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Unlock And Uncover The Mysteries Of These Top 16 Best Meta Quest Puzzle Games. (Updated)

Like our bodies need exercise to stay fit, our brains also benefit from activities like puzzles and if you’re someone who loves challenges and thrilling mysteries, then the puzzle game genre is perfect for you.

We’ve carefully selected the Best VR Puzzle Games, ensuring that each one will bring you maximum enjoyment and mind-stretching satisfaction.

So, be ready to exercise those brain muscles with your Meta Quest headset!

“Best Meta Quest Puzzle Games”

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So Here Are The Top 16 Best Meta Quest Puzzle Games That You Can Play In 2023

16. Gadgeteer VR

Gadgeteer | Oculus Quest + Rift Platform
  • Developer: Metanaut
  • Genre: Puzzle, Simulation, Education

Gadgeteer is a physics-based puzzle game where you can solve puzzles and build your very own Rube Goldberg machine.

The game features 2 modes; The puzzle mode is like a big campaign, and the goal is to arrange objects and collisions to guide the ball from point A to point B.

The sandbox mode is just as you would expect, you’ll have an entire living space at your disposal with an infinite supply of every object and gadget in your inventory.

Gadgeteer is a fantastic simulation puzzle VR game that’ll surely give you a mental workout.


15. Floor Plan 2

Floor Plan 2 Launch Trailer | Oculus Quest + Rift Platforms
  • Developer: Turbo Button
  • Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

Floor Plan 2 is THE VR Game for anyone looking for a light, fun virtual reality escape.

As you travel through a series of cartoonish apartments, collecting items and completing tasks, you’ll find yourself laughing out loud at silly puzzles and endearingly corny jokes.

The game’s graphics may not be the most intricate, but the charming art style and its simplicity make up for it.

So if you’re in the mood to unwind and relax in a virtual world, Floor Plan 2 is definitely worth checking out. Trust me – it’s a blast!

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Floor Plan 2

14. The Curious Tale of The Stolen Pets

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets | Oculus Quest + the Rift Platform
  • Developer: Fast Travel Games
  • Genre: Puzzle, Adventure, Exploration, Family-friendly

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets is an adventurous puzzle and exploration game where you must find all the pets hidden inside tiny worlds.

There are five different worlds, each with their unique themes and the puzzles are simple enough that children can solve but require careful observation and experimentation.

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets has a heart-touching story making it pure innocent fun and a must-play for kids.

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The Curious Tale of The Stolen Pets

13. Cubism VR

Cubism | Quest + Rift Platform
  • Genre: Education, Puzzle
  • Developer: Thomas Van Bouwel

Cubism is another simple yet challenging VR puzzle game with a minimal aesthetic, where you have to assemble increasingly complex shapes out of smaller puzzle pieces.

Your goal is to arrange all the 3D shapes to fill up every block of a play area. Trust me, it starts off easy but the difficulty quickly gets up.

It’s a delightful puzzle game, that supports hand tracking and I highly recommend it.


12. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - Oculus Quest - Trailer
  • Developer: Steel Crate Games
  • Genre: VR CO-OP, Multiplayer, Asymmetrical, Puzzle

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a cooperative game that has one player trying to defuse a bomb while the other players give them instructions.

You can’t see the bomb’s manual, so you have to rely on your teammates to describe it to you. And they can’t see the bomb either, so they have to rely on you to tell them what to do.

It’s a perfect example of how VR can be used to create an immersive and interactive experience.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is a TEST of communication and teamwork, and it’s a blast to play with friends. (Literal BLAST)

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

11. Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole - Gameplay Trailer | PSVR, Oculus Quest & Rift, Steam VR
  • Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
  • Developer: Cortopia Studios

Down the Rabbit Hole takes you into the magical world before Alice’s arrival in Wonderland, where you become an adventurer heading into the rabbit hole.

You guide a girl searching for her lost pet through a 360-degree diorama, exploring Wonderland, solving puzzles, and making choices that shape the story

The bottom line is that Down The Rabbit Hole is a must for puzzle fans and also ideal for VR beginners.

Down The Rabbit Hole

10. Time stall

Time Stall - Oculus Quest - Trailer
  • Genre: Action, Puzzle
  • Developers: Force Field Entertainment B.V.

Time Stall is a VR single-player physics-based adventure puzzle game, where your job is to keep the ship safe using TIME STALL – the ship’s time-bending safety protocol.

The characters are quirky, fun, and well-animated. Sound design and music fit well within the funky space theme, and they all work in sync to create an entertaining loop.

There are numerous ways that the puzzles can be solved, and many of them are either hilarious or just plain crazy. You can even interact with pretty much every item in the environment.

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9. Angry Birds VR: Isle Of Pigs

Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs Launch Trailer
  • Genre: Casual, Puzzle
  • Developers: Resolution Games

Angry birds have officially flown into VR!

I’m sure, we all at one point played Angry Birds with our friends trying to figure out how to get those 3 stars but now with VR, you or your kids can become a part of the game.

Mean green pigs are camping on structures and you need to perfectly slingshot Angry Birds to knock them pigs out.

The game brims with charm due to great personality animation and whenever you trigger a huge structural avalanche, it’s really rewarding.

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Angry Birds VR

8. Shadow Point

Shadow Point | Oculus Quest + Rift
  • Developer: Coatsink Software
  • Genre: Exploration, Narrative, Puzzle

Shadow Point is a story-driven adventurous puzzle title set between a mountain-top observatory and an ever-changing fantasy world.

The game is developed by Coatsink, the VR developers behind the Esper series and They Suspect Nothing. Now, you know they are a big name in the VR puzzle games industry.

In search of the girl, you travel through different dimensions of time, explore a vibrant kingdom, cast shadows, and solve over 80 challenging puzzles!

So, if you are looking for a brilliant, artistic, adventurous, and mind-bending puzzle VR game for the Meta Quest, then this multi-hour adventure is for you to experience.

7. Myst

Myst | Launch Trailer | Oculus Quest Platform
  • Developer: Cyan Worlds, Inc.
  • Genre: Adventure, Arcade, Puzzle

Myst Island is all about alluring beauty and enigmatic aura, offering a gripping tale of family betrayal and mind-bending puzzles.

Dive into a world where reality meets surrealism, explore breathtaking landscapes and make choices that shape both your destiny and the captivating world of Myst itself.

Myst is a must-play for those who crave mystery, intricate puzzles, and a touch of ghostly charm.

Get ready to enter a world with no limits except for your own imagination and your skill at solving tricky puzzles!


6. Puzzling Places

Puzzling Places | Oculus Quest Platform
  • Developer: realities.io inc
  • Genre: Exploration, Puzzle, Relaxation/Meditation

Moving on to the number 2nd position, we have one of the Best Puzzle VR Games – Puzzling Places!

In Puzzling Places, you combine fragments of real objects, buildings, rooms and landscapes into a whole place.

You can sit, stand or move within an abstract room and solve 3D puzzles floating in front of you.

Over time you will gradually see a fascinating place emerge, such as the coast of the French city of Biarritz, the Mont Saint-Michel or an old, Armenian monastery.

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Puzzling Places

5. Tetris Effect: Connected

Tetris® Effect | Oculus Quest
  • Genre: Arcade, Puzzle, Relaxation/Meditation
  • Developers: Monstars Inc., Resonair and Stage Games

Tetris Effect is one of the most calming games that I have ever played in VR.

Describing Tetris Effect feels very underserving: Tetris Effect is none other than Tetris, soaked in a whirlwind of colours, music, and emotions, and each and every one of them is perfect…

It offers two game modes: In campaign mode, the player travels through a galaxy and completes more than 30 individually designed Tetris levels on one of three levels of difficulty.

Each level has its own theme, graphics, and music. The gameplay is instantly addictive and the 15 effect modes bring plenty of variation to the game.

So, if you like puzzles and Tetris in general then playing Tetris Effect as your first game on Meta Quest is a No Brainer.

Tetris Effect: Connected

4. A Fisherman’s Tale

A Fisherman's Tale - Oculus Quest Launch Trailer
  • Developer: InnerspaceVR
  • Genre: Adventure, Narrative, Puzzle

A Fisherman’s Tale VR is a witty, mind-bending, and thoroughly immersive VR experience that will have you coming back for more.

You play as a little fisherman who is trying to escape from his storm-ridden cabin. But the catch is, you’re not actually in the cabin yourself – you’re in a model of it!

This means that you’ll have to use your wits, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills to figure out how to escape.

The gameplay is immersive and the puzzles are challenging, but the real draw of the game is its beautiful art style. A Fisherman’s Tale is a truly unique VR experience that you won’t want to miss.

A Fisherman’s Tale

3. Red Matter

Red Matter - Accolades Trailer
  • Developers: Vertical Robot
  • Genre: Puzzle, Adventure, Horror, Exploration

Though Red Matter is one of the best-looking and visually stunning game; the frightful story and challenging puzzles makes Red Matter an overall frightful and memorable experience. 

You take on the role of an agent sent to a base on the moon, where you must decrypt and solve puzzles using Red Matter technology.

It isn’t a jump-scare VR game, but it sure gets a little too creepy at times.

Overall, Red Matter is hands down one of the best horror escape room VR games that provide hours of entertainment and I highly recommend giving it a go if you’re looking for a challenge.

2. I Expect You To Die 2

I Expect You To Die 2 - Trailer | Oculus Quest + Rift
  • Developer: Schell Games
  • Genre: Adventure, Exploration, Puzzle

A sequel to the original, I Expect You To Die 2 is another best puzzle games you can play on your Meta Quest.

The game is set in the world of international espionage, and your goal is to prevent a global catastrophe. To do this, you’ll need to use your wits, your reflexes, and your knowledge of spycraft.

It is challenging, fun and a must-play for anyone who loves escape room games and if you enjoyed the original, you’ll love this one too.

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I Expect You To Die 2

1. The Room VR: A Dark Matter

The Room VR: A Dark Matter - Official Trailer
  • Genre: Puzzle, Adventure
  • Developer: Fireproof Games

Finally, in the 1st position of the list, we have placed The Room VR: A Dark Matter.

The game puts you in the shoes of a detective searching for an associate who has suddenly disappeared.

You must search through various environments and solve challenging puzzles all while exploring new clues and unravelling an eerie plot that will take you to places filled with mystery and magic.

The puzzles themselves range from simple mechanics to brain-bending logic challenges, sparking that perfect mix of frustration and euphoria when finally solved.

So, if you’re looking for an immersive escape room game then nothing beats The Room VR: A Dark Matter, an absolute must-play for any VR gaming enthusiast.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter

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So that is my rundown for The Very Best Meta Quest Puzzle Games To Play In 2023. 

I hope my list serves as a helpful tool to keep you engaged in something productive instead of just scrolling through social media.

Do tell me which games from the list you enjoyed the most. If you have more recommendations, then I am here to take them and add the best ones to my list.


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