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Top 18 Best EDUCATIONAL Oculus Quest 2 Games For All Ages!

Best Oculus Quest 2 Educational Games & Experiences That All Ages Can Enjoy And Learn From

Regardless Of The Subject, Whether You Hate Or Love It, These Best Educational Games For Oculus Quest 2 Can Help You Infuse A Love Of Discovering And Learning In YOU and In Your Child Again!

Nowadays not all, especially kids learn the finest with pencil-and-paper guidelines.

According to the educational not-for-profit organization EDUCAUSE, a growing body of research studies shows that game-based learning platforms

“can develop an interesting dynamic that motivates pupils to develop competencies and also abilities as they focus on the tasks of the game.”

So get ready to embrace the joy of learning like never before with our handpicked selection of the Top 18 Best Educational Games For ALL Ages!

“Quest 2 Education Games”

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Here are your
Top 18 Best Educational Games On Oculus Quest 2 For All Ages

18. Pandemic by Prisms

Pandemic by Prisms: Trailer
  • Developer: Prisms of Reality
  • Genre: Educational, Narrative, Strategy

Let’s start this list off with Pandemic by Prisms VR.

In this game, players engage with exponential functions and algebraic concepts, building their fluency and understanding of algebra while facing pandemic-related scenarios.

By analyzing data, making predictions, and devising strategies, you learn to apply algebraic thinking to limit the impact of the pandemic on human lives and health systems.

While the game doesn’t focus on the scientific aspects of pandemics, it equips you with foundational algebra skills to make informed decisions about critical public health issues.

Pandemic by Prisms is perfect for learners who want to enhance their algebraic thinking while gaining insight into the decision-making process related to global health challenges!

Pandemic by Prisms

17. InMind 2

InMind 2 VR - Trailer [VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift]
  • Developer: Luden.io
  • Genre: Adventure, Casual, Educational, Narrative, Racing

Next, on number 17 we have placed InMind 2!

InMind 2 explores the chemistry behind human emotions, allowing you to shape the future of a teenager named John by guiding him through pivotal moments in his life.

The game combines elements of storytelling, scientific exploration, and interactive gameplay to provide a unique VR experience.

By immersing you in the journey of John, a teenager transitioning into adulthood, the game allows you to shape his future self by guiding him through crucial moments.

The game offers an exciting and immersive adventure inside the human brain, providing insight into the chemical processes underlying emotions!

Just be careful, your choices and reactions in these moments impact John’s interests and relationships, ultimately shaping his destiny!

InMind 2

16. Let’s Create! Pottery VR

OVERVIEW - Let's Create! Pottery VR | Part X Gameplay | Oculus Quest VR
  • Developers: Infinite Dreams sp. z o.o.
  • Genre: Art/Creativity, Casual, Relaxation/Meditation

Have you ever created pottery in your life? Well, if you haven’t you might want to first take a stab at it through Infinite Dreams’ Let’s Create Pottery VR experience.

The studio describes the experience as a great way to relieve your everyday stress and find your inner peace. It’s an impressive, therapeutic, and learning experience that you & your kids can enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

They can choose the colour of the clay, shape it on the potter’s wheel with their own hands, add the necessary elements, burn and decorate like a real artisan.

Don’t forget to click a picture of your kids’ first Pot

Let’s Create! Pottery VR

15. Apollo 11 VR

Apollo 11 VR | Release Trailer - VR Experience
  • Developer: Immersive VR Education PLC
  • Genre: History, Space & Universe

Apollo 11 VR is one of the best VR flying games/experiences on the Oculus Quest 2.

The game takes you on a journey through space and time and educates you by letting you experience the historic Apollo 11 mission from start to finish.

You’ll be able to pilot the Apollo 11 spacecraft, take part in landing and spacewalk simulations, and explore realistic recreations of the Moon and Earth.

There are two modes that you can choose from: the cinematic and the interactive mode. The interactive mode allows you to control a few parts of the mission.

Apollo 11 VR is an essential experience for any fan of flight or space exploration and kids will definitely love this!

Apollo 11 VR

14. Titans of Space Plus

Titans of Space PLUS | Oculus Quest + Rift Platform
  • Developers: DrashVR LLC
  • Genre: Education, Space & Universe

Titans of Space PLUS takes you on an incredible journey through our vast universe, giving you a sense of just how immense it truly is.

The guided tour allows you to explore every planet, major moon, dwarf planet, and even massive star, providing a holographic representation of our Solar System.

The added feature of spacewalking in zero gravity adds an exciting interactive element, letting you get up close and personal with your favourite moon.

With a knowledgeable Tour Guide providing two hours of beautiful and fact-checked content, you’ll learn interesting details about each celestial body you encounter.

The game also prioritizes comfort and immersion, offering a comfort mode for motion-sensitive players and intuitive controls for a seamless experience. “

It’s a must-play if you have an Oculus Quest.

Titans of Space PLUS

13. Sculptr VR

SculptrVR | Oculus Quest Platform
  • Developer: SculptrVR, Inc.
  • Genre: Art/Creativity, Exploration, Productivity

SculptrVR is an impressive VR sculpting game that allows you to create and sculpt shapes with ease.

Whether you’re shaping individual objects or crafting entire landscapes, the possibilities are endless.

The game is user-friendly for people of all ages, allowing anyone to quickly become skilled in using it. And the best way to fully enjoy SculptrVR is to dive right in and explore its features firsthand.

With its interactive and engaging nature, SculptrVR opens up a world of educational possibilities, similar to Minecraft in schools.

It’s a valuable addition to anyone’s Quest library, which is why it ranks as our #13 choice among the Best EDUCATIONAL Oculus Quest 2 Games.

Sculptr VR

12. Painting VR

🌈 Painting VR 🌈 - Official Release Trailer (04/22)
  • Developer: Oisoi Studio
  • Genre: Creativity & Design, Productivity

Painting VR is a game that offers a realistic and immersive painting experience, providing you with unlimited supplies, tools, and techniques to express your creativity and learn about art.

You’ll be surprised by the incredible things you can make with unlimited paint, canvases, and tools at your disposal.

The realistic brushes feel just like the real thing, and you can even mix colours to create your own unique shades.

And the in-game browser provides inspiration and tutorials, helping you learn about colours, painting techniques, and composition.

You can even customize your virtual studio to make it your own, and there are different modes like sitting mode and zero gravity mode for added comfort and fun.

And if you prefer a guided experience, there are painting-by-numbers and colouring pages too!

Painting VR

11. Ocean Rift

Ocean Rift Oculus Touch Trailer
  • Developer: Llyr ap Cenydd
  • Genre: Nature, Travel & Exploration

In Ocean Rift, you get to explore a virtual underwater safari park filled with amazing marine life.

Swim through 14 stunning underwater habitats and encounter dolphins, sharks, turtles, sea snakes, rays, whales, manatees, sea lions, and even prehistoric creatures.

And if you want to learn more about the animals you come across, the game has an education mode.

Activate it, and you’ll find over 40 narrated information points. These points give you cool facts and insights about the different species and how they behave.

One of the standout features of the game is the innovative motion controls, allowing players to swim freely within virtual underwater environments.

“Ocean Rift” is perfect for those who love marine life and want to have a fun and educational experience.

Ocean Rift

10. Color Space

Color Space | Another World 360° Trailer | Oculus Quest + Rift Platform
  • Genre: Art/Creativity, Casual, Relaxation/Meditation
  • Developers: Lighthaus Inc.

Color Space takes the stress reduction and mindfulness concept to a whole new level, immersing you in a virtual colouring book filled with 13 life-sized works of art just begging for a splash of colour.

The more they colour, the more it comes to life with animation and sound. It’s a good example of how VR immersion can be genuinely helpful for you or your Kids, not just a nice bonus.

Color Space adapts the timeless appeal of colouring books to the complete sensory control of VR. Just pick a colour and a place to put it.

Color Space is one of the Best Quest Games to boost your child’s imagination and creativity.

Color Space

9. Gadgeteer VR

Gadgeteer | Oculus Quest + Rift Platform
  • Developer: Metanaut
  • Genre: Puzzle, Simulation, Education

Gadgeteer is a physics-based puzzle game where you can solve puzzles and build your very own Rube Goldberg machine.

The game features 2 modes; The puzzle mode is like a big campaign, and the goal is to arrange objects and collisions to guide the ball from point A to point B.

And The sandbox mode is just as you would expect, your kids have an entire living space at your disposal with an infinite supply of every object and gadget in your inventory.

Gadgeteer is a fantastic simulation puzzle VR game that’ll have your kids get a mental workout.

8. Cubism VR

Cubism | Quest + Rift Platform
  • Genre: Education, Puzzle
  • Developer: Thomas Van Bouwel

Cubism is a beautiful and simple yet challenging VR puzzle game with a minimal aesthetic where you have to assemble increasingly complex shapes out of smaller puzzle pieces.

You need to arrange all the 3d shapes to fill up every block of a play area presented to you. It starts off really easy but gets challenging quickly.

Cubism is being developed by a single developer Thomas van Buell, and It’s a delightful puzzle game, and I highly recommend it.

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7. First Steps

Oculus Quest | First Steps
  • Developers: Oculus
  • Genre: Arcade, Educational, Exploration

Are you ready to take your first step into the world of virtual reality? On the number 7 position of the Best Oculus Quest 2 Educational Games, we have First Steps

First Steps is like an introduction to the Oculus Quest 2, it’s the first experience you play when you first set up your Quest, and I have to say that it’s still one of the most magical experiences.  

There’s quite a bit to do in this little demo experience, and it’s both a great way to introduce people to the quest as well as just a lot of fun to jump into once in a while and blast some targets or get your groove on with a robot.

Essentially First Step is “THE BEGINNER GAME” designed by our very own Oculus.

So, if you’re ready to start your VR journey, put on your headset and begin with First Steps – the perfect game for beginners!

First Steps

6. Anne Frank House VR

Oculus VR for Good: Anne Frank House
  • Developer: Force Field
  • Genre: Documentary & History, Educational

“Anne Frank House VR” is a VR game that allows players to explore the Secret Annex and experience the emotional journey of Anne Frank and her companions during their time in hiding from the Nazis.

You step into the recreated rooms of the Secret Annex and intimately engage with the living space that sheltered Anne Frank and her family.

The game provides historical information and context. You learn about the Holocaust, the significance of the Secret Annex, and the fate of its inhabitants through narrations, documents, and interactive elements.

Anne Frank House VR not only focuses on exploration but also incorporates Anne’s thoughts and narrations, providing players with a deeper understanding of her experiences and emotions.

Anne Frank House VR

5. Dance Central

Dance Central VR Fitness App | Oculus Quest + Rift Platform
  • Genre: Music, Social, Sports
  • Developers: Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.

Get ready to enter a beautiful virtual dance world called Dance Central!

In this game, you become a dancing superstar and face off against virtual dance partners. It’s like a follow-the-leader challenge where you have to copy their moves.

The game has a cool collection of 32 songs, and each song has its own unique dance routine. You’ll recognize a lot of these songs because they are super popular and catchy.

And if you have friends over, you can play the multiplayer challenge mode together. It’s not just any Dance VR Game, it’s a Real Workout!

So get ready to learn some moves, groove to the beats, and have an amazing time dancing in the virtual world of Dance Central!

Dance Central

4. National Geographic Explore VR

National Geographic Explore | Oculus Quest
  • Genre: Nature, Travel & Exploration
  • Developer: Force Field Entertainment B.V.

One of the assurances of Virtual Reality as a blossoming medium is that it can theoretically transfer you to places you may never or else be able to see with your own eyes.

These are real places right here on Earth that are inaccessible to the average individual.

True to form, the now-Disney-owned National Geographic has taken it upon itself to be among the first to provide such experiences with the National Geographic Explore VR Experience for Oculus Quest!

I strongly and genuinely recommend National Geographic Explore VR because all of the experiences are loaded with sheer excitement, marvel, and astonishment.

National Geographic Explore VR

3. Mission ISS

[4K] Mission ISS VR simulator trailer
  • Developer: Magnopus
  • Genre: Educational, Exploration, Space/Universe

Interstellar fans this one is for you. Mission ISS takes you into space where you can experience what it’s like to be at the International Space Station, and It’s so realistic

This is an Emmy award-winning simulation VR Game. You’ll get to feel the weightlessness of being in orbit. You can walk out into space to see the vast emptiness of the abyss. 

This game also contains instructions and hints for real-life NASA astronauts. This is as close as you’re going to get from being in your living room to being miles above the earth in space and is there any better way of escapism?

The game visually looks stunning on the oculus quest, and the audio is also great. And this amazing VR title is FREE on the Oculus Quest store.

Just like Becoming An Astronaut, you can DO and BE anyone in VR, play these Top 14 Best Simulation Games For Oculus Quest 2 and Live out your wildest fantasies

Mission ISS

2. Puzzling Places

Puzzling Places | Oculus Quest Platform
  • Developer: realities.io inc
  • Genre: Exploration, Puzzle, Relaxation/Meditation

Moving on to the number 2nd position, we have one of the Best Puzzle VR Games – Puzzling Places!

In Puzzling Places, you combine fragments of real objects, buildings, rooms and landscapes into a whole.

In the game, you sit, stand or move within an abstract room and see 3D puzzles floating in front of you on an invisible wall.

With the controller, you aim at individual puzzle pieces, pull them towards you and put them together with your hands. If they fit, they click together and can no longer be separated.

Over time you will gradually see a fascinating place emerge in front of you, such as the coast of the French city of Biarritz, the Mont Saint-Michel or an old, Armenian monastery. It’s a fun brain workout and is surely relaxing.

Puzzling Places

1. Kingspray Graffiti

Kingspray Graffiti | Oculus Quest + Rift Platform
  • Developer: Infectious Ape
  • Genre: Art/Creativity, Casual, Simulation

Kingspray Graffiti is a VR graffiti simulator that allows you to unleash your creativity and create realistic street art in immersive virtual environments.

With input from world-class artists, Kingspray delivers a realistic paint system.

It includes various spray caps, realistic pressure and fading, metallic effects, and a wide range of real-world colours from Ironlak, providing an authentic graffiti experience.

You get to join forces with your friends & explore diverse locations such as city rooftops, train yards, and subway stations!

Learn and enhance your graffiti skills with interactive tutorials, navigate and interact with the virtual world, and utilize tools like ladders, scaffolds, and scissor lifts to reach higher surfaces and create intricate designs.

Trust me you really are gonna get lost in this cool graffiti world!

Kingspray Graffiti

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So there you have it our Picks for the Best Oculus Quest 2 EDUCATIONAL Games…

Give the gift of a game, as well as encourage your family to play with each other. Discovering will take place delicately as normally as you play.

Which of these Educational games do you think your family members would appreciate? Do you have any kind of extra suggestions to share with us?

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