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Blood And Truth VR 101 Guide: RELOAD, HOW TO Weapons & MORE!

Blood and Truth VR: The Ultimate 101 Guide: How To, Missions, How To Get Different Weapons and Much Much More!

In This Guide: How To Reload A Weapon, How To Holster Your Weapon, How To Get The Powerful “Minigun”, Collectibles Guide, And Everything You Need To Become A Pro In Blood And Truth.

Since PlayStation VR launched in October 2016, it has seen some amazing Best PSVR games exclusive titles, from Astro Bot: Rescue Mission to Tetris Effect.

However, PSVR has been missing a genuine blockbuster, a system seller like God Of War, Spiderman, and Uncharted that can also show off VR to its fullest.

And Who better to lead the charge than Sony’s own in-house London Studio and its ambitious PSVR title Blood and Truth VR, a London-set gangster thriller that’s all about transforming the player into an action hero.

Blood And Truth VR game studio’s core focus is on becoming the leading VR studio in the world.

In this Blood and Truth guide, we have tried to answer all the questions and also tried to provide all the information about Blood and Truth VR. Like, How to reload on blood and truth, How to get the Minigun and much more…

Also, you will find out Why Blood and Truth VR is one of the best PSVR games available in the market. And This is the 101 guide to Blood and Truth VR. So let’s go…

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How To Reload in Blood and Truth VR

Reloading in Blood and Truth VR is very simple. So, I have attached the video just above this paragraph. Watch that video carefully and follow exactly what I am doing in the video.

So, here’s how you can Reload in Blood and Truth VR:

  1. While holding the gun, reach out to your chest.
  2. After reaching your chest, pick the ammo clip.
  3. Now while holding the Ammo, insert it right under the “Clip” area of the Gun. (watch the video) 

So, there you have it that’s How You Reload In Blood And Truth VR

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How To Reload in Blood and Truth VR While Dual Wielding

Reloading in Blood and Truth VR is very simple but most of the players get confused when they reload while Dual Wielding.

So, I have attached the video just above this paragraph. Watch that video carefully and follow exactly what I am doing in the video.

So, here’s how you can Reload in Blood and Truth VR (while Dual Wielding): 

  1. While holding the two guns, try to reach out to your chest.
  2. After reaching your chest, normally pick the ammo clip and reload the weapon like you always do. For instance, if you want to reload your left gun, try picking up the ammo clip from your right hand and reload your left gun and vice versa.
  3. And if you want to pick up ammo, put any gun down from one hand and pick up ammo from the empty hand.

So, there you have it that’s How You Reload In Blood And Truth VR While Dual Wielding.

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How To Get Minigun In Blood and Truth

Blood & Truth | All Collectables Locations | PSVR
  1. In order to get the minigun in blood and truth, you need 100 stars to get the Minigun.

So how do you get 100 stars?

Completing all the story missions is not enough to get 100 stars. In order to collect that amount of stars in Blood and Truth VR, you need to collect all the Collectibles.

You can watch all the collectables’ locations in the video embedded above!

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How To Pick Up a Gun from the Holster In Blood And Truth

So, here’s How To Pick Up a Gun from the Holster In Blood And Truth: (Embedded video: Above)

  1. Look at the Right-hand side of your Hip area
  2. There you can see your selected weapon holstered.
  3. Just pick up that weapon

So, there you have it that’s How you Pick Up a Gun from the Holster In Blood And Truth

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How To Holster Weapon In Blood And Truth

So here’s How you Holster Weapon In Blood And Truth: (Embedded video: Above)

  1. Look at the Right-hand side of your Hip area
  2. Just move your weapon to that area and drop your weapon there.
  3. This will holster your weapon in the place.

So, there you have it that’s How you Holster Weapon In Blood And Truth

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Is Blood And Truth Multiplayer?

No, Blood and Truth VR does not feature multiplayer content and multiplayer mode. It only has a single-player campaign.

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Blood And Truth Game Length

Blood & Truth Walkthrough FULL GAME Longplay (PS4 PSVR)

The Game Length of Blood and Truth is about Six to Eight hours of pure action hero gameplay that features 19 chapters for you to experience. 

In One Sentence to Explain Blood and Truth VR

Blood & Truth – Launch Trailer | PS VR

Blood and Truth is heavily influenced by James Bond, John Wick and John McClane. “The developers just mixed the slick violent gun-fu ballet that comes from Wick; the military training, Britishness, multi-layered missions and spectacular set pieces of Bond; and the tongue-in-cheek, one man against-all-odds vibe of McClane.

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Here Is The List Of What Can You Do When You Are Shooting…

Blood & Truth: John Wick Mode! (PSVR PS4 Pro) The_Preacher Plays
  1. Firing an automatic weapon

  2. You can hold it with both hands to steady your aim,

  3. Reloading is done manually by inserting ammo cartridges into the weapon chamber

  4. You can also do some pretty bad-ass action hero things like dual-wielding or gun spinning (a trick that’s not limited to pistols)

  5. You can Catch an Incoming Grenade.

  6. Firing bullets to bring down rain-slicked alleyway ladders

  7. Twirling your pistol around your fingers, and shooting (or throwing back) grenades out of mid-air.

  8. You can also put an ammo clip down on the table and slam it into your pistol

  9. Throw your ammo in the air and catch it with your gun

  10. And Much much MORE

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The Story of Blood and Truth VR

Blood & Truth – Story Trailer | PS VR

Put on your PlayStation VR headset and get ready – here’s how this action-packed blockbuster will bring out the action hero in you, all from the comfort of your own home.

Become an elite Special Forces soldier Ryan Marks in a hard-hitting shooter with all the explosive action and drama of a Hollywood blockbuster – full of high-speed car chases, intense helicopter battles and stylish corridor battles.

Full of epic gunplay and explosive set pieces, this exhilarating adventure fires you into a desperate mission to save Marks’ loved ones from a cold-blooded criminal overlord.

Use your special training to scale buildings, infiltrate secret facilities and wreak havoc using a variety of powerful firearms against countless armed thugs.

Discover what it feels like to be front and centre in immersive and dazzling set pieces with unique mashed-up soundtrack of classic movie orchestral scoring and London grime, composed specially for the game by leading artists. 

As PS VR lets you feel the vibrations of your weapons, reload your gun with both hands as if you are really gripping a weapon and push buttons exactly as you would in real life.

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The “EXCLUSIVE” VR Experience

Blood & Truth - PS VR Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

There are moments where your hands can make for tactile movements, such as climbing up ladders, crawling along the floor, or in a tense moment of free-falling, reaching out to grab onto a ledge to pull yourself up just in the nick of time.

Even with the limitations of VR tech that’s really just tracking your head, the team makes use of calibrating the Move controllers to map out your body, so that you’ve got holsters to your sides for your pistols, larger weapons like rifles are kept on your back which you can reach over your head, while ammo is strapped to your chest.

“There was a huge amount of work to get that right because the console and camera are only tracing the player’s head — it’s got no concept of the rest of the body,” explains Whyte. “Trying to make that intuitive was tough but we put a lot of time into that.”

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Playing Blood & Truth with the PSVR and a Haptic Suit!

Use your enemy’s tech against them

Action heroes don’t usually binge-watch TV, but that’s because there are so many more compelling things to be done – like using your target’s closed-circuit security camera network to scope out the building’s various nooks. It’s not only useful for working out how many armed goons you’ll be facing off against but also to work out exactly where a weaselly underboss may be hiding, so you can pay him a little visit…

Just like:
Jason Bourne, hunting his unaware prey

Laugh in the face of the bad guys

When things get desperate, an action hero’s enemy will always turn tail and bring out the big guns. This usually means those fancy helicopters they’ve been saving for a rainy day will finally get their moment. But have no fear – it doesn’t matter what your nemesis is using, you’ll be ready with a high-speed vehicle and a large automatic weapon to bring them back down to earth with a bang.

Just like:
The unbeatable Alex Munday, from Charlie’s Angels

The Armed Forces have your back

Going alone isn’t always the wisest option, even for nigh indestructible action heroes. Good thing that you have friends in high places who can sometimes lend an explosive helping hand. Blood & Truth doesn’t let you outright call airstrikes, but main character Ryan Marks’ Special Forces past lets you experience what it’s like to have some fly girls and boys on hand to mop up.

Just like:
Pretty much any member of The Expendables

Enjoy a more thrilling way to fly

Airports can be a busy hellscape for anyone, but it’s especially tricky if you’re trying to chase an escaping criminal. That won’t stop an action hero like Ryan Marks, though, who can speed under a large jet to scramble on board via its undercarriage. Dangerous and exhilarating – and that’s before you even get to deal with the forces inside…

Just like:
The relentless Ethan Hunt, from Mission: Impossible

Make roadblocks a thing of the past

Frustrating traffic jams are barely an inconvenience for any action hero worth their salt, but when it comes to the full-on roadblocks you’ll encounter in the game, you have an edge. A few well-aimed shots of Ryan’s pistol can make short work of anything standing in your way, so don’t take your foot off the pedal.

Just like:
The unstoppable Harry Tasker, in True Lies

Explosions become a cool tool

You’re not going to be behind every explosion in Blood & Truth, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have opportunities to still look cool while everything around you is erupting in flames. Even if you’re stuck in an elevator shaft, billowing fireballs are merely a handy propulsion device as you make your way to the top of a building.

Just like:
James Bond, towards the end of a messy mission

Use one shot to solve your problems

Why lug around a rocket launcher or minigun to take care of hundreds of heavily armed baddies, when a single, well-aimed bullet from a small pistol can do the job? Whether you’re in the desert or a dangerous construction site, making sure there’s something explosive to blast can be the swiftest way to take care of business.

Just like:
An unflappable T-800, in Terminator 2

No door is truly locked

Part of a versatile action hero’s repertoire is being able to blend in when necessary, whether it’s to get behind enemy lines or sneak into guarded buildings. Blood & Truth gives you the chance to put Ryan’s well-trained lockpicking skills to use in order to track down essential items like security passes to get around when blowing things up isn’t an option.

Just like:

A sneaky Napoleon Solo, in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Turn air vents into shortcuts

Sneaking into a mob boss’s highly fortified casino may be one thing, but trying to get to your deeply entrenched and guarded target is entirely another. Which is where air vents come in handy, letting you get around the goon-packed hallways without being seen, before popping out all guns blazing.

Just like:
John McClane from Die Hard, naturally

Become the ultimate weapons master

While the average person may struggle to pat their head and rub their tummy at the same time, there are no such multitasking problems in Blood & Truth. Taking down bad guys, twirling a pistol, dodging enemy fire and catching a grenade, all in quick succession is just a typical day’s work. Your hands are not only tools of destruction – you also make it look effortlessly cool.

Just like:
John Wick with a dash of Robocop’s gun spinning panache

Turn windows into emergency exits

It isn’t always possible to coolly walk away from every literal and figuratively explosive encounter you get into. Occasionally it’s more prudent to beat feet and get out via the nearest possible exit… even if it’s a closed window. Being able to escape through a plate of glass while you’re under fire and several stories high and still come out without a scratch, is an action hero staple – and you’ll look perfectly unflappable each time.

Just like:
The fearless Trinity, from The Matrix

Verdict – Blood and Truth VR

Blood & Truth – Behind the Scenes: Story | PS VR

PSVR is already performing better than the other VR headsets currently on the market, thanks to its affordable price and focus on games. Its four million install base is still a modest success compared to the 90+ million PS4s sold.

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Release Date of Blood and Truth VR?

28th May 2019.

Is Blood and Truth a VR game?

Yes, it’s a VR game

Is Blood and Truth is a PlayStation VR Exclusive Game?

Yes, it’s a PlayStation VR exclusive game

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