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Top 25 Best Free Oculus Quest 1 & 2 Games | Quest Free Games List

Top 25 Best Free Oculus Quest 1 & 2 Games (2021) | Oculus Quest Free Games List

No money No problem, we've got you covered 😉 Escape the worries of daily life with the Best Free Oculus Quest Games and Experiences 2021

Oculus Quest is always been my favourite VR headset among all VR headsets because it’s an all in one VR gaming console. 

As it is wireless, it takes the experience and immersiveness to a whole new level. But that comes with a price tag of $299 and it’s a lot. 

So to buy more games we need more $ and I know how much hard work it takes to earn $299 but don’t worry that is for what reason I’m here to help you. 

In this post all the amazing Oculus Quest Games and Experiences are FREE and you don’t need to spend a DIME on these games. 

We used our research and time to gather all the Top 25 Free Oculus Quest Games, so you’ll spend less time researching and get right to playing. 

This list features the Best Free VR games for the Oculus quest which contains games from the Official Oculus Store, Sidequest and other Indie gems. That’s why this is the Best of Best Free Oculus Quest Games list.

Lastly, Thanks to you, My VR Army, for giving enormous and massive support to our Best performing articles: Best games to sideload on oculus quest and Best Sidequest Games.

You can check all the post without worrying about the cost.

Share this post with your friends and family and save them $ in this pandemic.

***I have given all the download links respective to their games. Just install the Game and Enjoy!***

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Free Oculus Quest Games

Here are your Top 25 FREE Oculus Quest Games and Experiences that you can Try Now...

25. Bait


You’re welcome to Bait! Island to help your supervisor get an uncommon fish, and in this manner spare the battling aquarium where you work.

Bait! had a practically momentary unwinding impact. When you begin and cast your first line, everything else in life vanishes and you’re genuinely at the time

During the game, you will get a variety of fish and make companions with local people.

Interactivity traverses through four distinct lakes, each with an unmistakable style and its very own one of a kind arrangement of fishes. Would you be able to get them all?

Bait! on Oculus Quest

Some Notable Features...

24. Poker VR

Poker-Stars VR

PokerStars, the world’s driving poker brand, has consolidated live and online poker in a genuinely vivid VR experience.

In this game, you can Study your adversaries, get on their tells, and visit continuously just as you can Handle your chips and cards, similarly as you would at a true poker table. 

This is the most energizing poker game on earth. A completely vivid, social experience. 

This isn’t a bot created poker table, you can play with genuine rivals and don’t stress over chips to play with you can Unlock free chips each day and there’s a seat open for you at this moment..So Play this game Now!!!

Poker VR on Oculus Quest

Some Notable Features...

23. Half + Half

best free oculus quest games

Half + Half is currently free for the holidays, so take advantage while you can because it’s a lot of fun, and they just added a brand new game as well.

 Half plus Half is meant to be a total social experience where you play crazy and quirky games with other friends or new people and have a good time.

 From hide-and-seek: where the hiders are tiny, and the secret is giant to swimming in the ocean or even the latest game star ball, which is like soccer in the sky with hand gliders. 

Half + Half is an innocent and beautiful game both visually and the gameplay mechanics are on point. Since it’s free at the time of posting this Best FREE Games for Quest, I definitely recommend checking it out.

Half + Half on Oculus Quest

22. Oculus First Contact

Oculus First Contact

An Exclusive and absolute Oculus Quest experience

Investigate minutes that vibe as genuine as they are fabulously impossible. They’ve manufactured an enchantment box brimming with toys and a robot guide; make another companion, touch, tap, skip, hold and toss things, and play together.

They drew from the motivation of the 80s: An enchanted and magical decade when PCs and game consoles moved from sci-fi to family unit things and everything appeared to be conceivable.

Oculus First Contact on Oculus Quest

Some Notable Features...

21. Bogo

This is another extraordinary “initial steps” type title that shows off the capacities of Quest while being amicable to newcomers-10/10 on submersion

This game is additionally very child well disposed!

I commonly like playing the more no-nonsense game sort stuff, however I discover any genuinely vivid experience fun in VR.

The scaling play zone is all around done and imaginative. I truly preferred this game since it exploited the room scale and untethered parts of Quest.

Bogo on Oculus Quest

Some Notable Features...

20. Cubism VR

free games on oculus quest

Cubism is a beautiful and simple yet challenging VR puzzle game with a minimal aesthetic where you have to assemble increasingly complex shapes out of smaller puzzle pieces.

You need to arrange all the 3d shapes to fill up every block of a play area presented to you. It starts off really easy but gets challenging quickly.

Cubism is being developed by a single developer Thomas van Buell, and It’s a delightful Free VR puzzle game, and I highly recommend it. 

If you love Quest Puzzles Games then here are Top 9 Best Mind-Bending Oculus Quest Puzzle Games 

Cubism VR

19. Ninja Legends VR

free oculus quest games

Ninja legends is one of my favorite oculus quest games, and there’s a free demo you can download and try for yourself. In this demo, you have to survive as long as you can in a single level of 360 surroundings.

The ninja combat is superb casual arcade action, and I find it so much fun to deflect the ninja stars and slice through these ninjas like butter.

It’s a little strange that this demo is only available on the sidequest store when the full ninja Legends game is available on the official quest store, but for some reason, that’s the way it is.

If you haven’t played ninja legends before then, I highly recommend you download and try the demo; it’s super fun.

If you’re not familiar with side loading and side quest and want to try this game for yourself, it’s effortless to get it all set up.

So I’ve linked a couple of tutorials on how to start sideloading, or you can read the ultimate guide on sidequest. It takes maybe five to ten minutes max to get it all ready to go. 

Ninja Legends Demo on SideQuest

18. Epic Roller-Coaster

Epic Roller Coaster

In this game You’ll discover four unique sorts of modes for more wild and greatness :

Single player is the place you, your family or companions can take a ride exclusively.

Shooter mode is the ideal mix of two astonishing universes! You can have a totally extraordinary perspective on the ride with the slow-motion feature

Each ride accompanies a selective cart and weapon that you can trade between other rides and four diverse Leaderboards where you can battle for certain positions!

Epic Roller Coasters on Oculus Quest

Some Notable Features...

17. Project Terminus

side quest games

Project Terminus is more of an alpha sample experience than a full-on game. But if you enjoy horror survival games, then project terminus is a tremendous short experience to sideload on your oculus quest.

Set in Paris during an invasion from an unknown source, and your goal is to survive.

It isn’t about to jump scares but more about the creepy atmosphere and the helplessness of being chased by an ominous and unknown entity. 

Even though this is an alpha gameplay sequence, it shows a massive amount of polish and potential for the future of terminus as they continue to work on the game. Project terminus is absolutely free on sidequest

If you’re not familiar with side loading and side quest and want to try this game for yourself, it’s effortless to get it all set up.

So I’ve linked a couple of tutorials on how to start sideloading, or you can read the ultimate guide on sidequest. It takes maybe five to ten minutes max to get it all ready to go.

Similar to Project Terminus : Top 9 Scariest Oculus quest Horror Games | Scariest VR games on Quest

Project Terminus Prologue on SideQuest 

16. Big Screen Beta

Big Screen Beta

Stream your PC’s screen directly and wirelessly into your VR headset.

Remotely play your preferred PC games. Play a film or video on your PC and watch it remotely in your VR headset in a virtual cinema.

It likewise Supports 3D MOVIES in Side-by-Side 3D or Over-Under 3D and it is CROSS-PLATFORM.

So that you can see the movies with your friends and family from anywhere in the world.

In Bigscreen beta, you can likewise Choose from an assortment of situations like open-air fires and cinemas.

Bigscreen Beta on Oculus Quest

Some Notable Features...

15. Crisis VRigade

If you are looking for a duck and cover shooting game in VR like time crisis (the excellent arcade game) well, fortunately now, we do with crisis VRigade. In Crisis VRigade, hardhearted burglars are causing an uproar, and it’s dependent upon you to slaughter them.

The game mechanics are fantastic, natural, and basic. The grip catches reload your guns, and the trigger buttons shoot bullets.

After you clear a region, you’ll be directed to the next territory, and it is not a free-roaming game; in some cases, you’ll have a decision on which zone to go to next, and that is genuinely cool. It adds to the replayability.

Each once in for a short time, you’ll have the option to take shots at a powerup and get a better gun with limited ammunition. This game is very challenging. The ongoing interaction is direct and easygoing.

However, you will be slaughtered a ton, and I believe that adds to the enjoyment of the game since you can in a split second retry.

The challenges are the thing that takes me back to play over and over, and in case you’re feeling truly insane, you can also try playing with hard difficulty.

Crisis VRigade on SideQuest

14. Anne Frank House VR

Anee Frank House

This is a mind blowing bit of work. You are transported back so as to visit the Anne Frank house as it would have been… The surfaces, the lighting, the things reproduced, are simply completely astonishing.

In the event that you picked the story mode you will be guided through the home and provoked to associate with different things in the home. You will at that point hear and can peruse portions from Anne Frank’s journal.

This is an unquestionable requirement for any history buff, and truly in our current political and social atmosphere for all.

Anne Frank House VR on Oculus Quest

Some Notable Features...

13. First Steps

best free oculus quest games

First steps is like an introduction to the Oculus quest and what makes it so surprising that this is the first experience you play when you first set up your quest, and I have to say that it’s still one of the most magical experiences.  

There’s quite a bit to do in this little demo experience, and it’s both a great way to introduce people to the quest as well as just a lot of fun to jump into once in a while and blast some targets or get your groove on with a robot.

First Steps on Oculus Quest

12. Puppet Fever

best free oculus quest Multiplayer games

Puppet fever being brought to us by coastal bike games is a very different VR title. This one is inclusive and makes use of our mobile devices for our friends or family to participate in a game which is called asymmetric VR gaming.

This title takes that classic seasonal game charades that everyone of all ages can be involved in and brings it into the virtual world and makes it more expressive and exciting.

The user inside the headset is given a card that could be a movie or a profession, just some sort of word, and you have to act out that word using puppets. Then Your friends and family have to guess what’s is the word.

Definitely, You will have some hilarious moments by making things slightly different from your design choices. There is also a single-player mode if you wanted to play this one alone and brush up on your puppeteering skills to impress people.

The game has over 500 hundreds of props and puppets. And also, it has a multiplayer game mode that can support up to four players.

Puppet Fever on Oculus Quest

11. HyperDash VR

Free oculus quest games

Hyper is a fast-paced, multiplayer arena combat game. For an early alpha game, it’s already incredibly polished with excellent audio, crisp visuals, and a surprisingly active player base as well you’ll find a variety of weapons.

There are different types of locomotion like movement, sliding, dashing, and also fun sliding on rail tracks.

To get this installed on your quest you need to join their discord which I’ll link to, and it’s a couple of extra steps to install but absolutely worth it

Hyper Dash on SideQuest

10. Quill theater

free oculus quest games

If you love art and want to jump into some animated artistic renders by others, then quill theater is exactly what you’re looking for. 

Quill theater is a very unique experience in that you can jump into hand-drawn animated art pieces and walk around and get as close to or as far away from the art as you would like. 

There are a ton of art pieces to enjoy, and you can enjoy the animated artistic stories. And if you want to create your own imaginative and artistic stories or artwork, you can do so with a quill tool which is presently only available on the rift store at the moment 

Quill Theater on Oculus Quest

9. Physics Playground

Sideload quest

Physics Playground is a game made in Unity that is entirely driven by Rigidbody Physics. The gameplay is similar to Boneworks VR, i.e., the whole gameplay/game is based on physics concepts only.

Objects have a simulated feeling of weight and maintain collision with other objects even when grabbed.

You have two guns and a bat to use on dummy models/ enemies. Just by pressing the “spawn enemy” button, you enter the arena, and an enemy will come after you.

Kill the enemies, and they will drop loot, and then another one spawns. Means, Spawn> Kill > Loot > Repeat.

Also There’s a limited amount of ammo for your guns, and you can only get shot twice before you die. Everyone can play this game, whether you have/are a kid or you just you want to have fun.

It’s an endless game, and you will feel entertained even after 2-3 hours of gameplay and  you will have a blast playing the game. Best part? It’s free!

Physics Playground (Experimental) on SideQuest

8. Notes on Blindness

best free oculus quest games

In 1983 after decades of steady deterioration, John Hull became totally blind; as a result, he began to record his thoughts and experiences on audio cassette. The concept of this game/experience is so beautiful and vibrant.

In Notes on blindness, you get to experience what he described firsthand as you witnessed beautiful visualizations that are an abstract interpretation of his audio Diaries sitting in the park with the children on Good Friday.

The first chapter is non-interactive, but after that, there will be some interaction with the environments I think VR can be a powerful medium to experience empathy and live in someone else’s shoes like never before.

Notes on blindness is an incredibly well-made example of that. I recommend that everyone should try this


7. Rec Room VR

FREE VR Multiplayer Games

Rec Room is an Online multiplayer so you can play around with individuals from everywhere throughout the world.There are numerous fun, magnificent and drawing in exercises like Paintball, Co-operation journeys intended to be played with your companions considerably more fun easygoing minigames

There are thousands of player-created games and occasion spaces for you to find. You can even form your own rooms with your team-mates.

The best component of this game is that Rec Room is cross-stage so you can play with companions on Rift, Vive, PlayStation VR, Windows VR, and so on

Rec Room on Oculus Quest

Some Notable Features...

6. Quake VR

oculus quest sideload games

Do you remember a little game called quake, and I thought you might because the quake was one of the original true PC defining game.

 Just like I mentioned before, with half-life, playing quake in VR is a totally different experience. The best part is that on the oculus quest, you have full six degrees of motion, and in my opinion, it’s crazy.

Enemies will tower over you, and you can aim your gun with the touch controllers, and there is even a cross-play multiplayer if you’re a fan of the classic FPS PC games.

 Quake in VR is a must-try . It’s still a ton of fun, and we are just amping it up even more. Quake quest is free to sideload on oculus quest. 

QuakeQuest on SideQuest

5. Climbey VR

2 Player Oculus Quest Games

Climbey is a VR-just climbing game in which the objective is to move to the endpoint as quickly as possible, maintaining a strategic distance from barriers and making an effort not to fall en route.

Climbey feels like a much-needed refresher in the VR library. Moving platforms, obstructions, traps, and imaginative jumps will make you feel like you are playing VR Mario Maker.

Climbey is an easygoing and fun experience that is similarly as enjoyable to play alone or as playing with friends and family.

And also, this game is suitable for those who have never been inside a VR headset since It’s a straightforward, most polished, fun, replayable, challenging, and remunerating game, which makes this game addictive.

The controls are utterly physics-based, means climbing, and hopping is easy to understand, however difficult to ace.

Climbey highlights 15 basic intro levels and Hundreds of levels to explore, and you can even make your very own levels with the level editor and share levels to the VR community.

You can enjoy an Online multiplayer with up to 10 individuals, and this makes the enjoyment at an entire another level.

Climbey Demo on SideQuest

4. Mission ISS

free quest games

Interstellar fans this one is for you. Mission ISS takes you into space where you can experience what it’s like to be at the International Space Station, and It’s so realistic.

This is an Emmy award-winning simulation VR Game. You’ll get to feel the weightlessness of being in orbit. You can walk out into space to see the vast emptiness of the abyss.

This game also contains instructions and hints for real-life NASA astronauts. This is as close as you’re going to get from being in your living room to be miles above the earth in space, and is there any better way of escapism.

 The game visually looks stunning on the oculus quest, and the audio is also great. You’d expect this is a really great interesting free title 

Mission ISS on Oculus Quest

3. VR Chat

FREE VR Multiplayer Games

The Reason why VR Chat is the #3 Best Oculus Quest Free Game among the Oculus Quest Free Games List :

Because you Join the developing network as you investigate, play, and help create the eventual fate of social VR. Make universes and custom symbols.

Envision an existence where the sky is the limit. In VRChat there is something for everybody, on account of the intensity of genuine client produced content. Bounce into many dazzling situations and meet novel symbols consistently.

Feeling dynamic? Feeling progressively inventive? Whatever your mind-set, they have something for you.

VRChat on Oculus Quest

Some Notable Features...

2. Pavlov VR (Pavlov Shack)

Best VR Games

Pavlov VR is a virtual reality Counter-strike (type) shooter game which highlights many game modes, brilliant gunplay, and holding ongoing interaction that you can’t quit playing once you start.

Pavlov Shack is the quest version of the game, which was initially called Pavlov Lite. But it was initially supposed to release in December but got pushed back to an indefinite date of early 2020.

The newest version of Pavlov VR for oculus quest which is known as Pavlov Shack is now available directly through sidequest so you’ll be able to download the game onto your headset without any Errors, Viruses and it’s Absolutely FREE!

The Reason why Pavlov Shack is the #2 Oculus Quest Free Game :

Because it’s been made significantly more comfortable to snag the game being available directly through sidequest. 

As you’re probably already aware, Pavlov VR is a realistic first-person multiplayer shooter coming for free to the oculus quest, and it’s unlike anything we currently have to play on the quest store.

You can read the complete guide on how to install Pavlov VR (Pavlov shack) on the oculus quest here, and If you’re not familiar with side loading and side quest and want to try this game for yourself, it’s effortless to get it all set up.

So I’ve linked a couple of tutorials on how to start sideloading, or you can read the ultimate guide on sidequest. It takes maybe five to ten minutes max to get it all ready to go. 

Some Notable Features...

1. Echo VR


Echo Arena is a zero-gravity experience from Ready At Dawn. Players lift and float through a virtual arena on groups of 3.

It is a conflict of mechanical magnificence as you coast, lift, and punch your approach to scoring objectives in a breathtaking virtual arena. This is a standout amongst the most athletic game available in virtual reality.

The Reason why Echo VR is the #1 Free VR Game for Oculus Quest :

I think this review by MadBraxGaming perfectly describes this Game :

Think Rocket League, but in Zero-G

This game is kinda difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t seen it before. It’s sorta a mix of Rocket League, Frisbee and basketball condensed into one insanely good package. For the amazing price tag of FREE.

You get hours and hours of content as well as a great hangout for you and your friends!

You can play the game casually or competitively, the choice is yours! Every team needs a good offense and defense to thrive in Echo. Learn your playstyle, customize your Echo Unit and have fun!

Love Echo Arena then You’ll Love these Titles also : Best Multiplayer Sports VR Games for Oculus Quest

Echo VR on Oculus Quest

Some Notable Features...

Like our lists of Best Oculus Quest Horror Games , Puzzle games and FPS games, we attempted to concentrate on a combination of Best Free Games on Oculus Quest that uses the capacities and abilities of the oculus quest. 

 There are plenty other remarkable free games and experiences on side quest that can be sideloaded onto the oculus quest Check it out

If you have any other suggestions of what people should check out then let us all know in the comments section because the comments section of VR Marvelites is always open for the VR Army!

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