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Top 15 Best BEGINNER Oculus Quest 2 Games To PLAY FIRST

Top 15 Best Oculus Quest 2 Games New Players Should Try First

A Huge Number Of People Brought Oculus Quest 2 This Christmas And This Year In General. So, We Decided To Do All The Heavy Lifting And Made This “Ultimate Beginner Quest 2 Games List”. (The Starter Games List For New VR Players)

A huge number of people brought Oculus quest 2 this Christmas and this year in general and there are a lot of games, varieties and genres of games available on the Quest store.

So, we decided to do all the heavy lifting and made this “Ultimate Beginner Quest 2 Games List” just for you guys.

We highly recommend playing these VR / Quest 2 titles first to get the gist and the flow of being in the “VR Space”, before you begin and dwell in the VR universe

And we tried to cover as many genres as possible to provide you with the choice to select the most suitable VR game that you can and want to play for the first time in VR.

Because as you all know or heard, “First impression is the last impression” and the same goes with VR too.

If you’ll play extremely demanding games like TWD: SaS or other heavily motion focused games then you might get motion sickness and you will likely curse and think that “VR is NOT for you”.

And this is the same mistake every VR Newbie makes and that’s why selecting the First Few VR titles carefully is needed to fully fall in love with the Immersion and the universe that VR offers.

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How We Made The Beginner Quest 2 Games List?

For making the beginner VR games list we considered and followed these parameters:

  1. The game should be fairly easy but challenging to play and complete
  2. There should be NO motion sickness
  3. The games should help you to Develop your “VR Legs”
  4. And The Last But Most Important: The VR Game should be FUN

So Here Are The Top 15 Oculus Quest 2 Games That You Should PLAY FIRST


Richie's Plank Experience Oculus Quest Trailer
  • Developers: Toast VR
  • Genre: Arcade, Flying, Simulation, Party

Starting the Best Oculus Quest 2 Beginner Games post with Richie’s Plank Experience. It is a title that we have all seen before, the internet is full of videos of people trying it.

The concept is very simple: do you dare to walk on a board suspended more than 200 meters above the ground? Take a seat in the elevator and climb to the top of the building to see the doors open onto the void.

A short experience that promises laughter and excitement with your friends and families.

The Richie’s Plank Experience is something that should be tried at least once in a lifetime and the game also supports Hand Tracking.

It is already one of the scariest experiences in Virtual Reality. Want more Scary experiences on the oculus quest 2? Then here’s our gift for you: Top 10 SCARIEST And Best Oculus Quest 2 HORROR GAMES (2022)

If you experience motion sickness then here’s some help: 9 Ultimate Tips on How to Prevent Motion Sickness in VR Forever!


Some Notable Features…

  • One Of The First VR Game Ever Released
  • One Of The Best VR Game To Play For The First Time
  • Perfect Game To Jazz Up Your Party

Top 25 Best Free Oculus Quest 2 Games

14. Angry Birds VR: Isle Of Pigs

Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs Launch Trailer
  • Genre: Casual, Puzzle
  • Developers: Resolution Games

Angry birds have officially flown into VR and my expectations were extremely high for this game since Angry Birds is such a successful franchise.

If you were anticipating a very sleek experience that really did not cut corners, then you’ll not get disappointed.

Mean Green pigs are based on structures and you need to slingshot Angry Birds to take down the structures as well as damage the green pigs.

Various birds have different abilities like exploding birds or birds that get divided into more birds. The game also brims with charm and personality.

It includes great personality animation with fun little touches like when they turn around to offer you a thumbs-up before you launch them.

One spin in the VR version is that you need to teleport around the structure to prepare the best strike as well as in some cases you’ll need to lean or stoop low for the appropriate shot.

It’s an entertaining, fun, and well-made VR adaption of Angry Birds that doesn’t cause any motion sickness, perfect for family and is mostly it is amusing to play.

If you want to play a Party, Arcade and a successful franchise game in VR as your first game then Angry Birds VR is your way to go.

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Angry Birds VR

Some Notable Features…

  • Amazing Physics
  • 4 Worlds to Explore
  • Charming Characters
  • Popular franchise in VR

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13. Vacation Simulator

Vacation Simulator Launch Trailer | Oculus Rift
  • Developers: ‎Owlchemy Labs
  • Genre: Casual, Food, Simulation

From the Makers of Job Simulator, robots set out to reveal what else people did other than ‘work’.

Following quite a while of carrying out the Responsibilities and earning actually a large number of Dollars, they chose to go on a Vacation and there you have it The Vacation Simulator.

Visit the lively universe of Vacation Island and gain genuine experiences of a get-away.

You can do anything whenever from movement rich goals loaded up with a bright cast of Bots and unlimited associations to sprinkle in the pool, and selfie your approach to totally unwinding!

If you want to play a funny simulation game in which you can do whatever you want then Vacation and Job Simulator is the game for you.

Want to share the Hilarious clips with the Internet or wanna share how’s your vacation going? Then here’s the perfect guide for you: How To RECORD YouTube VR Videos On Oculus Quest 2 2022 Guide

Just like Spending A Vacation, you can DO and BE anyone in VR, play these Top 11 Best Simulation Games For Oculus Quest 2 and Live out your wildest fantasies

Vacation Simulator

Some Notable Features…

  • Virtual Vacation
  • Stress Reliever
  • Adventurous Mini Games
  • Many Awesome Landscapes

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12. The Curious Tale of The Stolen Pets

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets - Launch Trailer | PS VR
  • Developer: Fast Travel Games
  • Genre: Puzzle, Adventure, Exploration, Family-friendly

The curious tale of the stolen pets is an adventurous puzzle and exploration game where you need to find all the pets that have been hidden inside tiny worlds and It is a purely family-friendly fun

In this gem of a game, you interact with floating islands that are lovingly designed in the style of old cartoons and stop-motion films.

Each world offers a multitude of possibilities for interaction and its own character. There are five tiny worlds, each with a unique theme to find all the hidden pets.

The gameplay is pretty intuitive, and it’s easy to get going right away.

The design and animation are exceptional, and it is visually gorgeous, and everything in the tiny world is brimming with charm.

Besides finding the pets, there are also hidden coins to find, and finding all of the coins can get tricky. The pure innocent fun, the curious tale of the stolen pets comes with Full Hand tracking support

If you want to play an adventurous puzzle and exploration game filled with charmness then you can’t go wrong with The Curious Tale Of Stolen Pets.

Do you know this game supports Full hand tracking, if you not then here’s the whole list of ALL the Oculus Quest 2 HAND TRACKING Compatible Games & Apps

The Curious Tale of The Stolen Pets

Some Notable Features…

  • Brain Challenger
  • Impressive visuals
  • Pure family-friendly
  • Beautifully crafted worlds
  • Adventurous Puzzle VR Game
  • Exceptional animations and design
  • Five different themes and worlds to explore

11. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Launch Trailer
  • Developer: Steel Crate Games
  • Genre: VR CO-OP, Multiplayer, Puzzle

This wild-eyed VR team game has players cooperating to defuse a bomb. One player sits in VR with a virtual bomb sitting before them.

And as the name suggests, your communication is the key. You need to comminute with your friends or family to defuse the bomb.

Players must depict these compartments and after that different player, in reality, should flick through a (free) printable manual to locate the correct rules for solving and defusing the bomb. 

It’s a wild game still outstanding amongst other VR games and experiences out there.

Putting yourself in the shoes of a bomb deactivator requires courage, analysis, and good communication. You are alone in a room, in which the light can go out at any moment and you can be left in the dark.

A countdown, a little oversight, and… BOOM! It could all end.

If you want a challenging Co-Op game that you can play with Friends or at Parties then Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is the most hilarious and fun game you can find on the Oculus Quest Stoe.

Here are some amazing multiplayer games with awesome communities or you want to take your Party Fun To a Whole New Level then here are our Top 15 Best Oculus Quest 2 PARTY Games that requires No Setup and are perfectly suitable for new VR players

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Some Notable Features…

  • VR Team Game
  • Best Co-Op VR Game
  • Very Challenging Riddles
  • Clear instructions = Victory

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10. Lucky’s Tale

Lucky's Tale (2021) - Launch Trailer | Quest 2
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Developers: Playful Corp.

Lucky’s Tale recounts the tale of a youthful fox and his living piggy bank companion, essentially known as Pig. The two are the best of companions, however, one day some large-peered purple tentacle beast chooses to snack on the porky friend. 

Fortunately, the pig leaves a trail of coins for Lucky to pursue as he embarks upon his mission to save his friend. And I must say that Lucky’s Tale is absolutely adorable.

As a 3D platform game intended to appeal to a wide audience, it takes a lot of inspiration from the original Super Mario Games

If you want to play a 3D platformer in VR that is like Super Mario then Lucky’s Tale will not disappoint you.

Here are some more adventurous journeys for you to experience: Top 15 Best Oculus Quest 2 Adventure Games 2022

Lucky’s Tale VR

Some Notable Features…

  • 3D Platform VR Game
  • Best Co-Op VR Game
  • Very Challenging Riddles
  • Clear instructions = Victory

9. Shooty Fruity

Shooty Fruity - Launch Trailer | PS VR
  • Genre: Arcade, Funny, Shooter, Family
  • Developers: nDreams

Shooty fruity is at its core is a shooting gallery game but that’s not even close to an explanation. 

Take the humour and interactivity of the job simulator, the shooting and tower defence mixed with Night of the Living Dead, and the attack of the killer tomatoes and you’re starting to get the idea.

You find yourself behind the counter with groceries coming towards you like in full crushing zombie mode. The end result is a game that is silly, funny demanding, and absolutely unique.

Shooty Fruity is a  simple game with a silly name and a ridiculous premise and it checks all the boxes in everyone’s VR Christmas list. Watch the Embedded video you’ll know what I’m describing. 

If you want to play a VR Shooter filled with Humour added with elements of Tower Defense then you should play Shooty Fruity

Here Are More Amazing And Spectacular Top 20 Best Oculus Quest 2 Shooting Games To Play

Shooty Fruity

Some Notable Features…

  • Amazing Replayability Value
  • Non-Stop Fun With Non-Stop Action
  • Save Your Supermarket Fruit-zombies
  • Astonishingly Silly And Funny Family Game
  • Multiple Enemy Types With Different Weaknesses
  • Uniquely Designed Weapons Acquiring Mechanics

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8. Oculus First Contact

Oculus First Contact
  • Genre: Casual, Narrative, Simulation
  • Developer: Fun Bits Interactive / Oculus

Oculus First Contact Is An Exclusive and absolute VR experience built from the ground up for the Oculus Quest 2.

They drew from the motivation of the 80s: An enchanted and magical decade when PCs and game consoles moved from sci-fi to family unit things and everything appeared to be conceivable.

First contact is like Astro playroom On PS5 that explores the possibilities of the PS5 and their Dual Sense controllers but for Oculus Quest 2

Play Oculus First Contact if you want to get a hang of the Oculus Touch controllers and of Oculus Quest 2 unless it’s one of the Best Oculus Quest 2 game and experience.

Oculus First Contact

Some Notable Features…

  • Inspired from the 80s
  • Must-Play VR Game or Experience
  • Exclusive Oculus Quest 2 Adventure

7. Tetris Effect: Connected

A 1989 TETRIS Expert Plays TETRIS EFFECT for the First Time
  • Genre: Arcade, Puzzle, Relaxation/Meditation
  • Developers: Monstars Inc., Resonair, and Stage Games

Tetris Effect is one the most calming game that I have ever played in VR.

Describing Tetris Effect feels very underserving: Tetris Effect is none other than Tetris, soaked in a whirlwind of colors, music and emotions and each and every one of them is perfect…

It offers two game modes: In campaign mode, the player travels through a galaxy and completes more than 30 individually designed Tetris levels on one of three levels of difficulty.

Each level has its own theme, graphics and music. The variety is great: Tetris Effect takes the player to very different places and, with its variety of graphic styles, moods and music genres, ensures a lot of audiovisual variety

The gameplay is instantly addictive and the 15 effect modes bring plenty of variation to the game.

They just re-examined the Tetris to “THE TETRIS EFFECT”. It feels amazing to play this game in VR. There’s in no way like submerging yourself in its unusually delightful universes

Tetris Effect is a rare jewel in the VR industry and that’s why Tetris Effect is our #2 Pick For The Best Oculus Quest 1 & 2 Puzzle Games

If you like Puzzles and Tetris In General then choosing to play Tetris Effect as your first game on Oculus Quest 2 is a No Brainer.

Here are 15 More Mind-Bending Oculus Quest 2 Puzzle Games 

Tetris Effect: Connected

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Super Addictive Gameplay
  • Energetic and Ambient Audio
  • Eye-Catching and stunning visuals
  • The Classic Tetris is Back in the ’90s
  • Re-Imagination of Cult Classic Tetris In VR
  • Each And Every Aspect Of The Game Is Perfect

6. Racket NX

Racket: Nx Gameplay Trailer
  • Genre: Arcade, Social, Sports
  • Developers: One Hamsa

My absolute favorite online multiplayer game has to be racket NX because this game takes racketball to the next level by throwing you into a dome and making you battle it out against an online opponent to destroy the targets with the ball. 

Racket NX is a new kind of game that challenges the limits of what you can do with a racket and a ball in VR.

It features two single-player modes, a campaign, an endless runner plus a multiplayer mode that supports cross-platform so you can play against quest or PC players.

There are two modes of online multiplayer, one mode is just a fun online mode to play around with friends, and the other is a ranked game where you fight head to head to win to increase your online ranking.

Racket NX is one of the most fun games; you can have in VR multiplayer as far as I’m concerned. Just be careful not to punch a wall or knock over a lamp in the process.

So if you like Sports and Multiplayer games then Racket NX is your go-to game.

Games That Are Just Like Racket NX: Our Pick Of Top 11 Best Multiplayer Sports VR Games For Oculus Quest 2

Racket NX

Some Notable Features…

  • Fun challenges
  • Racketball in VR
  • Fun and awesome gameplay
  • Battle online with the community

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5. SuperHot

MATRIX SIMULATOR | SuperHOT VR #1 (Oculus Rift Virtual Reality)
  • Genre: Action
  • Developers: Super-HOT Team

Originally Superhot emerged as a PC game, but upon its arrival in Virtual Reality, it became almost instantly one of the essential games for all VR platforms.

Thanks to Superhot it is easy to introduce ourselves to the world of VR for the first time. Our entire environment comes to life when we move but stops when we are still, which makes us aware of every inch of our virtual body.

This innovative Shooter is one of the most rewarding experiences that this technology can offer, making us feel like in the Matrix

So, if you want to feel, how it feels to be Neo from Matrix or want to become John wick then Superhot VR; the Action-packed super-fun to play game is for you…

And That’s Why SuperHot VR is our #5 pick in the Best Beginner Oculus Quest 2 Games list

Love SuperHot VR? Then you’ll love these Action games for sure cause here are the Top 15 Amazing Best ACTION Games For Oculus Quest 2


Some Notable Features…

  • Rise as a Hero
  • Never-seen Combat System
  • An alternate sort of game that you have never Played
  • Ahh. Nothing to state about this game, Just play SuperHot VR

4. Echo VR

Echo Arena—Experience esports in Zero-G
  • Developers: ‎Ready At Dawn
  • Genre: Action, Multiplayer, Sports

Echo VR is a zero-gravity experience from Ready At Dawn. Players lift and float through a virtual arena in groups of 3.

It is a conflict of mechanical magnificence as you coast, lift, and punch your approach to scoring objectives in a breathtaking virtual arena. This is a standout amongst the most athletic game available in virtual reality.

I think this review by MadBraxGaming perfectly describes this Game :

Think Rocket League, but in Zero-G

This game is kinda difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t seen it before. It’s sorta a mix of Rocket League, Frisbee and basketball condensed into one insanely good package. For the amazing price tag of FREE.

You get hours and hours of content as well as a great hangout for you and your friends!

You can play the game casually or competitively, the choice is yours!

If you’re looking for an Amazing FREE Oculus Quest 2 Game that is even better than Paid VR Games then Echo VR is that GEM. And that’s why Echo VR gained our pick in the Best Beginner Oculus Quest 2 Games list.

Love FREE Quest Games? Then check this list out :
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Echo VR

Some Notable Features…

  • Sweat drenching
  • Zero-G Epic Battles
  • Multiplayer FREE VR Game
  • Intense Unique E-sport VR game

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3. Space Pirate Trainer DX

FIRING MY LASER BEAM | Space Pirate Trainer (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)
  • Developers: I-Illusions
  • Genre: Action, Arcade, Shooter

Blasters robots and no tether, how can you go wrong with Space pirate trainer on the quest.

Between the multiple modes and leaderboards, you’ll be ducking, rolling and spinning for a good long.

The gameplay mechanics of Space pirate is very impressive.

It’s the sheer joy that comes from stepping out of the way of a laser blast like Neo in the matrix swapping shot types in the heat of a battle and the leaderboards that extend the replayability of this game.

The reason this game shines is because of the ability of the quest platform to create a tetherless experience that results in the freedom to play unrestricted anywhere.

If you enjoy wave shooters then I definitely recommend you check out space pirate trainer.

If you love Arcade shooters then Space Pirate Trainer is the go-to beginner VR Game On The Quest 2

And That’s Why Space Pirate Trainer DX is our #3 pick in the Best Beginner Oculus Quest 2 Games list

Wanna get to fit in VR? Then here are some more games like Space Pirate Trainer: Top 15 Best Oculus Quest 1 & 2 Fitness/Workout Games (2022)

Space Pirate Trainer

Some Notable Features…

  • Classic arcade feel
  • No tether = Unlimited fun
  • Multiple interesting modes
  • Impressive gameplay mechanics
  • Space wave-based first-person shooter for oculus quest

2. Beat Saber

CAN YOU HAVE MORE FUN THAN THIS?! | Beat Saber #1 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)
  • Developers: Beat Games
  • Genre: Casual, Music, Sports

In my opinion, In everybody’s life, music plays an important role. Jump into a vivid mood experience you have never observed! 

Appreciate the carefully designed levels and solely made electronic move music, all inserted in an engaging modern world, and stay aware of the adrenaline-pumping music… This game is going to make you move!

After playing Beat Saber in VR, everything changed. I felt like I’m a beat slicer Jedi that is on a mission to conquer every song in the world.

The beat saber community is one of the most active, supportive, and engaging communities I’ve ever seen.

Become the Rhythm Star war Jedi and cut your way to triumph and harmony…

There’s just no description of this game. If you find no other VR game to play first on your Oculus Quest 2 then with your blind eyes go with Beat Saber.

And That’s Why Beat Saber is our #2 pick in the Best Beginner Oculus Quest 2 Games list

Here are the Top 10 Best Oculus quest Rhythm Games that are like Beat Saber

And if you love Beat Saber in particular then these guides will help you a lot:
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Beat Saber

Some Notable Features…

  • Rhythmic Game
  • Remarkable Gameplay
  • Custom Songs Support
  • Best Game for Music Lovers
  • An enormous number of Song List
  • An extraordinary approach to getting Fit

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1. First Steps

Oculus Quest | First Steps
  • Developers: Oculus
  • Genre: Arcade, Educational, Exploration

First steps is like an introduction to the Oculus quest 2 and what makes it so surprising is that this is the first experience you play when you first set up your quest, and I have to say that it’s still one of the most magical experiences.  

There’s quite a bit to do in this little demo experience, and it’s both a great way to introduce people to the quest as well as just a lot of fun to jump into once in a while and blast some targets or get your groove on with a robot.

Essentially First Step is “THE BEGINNER GAME” designed by our very own Oculus.

And That’s Why First Steps is our #1 pick in the Best Beginner Oculus Quest 2 Games list

Expand Your Knowledge in VR: Top 11 Best Oculus Quest 2 EDUCATIONAL Games For All Ages

First Steps

Some Notable Features…

  • Fun Mini-Games
  • Explore And Introduce Yourself To Virtual Reality
  • Perfect For Even Kids Who Are Trying VR For The First Time

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So, yeah…That was our list of The very Best Beginner Oculus Quest 2 Games that we would recommend you to play first and to start your VR journey.

Don’t forget to tag us on social media (hint: look at the top right corner to find our social media handles)

I hope this list will and has helped you to choose your first few VR titles. Even if you are a VR veteran and haven’t played any one of the games then we highly recommend you to do so…

Please tell us in the comments section which VR games you’re gonna play and if we missed any VR games that you think we should add, then drop them in the comments.

We love to hear your opinions regarding our posts and videos…Until Then STAY STRONG VR ARMY!

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