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Era of Spatial Computing Begins: Apple Vision Pro is here

The Apple Vision Pro Is Here And I’m Jealous Super Jealous Of The People Who Got Their Hands On The Apple Vision Pro.

On June 5, 2023, we got our first look at the much-anticipated “Apple VR Headset”; Apple Vision Pro.

And after 7 months of waiting, the Apple Vision Pro finally launched on February 2nd 2024 (But only in the U.S.).

You can buy the Apple Vision Pro at all the U.S. Apple Stores and through Apple’s website. Apple has already sold over 200,000 Vision Pro headsets within a few minutes of preorders! Only Apple can do this considering the $3500 price tag.

So, like all other VR fans, I was ready to learn all about it. Obviously, I turned to MKBHD’s video, as he is the only one who can get 5+ Million views in less than a day.

Apple Vision Pro Unboxing!
Just look at that box in the thumbnail!

When watching the unboxing, the first thing that came to my mind was how aesthetic Apple can be. I mean, it’s not just about the looks, but it also feels so aesthetic.

The moment he removed the cushion cover, I subconsciously whistled, as if a girl was standing in front of me. I was in AWE. My friend said, “Let’s sell our house and buy one of these.”

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the Vision Pro looks kinda small compared to the trailers we saw a year ago.

As MKBHD said, “It’s dense. This is heavy despite being small.”

I don’t know how but Apple makes everything so effortless; from removing the cushions to attaching the headbands. They thought of every single thing to reduce friction.

“Reducing the friction” means making things smoother and easier by removing obstacles or difficulties. Apple wants you to think of Vision Pro as a companion, as a tool that can help you with productivity, a tool for entertainment, in the end as a second nature.

Even the carrying bag is just so well-engineered; although it costs $200. Put $50 more, and you’ll have a brand new Meta Quest 2.

Now to learn more about the Apple Vision Pro’s features, I watched the “Guided Tour of Apple Vision Pro.”

A Guided Tour of Apple Vision Pro

I know the big thing matters like Eye tracking, what are the apps available, this and that. But in my opinion, the most important things are the things that you don’t notice out of the bat; The Small Things.

For example: As you open any picture the lights around it get dimmer. And man…The panorama pictures… It’s like you are AESTHETICALLY forced to relive that moment.

As I continued to watch that video, I was like, “Okay Vision Pro even has this feature, Nice. It even has this okay…” After a while, I thought, “How many more things this Vision Pro can do?”

You can Video Call (The Persona feature is still in beta), convert your MAC’s screen to the size of a giant screen, and much more.

The presenter was like: Let me show you this let me show you that… Broo every time you say that, it feels like I’m getting a little broke.

At the end, she said: “WE’VE ONLY SKIMMED THE SURFACE”… – You’ve skimmed my tears and wallet off 😭😭.

I was stoked. Seeing all the amazing features of the Vision Pro, it was time for the real test. I decided to watch this 30-minute-long video which I “thought” would become boring after some point. But I have to give credit to The Verge Team for making such an incredible video.

Although it was 30 minutes long, the video was entertaining, filled with information and raw opinions. The part from 1:29 to 1:55 was just phenomenal.

Apple Vision Pro review: magic, until it’s not

“There’s a part of me that says the Vision Pro only exists because Apple is so incredibly capable, stocked with talent, and loaded with resources that the company simply went out and engineered the hell out of the hardest problems they could think of in order to find a challenge.”

By Nilay Patel, editor-in-chief of the Verge

Finally, after filling my brain’s tummy with all the information and knowledge that was necessary and “enough” for me, this video caught my eye.

I Spent 24 Hours Wearing Apple’s Vision Pro Headset | WSJ

Joanna Stern from WSJ spent 24 hours inside the Apple Vision Pro headset and how could I miss this one? (And you should not miss this video too). For me, this was THE BEST video that I have watched so far.

I think it’s because I watched this right after VERGE’s 30-minute-long technical review. (I was really craving for a fun video after going through all of the videos)

This video will give you a glimpse of how Apple Vision Pro or VR Headsets can be used in our lives. Just like we talked about above: Apple wants us to see Vision Pro as a companion and that’s what Joanna experimented with in that video.

She cooked food with the headset on, talked with friends, tested the working capabilities and took the “Ski Goggles” meme to the extreme.

So, after watching and reading all about Vision Pro, one thing is clear: It’s a complete game-changer in the world of virtual reality and I can’t afford it. They’ve set the standards pretty high, but along with it comes the hefty price of $3,500.

Personally I think, “All your money is worth it if you make it worth it.” ~ Confused Shakespeare.

What I mean by that is, it’s up to YOU how well you can use it and for what cases. If you’re someone like me – a content creator, gamer, and VR enthusiast, then you’ll surely wanna own this MASTERPIECE.

It’s not just a VR headset; Apple Vision Pro is a slick-looking computer that you can use with your fingertips, for anything and everything!



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