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Superhot: Mind Control Delete - Reveal Trailer | PS4

Let’s tackle the biggest question a lot of VR army is talking about: Does SuperHot: Mind Control Delete have VR support?

The studio reacted directly to followers asking for an upgrade on their VR plans, casting doubt on whether we’ll ever get a virtual reality adaptation of the franchise’s next big installation. So here’s the answer

No plans for VR at this time. Y’all will know if and when that changes!


SuperHot: Mind Control Delete will certainly not feature VR assistance upon its release later this month, according to the developer – via Twitter.

A VR variation of Mind Control Delete may not be totally off the table. Talking to the main Vive Blog– PR Manager Szymon Krukowski of the SUPERHOT Team suggests that consumer interest will play a factor in whether the expansion sees VR assistance.

It’s our understanding that the initial development of Superhot VR was moneyed by Oculus Studios; provided the evident success of that project, the pair may be interacting again 

on something different from Mind Control Delete, though nothing has been revealed. Perhaps we’ll hear something at Oculus’ Connect developer conference later this month?

More Information on Superhot Mind Control Delete by the Developer

” Honestly for now we are concentrating on mind control delete however at the very same time we never ever really left virtual reality.

 If there is enough rate of interest in [ Mind Control Delete ] we might try recreating something similar for VR,” Krukowski claimed.

When asked what’s next for the studio, Krukowski validated there are some models in the jobs beyond mind control delete.

” Most of the team is deep in creating superhot: mind control delete,” said Krukowski. “At the very same time though we are functioning on a few models. Some of those are actually difficult to call a game also.

It’s interesting that Krukowski states the studio “Never really left virtual reality.” as well as the studio, even more, said that their next VR title would certainly not be a follow up to superhot VR, but “A correct and proper advancement.”

About Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Superhot Mind control delete

Superhot team introduced a direct sequel to its time-bending 2016 hit which is set up to show up later this month on pc, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

 According to the group, gamers will start a brand-new experience within the superhot universe. Superhot: Mind Control Delete is four times bigger than the initial, will certainly be cost-free to existing owners.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete expands on the existing reality-warping formula with brand-new abilities, unique strategies, hacks, as well as adversaries to experiment with.

Gamers will additionally have the opportunity to tailor their experience with different builds as well as play designs, besides, to control a variety of different personalities.

The team mentions that advancement on Mind Control Delete started in 2017 and also was originally scheduled to release by the end of that year as DLC for the original video game. 

Somewhere in the progression process, nonetheless, the project increased into a full-fledged standalone sequel.

Is SuperHot: Mind Control Delete FREE?

Superhot Mind control delete gameplay

Those that own a copy of the original SuperHot will certainly receive a copy of Mind Control Delete 100% free-of-charge. This applies to those who purchased Superhot via the Epic Games Store, GoG, Steam, or PlayStation 4.

Mind Control Delete will instantly appear in PC and PS4 video game libraries within days of launch; Xbox One players will receive a message with a unique code. 

Those that scored a free duplicate with the Epic Games Store or Xbox Games with Gold WILL NOT qualify for a complimentary upgrade.

Those interested still have time to grab the initial as well as get a complimentary copy so move quickly!

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While it’s unfortunate Virtual Reality gamers will have to wait. Despite launching back in 2016, Superhot VR continues to be one of the most enjoyable immersive experiences available on Oculus as well as SteamVR headsets.

With the one-of-a-kind ability to manage time with your motions, offering a Matrix-like experience that actually surpasses its initial PC predecessor. 

There’s been some talk of VR being an opportunity for its SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE standalone, it appears it simply isn’t in the cards– at least for currently.

Wishing we do not have to wait too long for this highly-anticipated sequel.

Superhot VR is easily accessible on Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, SteamVR, and Viveport.

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