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Among Us Is Coming To VR, Coming To PC VR, PSVR And Quest 2

Among Us VR Is Coming To PC VR, PSVR And Quest 2

It’s Confirmed, The Incredibly Popular Multiplayer Party Game Among Us Will Have A VR Version In The Future.

The developers of Until You Fall and I Expect You To Die; Schell Games is the team behind the VR adaptation of Among Us.

To bring the title into virtual reality, he is of course working with its creator, Innersloth, but also with the Robot Teddy studio. The new VR game was revealed during the 2021 edition of the annual Game Awards event. 

A first trailer is already available for those who want to preview its content.

Among Us VR - Reveal Trailer | Game Awards 2021

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Among Us VR: What to Expect

Among Us VR - Reveal Trailer

From what we can see in the first official trailer for the VR version of Among Us, Schell Games is preparing a full 3D conversion of the game.

In the new VR title, players will therefore have the opportunity to compete against each other.

Each of them will play as one of the crews of a spaceship and can choose to be an impostor or a teammate. 

For the crew members, their objective will of course be to identify the impostors before killing them and to accomplish certain tasks in the ship.

On the side of the impostors, they will have to eliminate all the teammates while making sure not to get caught. For now, we know that the new VR game will allow up to 8 to 10 players to be played.

Either way, the original version of Among Us was quite a phenomenon for the past few years. 

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Unfortunately, it’s still unclear whether its VR version will support cross-play with this 2D version. For the moment, Schell Games has not given any news on this.

Also, this is not the first time that we have tried to bring the title into virtual reality. A few years ago, fans created an unofficial VR clone of Among Us in VRChat.

Among Us but I'm The BEST VR IMPOSTOR! - Among Us VRCHAT

However, No Official Release Date Has Yet Been Revealed. We, Therefore, Hope To Know More About The Launch Of The New VR Title Next Year.

In Any Case, If There Is No Change, it will be Available On PC VR, PSVR And Meta Quest 2 Headsets.

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