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Will Apple Vision Pro Have VR Games?

The Apple Vision Pro boasts 4K displays per eye, a spatial audio system, and eye and face tracking. But, can the Apple Vision Pro play VR games? and are there any VR games coming to the Vision Pro?

The much-awaited “Spatial Computer” from Apple was finally launched on February 2, 2024. Users and content creators are already using the Vision Pro day in and day out to see whether their investment is worth it or not.

Some are watching 3D movies, others are editing their videos, and some are even cooking while wearing the Apple Vision Pro but everyone is wondering:

Synth Riders Gameplay | Apple Vision Pro | Apple Arcade

YES. Apple Vision Pro will and does have VR games that you can play right now. Synth Riders is already playable on the Vision Pro with two modes: “Immersive” and Spatial. Demeo and titles like LEGO Builder’s Journey have been announced for the Vision Pro.

But what about Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, SuperHOT, The Walking Dead series and the list can go on; Are they coming to the Apple Vision Pro? Nope.

Era of Spatial Computing Begins: Apple Vision Pro is here

You surely can’t play AAA VR games like Arizona Sunshine, Beat Saber, SuperHOT, and all other VR games as all of them are “controllers-depended” games, which some people think they can.

The reason being: Apple Vision Pro doesn’t have any controllers. That’s the problem. The biggest one. This is the sole reason why developers are unable to make or port their VR games to Vision Pro.

It’s not that Vision Pro is incapable of handling or running VR games, but without an input method (like controllers), how can we swing, slash, or shoot in VR games?

So, all the VR Games that requires controllers won’t be coming to the Vision Pro at all. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play any games on the headset at all.

Apple is a savvy company. They know that the gaming industry is booming exceptionally especially the VR Gaming industry.

The VR gaming industry is projected to reach 44.7 billion dollars by 2027. Doesn’t Apple want a slice of the pie or are they making their own “Apple Pie”? (this wordplay deserves a share)

Apple is already making significant investments in the gaming industry.

  1. They have launched Apple Arcade.
  2. They are creating AAA games specifically designed for iPhones.
  3. They are working on bringing popular AAA games such as Resident Evil and Death Stranding to Apple’s hardware.
  4. Apple has also formed a partnership with Sony PlayStation.

And the amazing news is that you can experience all of that with your Apple Vision Pro. You can play more than 500 games, from iPad games to PlayStation games, on your “100-inch 4K TV” using Vision Pro (straight out of Apple’s presentation).

Regarding VR games, in my opinion, all the hand-tracking games, like Unplugged, The Curious Tale Of The Stolen Pets, and Rogue Ascent VR, to name a few, are likely to come to the Apple Vision Pro in the coming future because they don’t need any controllers. The biggest problem solved.

But why go through all of this trouble?

When the Vision Pro was first revealed to the world, everyone (including myself) was saying, “The Apple Vision Pro looks cool, but where are the controllers?” Everyone was confused.

For anyone who owns or wants a VR headset, the primary reason is always “VR Gaming.” I haven’t met a single person who told me, “I bought this headset for doing work.”

I think the reason Apple didn’t include controllers with the Vision Pro is:

  1. Of course, because of the price segment; it is already too high but also
  2. Because they don’t want to hinder their “Eye and Hand tracking” USP.

Apple’s core selling point for Vision Pro is “Apple Vision Pro is so simple to navigate using your eyes, hands, and voice. It’s like you already know how to use it.”

If a travelling case costs $200 then I don’t know what Apple would price their “Spatial Controllers”. I think we’ll find it soon enough, just need to convince my upset wallet.

For now, I don’t think Apple will think about making or launching controllers anytime soon but who knows what Apple is planning next? As they say – One More Thing! Until then, Stay Strong VR Army!

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