • Genre : Action, FPS
  • Developers : Vertigo Games, Jaywalkers Interactive

Arizona Sunshine is an Action, Shooter and Horror game by Vertigo Games, Jaywalkers Interactive

Arizona Sunshine means Virtual reality meets the zombie apocalypse!

When you hear a human voice on the radio, your hopes surge – Armed with little more than your motion-controlled weapons and the incredibly detailed weapons, ammo and consumables you find along the way. 

You need to navigate through the hordes of zombies coming for your body, brain… in your desperate search for human contact, you have to survive the endless hordes of hungry zombies

Some Notable Features…

  • Very Detailed guns
  • Variety of Weapons and Consumables
  • Zombie Apocalypse Shooter Action Game

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7. The Wizards

  • Developers: Carbon Studio
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Arcade

The Wizards is a virtual reality simulation experience that allows you to turn into a Wizard that has mysterious spells and powers – presently with more spells, interactions, and favored bits of knowledge! 

You can release inventive or hazardous wizardry upon a totally natural world. 

The wizards additionally includes Story crusade highlighting time travel, energizing fights, and rich legend and a Fresh arsenal of improved and modified element-based spells to ace.

It also presents an incredibly vibrant scene, exhibiting a level of desire and craftsmanship that is keeping pace with numerous games out there. 

Carbon studios appears to truly be finding their sweet spot with The Wizards like lighting, surfaces, craftsmanship, voice acting of the characters on the whole virtually on point.

6. Sairento VR

Sairento VR Official Trailer
  • Genre : Action
  • Developers : Mixed Realms

Sairento VR is a story-driven, VR action game set in a very pleasant rethought Japan. In Sairento, you play as an individual from the Silent Ones – an honourable however secretly association of people who practice hand to hand fighting of the old samurais and ninjas. 

Created incredibly to give an engaging and visually stunning sword-fighting and gunplay. The Combat system is amazing and fascinating… It feels very satisfying when we jump into the air and cut down the people we fight against with our katanas. 

Get changed into a strong warrior with a storehouse of very old weapons with a modern turn and draw in a never-ending crowd of enemies crosswise over different areas.

Some Notable Features…

  • Become a Ninja
  • Visually stunning
  • Eye-Catching Detailing
  • Remarkable Combat system

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5. Espire 1: VR Operative

Espire 1 Is An Amazing VR Stealth Game
  • Genre : First person Shooter
  • Developers : Tripwire Interactive

Espire 1: VR Operative is one of the most anticipated VR game announced at E3. Espire one is a first-person stealth action shooter VR game in the vein of metal gear solid and other tactical stealth games. 

This is one of the games I personally have been waiting for since it was announced.

Gameplay-wise the mechanics is initiative. The locomotion is excellent, and the gunplay functions perfectly, and climbing is just awesome; it really brings another level of stealth.

 There are a variety of different weapons for you to pick up. Another great gameplay mechanic is that you can also use the slow-motion ability to slow time and allow you to react to enemies or throw yourself at them.

Visually the game looks pretty awesome. The devs did say that soon they’ll be releasing an update that will make the graphics significantly better. 

Sound wise I love the spatial audio which really helps when you’re trying to sneak around. 

There are a total of six main missions, and each mission can take anywhere from half n hour to 45 minutes, maybe an hour. 

The game doesn’t end there as there is a challenge mode that will keep you coming back along with cheats.

If you’re looking for a game that’ll make you feel immersed in a futuristic stealth world then Espire one is a great game to start. 

Some Notable Features…

  • Stealth VR game
  • Unique Mechanics
  • 6 stealth packed missions
  • Considerable length of story missions
  • FPS action packed shooter for oculus quest

4. Creed: Rise to Glory

GET BEAT UP IN BOXING SIMULATOR - Creed: Rise to Glory VR Boxing - HTC Vive Pro Gameplay
  • Genre: Sports, Action, Simulator
  • Platforms : PSVR; Oculus; Valve Index; HTC Vive

You are Adonis Creed, battling head to head with the world’s top rivals to build up your boxing inheritance. This serious true to life experience includes new Phantom Melee Technology for effective VR skirmish battle so you can prepare, battle, and win like Creed.

Challenge both your body and psyche as you experience the rising of Adonis Creed from unfamiliar dark horse to world-class warrior. This game accompanies Multiple Game Modes like store-driven Career, adjustable Freeplay, or minigame-based Training.

Got the stuff to turn into a hero?

Some Notable Features…

  • Online PvP battle
  • Multiple Game Modes
  • Cinematic Experience is Amazing

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3. Apex Construct VR

Apex Construct - Gameplay Trailer | PS VR
  • Developer : Fast Travel Games
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Shooter

Apex construct is a unique VR game; it’s a composite of gaming elements that you’ve seen before, but it’s an experience that’s greater than the sum of its parts. 

The core gameplay consists of archery combat , puzzle exploration, and an adventurous journey. I was surprised by how fresh the archery combat felt.

At first, the archery is simple, but it quickly gets more strategic. For example, you’ll eventually face-off against bots that have shields and can teleport to dodge your fire. 

Still, only a special arrow will take down their shields, and then you’ll have a minimal window to switch your arrows and destroy the bots before the guard comes back all while avoiding their attacks and looking out for other BOTS. 

The puzzle exploration elements are pretty straightforward, and most of the time you’ll be looking for codes and passwords to unlock new areas to explore and often you’ll need to use old-school DOS commands on computers to get the latest information. 

One interesting element that I found in this game is that the main guide sounds like Batman so you may or may not find him annoying. 

If you’re looking for a unique action adventurous exploration VR shooter game, then I highly recommend it.

Some Notable Features…

  • Mind blowing Visuals
  • Adventurous journey
  • Amazing Archery combat
  • Puzzles that keep you Engaged
  • Action Adventure VR Shooting Games

2. Journey of the Gods

Oculus Quest - Journey Of The Gods Gameplay
  • Developer : Turtle Rock Studios
  • Genre : Adventure, puzzle

The journey of the gods VR is an action RPG adventure puzzle VR game which should be music to your ears as we need more of these titles in VR. 

The journey of the gods has always been compared to The Legend of Zelda, and I too agree with that comparison in journey of the gods you set out as a brand new hero to battle the evil creatures brought on by the chaos moon. 

This is a first-person action-adventure game with magic sword combat and even upgrades for the weapons and your armour. It’s a wonderful VR adventure game that feels like a real game and not like a tech demo. 

The journey of the gods is a beautiful title with a unique art style that lends itself well to the quest platform. Also, a demo of this game is available for you to try as well. The gameplay and mechanics are a lot of fun. I still think it’s well worth jumping into.

You will experience multiple environments and enemies that you can battle with the sword and shield and even range weapons like a bow and arrow while solving puzzles and mysteries that surround the gods. 

You can also unlock the godlike powers, and it changes the way you play the game altogether because you’ll have the ability to alternate between normal mode and god mode and make use of your newly acquired powers adding a whole new perspective and fresh gameplay in playing the title.

Some Notable Features…

  • VR Adventure
  • Become a God
  • Fun mechanics
  • Amazing puzzles
  • The legend of Zelda vibe in VR

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1. SuperHOT VR

MATRIX SIMULATOR | SuperHOT VR #1 (Oculus Rift Virtual Reality)
  • Genre : Action
  • Developer : Super-HOT Team

It is one the game that takes “Each Minutes Count” belief system to its ideal level on the grounds that the mechanics of this game is special and unbelievable…

 The possibility of this game is never observed in light of the fact that you can do essentially anything… You can evade the approaching slugs, Shoot all the ammunition of the weapon and make the hellfire out of the adversary and completion it off simply toss the firearm to the last vitality…

 Here are some things you can do in SuperHOT VR :
 * Shoot the foe and snatch their weapon
 * Shoot Dual weapon and become James Bond
* And MUCH MUCH MORE… This game just needs your Creativity and command. 

SUPERHOT VR is the conclusive VR First Person Action shooting game in which time moves just when you move. There are boundless conceivable outcomes and fantasies that anybody can attempt. 

Submit yourself, body and mind and brutalize the universe of SUPERHOT VR. Impact the whole magazine legitimately into their head and soul… 

Some Notable Features…

  • Rise as a Hero
  • Never-seen Combat System
  • An alternate sort of game that you have never Played
  • Ahh. Nothing to state about this game, Just play SuperHot VR

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So that’s was my list for the Best Oculus Quest Action Games to play  in 2020.

Those were our favorite action games – what are yours? Let us know which made your list that weren’t on ours in the comments!

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