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The 7 FREE Flying Games On Meta Quest (1, 2 + Pro) [2023]

The Top 7 Free Meta Quest Flying/Flight Games: Soar into Virtual Skies Without Spending a Penny!

Flying In VR Is An Experience On Its Own. From Becoming A Wizard & Flying On Your Broom To Becoming A Superhero & Soar Around The City Here Are 7 Best Free Flying VR Games On Your Meta Quest Headset

Recently, we’ve published two articles on our website; Best VR Flying/Flight Games (PCVR) & Best VR Flying/Flight Games (Meta Quest) and you, The VR Army, showered so much love on those posts that we were obliged to make this post: The Best FREE Flying Games [2023]

I still can’t believe that some of these games in this list are FREE… So, snag all of these games before they become PAID or the devs removes them!

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7. A Very Potter VR Game

A Very Potter VR Game Trailer
  • Genre: RPG, Flying, Adventure
  • Developer: Alex Batschi

So let’s start this list off with A Very Potter VR Game!

Get ready to enter the magical world of the most famous wizarding school in the world!

A Very Potter VR Game takes you on an immersive journey where you learn and perform spells using voice and gesture recognition, and explore hidden rooms and the fire networks.

And the best part is that you can even visit the popular shopping alley in the magical world!

So, if you ever wanted to be a witch or a wizard in your fantasies and perform magic then, A Very Potter VR Game is an absolute must-play!

A Very Potter VR Game

6. Vertical Shift

Vertical Shift - Oculus App Labs | Steam Early Access LAUNCH CHRISTMAS EVE 2021
  • Genre: Social, Sports
  • Developer: Corrupted Media Productions

On number 6th we have placed: Vertical Shift!

A VR Esport unlike any other; Vertical Shift is one of the Best FREE Flying VR games available.

Put on your Zenith Suit and fly through arenas, shoot your grapple hooks pull yourself forward and Glide like Batman or use your Jet Packs and propel forward like you’re Iron Man.

With multiple game modes, plenty of cosmetics and available on Meta Quest for the low low price of FREE, Vertical Shift is an absolute must-play for any VR gamer.

Vertical Shift

5. Space Salvage Demo

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Flying
  • Developer: Fruity Systems

Moving onto number 5th position, we’ve Space Salvage Demo!

Space Salvage Demo is a beautiful game where you skillfully navigate your space-pod through a visually stunning interplanetary crash site.

You must explore the crash site filled with wreckage and asteroids, destroy lurking mines with your laser, and confront furious space pirates.

So, if you’re looking for an adventure set in a sci-fi world then Space Salvage Demo is the one for you!

Space Salvage Demo

4. Hibow VR

Hibow Trailer (Beta V0.4.0.0)
  • Developer: Chesstar Studios
  • Genre: Battle Royale, Flying, Shooting

Next in number 4th position, we have placed Hibow VR!

Hibow is a free-to-play Battle Royale Game developed by Chesstar Studios. You play as a Hibow Hero and you can Fly, Aim and Shoot with ease, and be the last one standing on the future bow fight battlefield.

It also features a co-op mode, which allows you to team up with friends and fly to take on the enemy forces together.

With its unique blend of archery and Flying mechanics, Hibow stands out as one of the Best Free Flying Games available on the Oculus Quest 2!


3. Project Demigod – Demo

  • Developers: ‎Omnifarious Studios LLC
  • Genre: Action, Fighting, Flying

Project Demigod – Demo is an action-packed FREE VR game where you can become the Hero of your dreams!

The game offers a range of superpowers that you can combine to create your own unique combat sequences.

Although this is a demo, you can still do a lot of things.

It utilizes physics-based mechanics, providing satisfying combat encounters as you fly, swing, shoot, and smash your way through ragdoll enemies

Project Demigod – Demo

2. The Silkworm

  • Genre: Adventure, Flying
  • Developers: Sol 5 Studios

Now, moving on to number 2nd position, we have – The Silkworm (Spidey fans, this one’s for you!)

Ever wondered what it would be like to swing around the city like Spider-Man? Well, wonder no more!

The Silkworm VR features a huge world full of adventures, where you can fulfil your dream of being Spider-Man!

You can leap, soar and even zip-line your way through the Silky City.

And just like The Silkworm, we have The Web-Guy VR. Both of the games have similar mechanics, so check that game out too!

The Silkworm


1. Wadality

Wadality - Gameplay Trailer | VR Shooter & Multiplayer Platform
  • Developer: Manerai
  • Genre: Fighting, Flying, Shooter

Finally, coming on the number 1 position on the list of The Best FREE Flying Quest 2 Games we have – Wadality!

Wadality is a free multiplayer VR Flying-shooter game that offers unique vertical gameplay.

You can fly above your enemies, shoot them from different angles, and dodge incoming attacks by moving in any direction.

Control your movements using hand gestures and the locomotion system is safe and comfortable, reducing the risk of motion sickness

So, if you’re looking for a free and exciting VR Flying game that offers 100% motion freedom, then Wadality on Oculus Quest 2 is definitely worth checking out.


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So there you have it, our pick of The Very Best FREE Flying VR Games to play on your Meta Quest headset!

Whether you’re a seasoned virtual pilot or a curious newcomer, these games offer an immersive and thrilling escape into the realm of flight.

So, put on your VR Headset, grab those controllers, and prepare to spread your wings in these free-flying games on the Oculus Quest 2.

Until Then Stay Strong VR Army!




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