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3 FREE VR Games Like The Walking Dead VR On Meta Quest 2

Play These 3 “FREE” VR Games On Meta Quest (1, 2 & Pro) If You Loved Slashing Zombies In The Walking Dead Series!

Whether You Like Slicing The HeadOff Or The Sheer Thrill Of Fighting for Survival. Here Are 3 “FREE” VR Games Like The Walking Dead That Are Sure To Give You That Adrenaline Boost!

Whether you’re a hardcore VR gamer or not, almost everyone who owns a VR Headset has heard about The Walking Dead Series.

Released in 2020; it is still considered one of the best VR games featuring a mind-blowing physics, intuitive crafting, and a ton of zombies to kill! And of course, the TWD: Chapter 2 is in a league of its own.

And what if I say, there are other VR games like “The Walking Dead Series” on Meta Quest that you can enjoy for absolutely FREE?

Yup, you heard it right. Here are 3 FREE VR Games Like The Walking Dead Games That you can play right now on your Meta Quest Headset!

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So, Here Are 3 “FREE” VR Games Like “The Walking Dead Series” On The Meta Quest 2

3. Grimlord Free Demo

Grimlord Official Demo Trailer
  • Genre: Action, RPG
  • Developers: ‎MetalCat studio

Let’s start the list off with Grimlord VR!

In Grimlord VR, you need to craft and unlock weapon parts to create unique combinations.

It features creative combat styles, allowing you to use your weapons as you want and use real-life fight styles to defeat enemies.

Both games provide an immersive gameplay experience tailored to their respective genres. “The Walking Dead” offers survival horror in a zombie world, while “Grimlord” provides a story-driven, action RPG experience.

Grimlord Free Demo

2. Let’s Go Chopping! – EARLY ACCESS DEMO

Let's Go Chopping! - Oculus Quest VR Game EARLY ACCESS TRAILER
  • Developer: RJ (Soaring Roc Studio)
  • Genre: Physics-based, Fighting

In the Walking Dead VR games, players face off against zombies using realistic combat to survive, Whereas in Let’s Go Chopping!, players use physics-based violent combat within a zombie-infested grocery store setting.

The game combines combat with humour, engaging you in over-the-top combat sprees. You can choose from a variety of weapons, including both ranged and melee.

As you complete more grocery lists and face more challenging situations you earn more money! (that’s a lot of “more”…lol)

Let’s Go Chopping!

1. Battle Talent Demo VR

Battle Talent - Trailer
  • Developer: CyDream
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fighting

Finally, on the number 1st position we have Battle Talent VR; A physics-based rogue-lite action game designed to satisfy your Combat Fantasy.

The Walking Dead, it’s about scavenging weapons and fighting the zombies, while Battle Talent VR features sword-fighting against enemies in challenging melee combat situations.

Battle Talent has made a strong impression on gamers with its Demo version itself and I strongly recommend playing the full version!

So, whether it’s New Orleans filled with zombies & undead or seamless dungeons filled with deadly enemies, both games aim to create deadly worlds for you to navigate.

Battle Talent VR

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So, there you have it, The Best FREE VR Games that give a similar experience to the renowned Walking Dead Series, all available on the Meta Quest (1, 2 & Pro).

These games feature satisfying combat, various weapons, and definitely zombies!

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