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Top 10 RHYTHM/MUSIC GAMES For Oculus Quest 1 & 2 Like BSaber

Top 10 Best Oculus Quest 1 & 2 Rhythm Games | Games like Beat Saber

Play These Music VR Games and Just dance to the Beats!

I’m a massive fan of music-based games in both VR and non-VR. Since I’ve been playing guitar hero, rock band, beat saber, and the list can go on, and I think they’re just fantastic. 

They hold a special place in my heart. Hence, here are the Top 10 Best Oculus quest Rhythm Games.

But after playing Beat Saber in VR, everything changed. I felt like I’m a beat slicer Jedi that is on a mission to conquer every song in the world.

In my opinion, In everybody’s life, music plays an important role. But combining those feeling, that vibe with the tetherless experience of the oculus quest takes the experience to a whole next level. 

So to enjoy that vibe, that groove in VR, here are the Top 10 Best Oculus quest Rhythm/Music Games like Beat Saber.

“Best Music Games on Oculus Quest”

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Top 10 Best Oculus Quest Rhythm/Music Games Like Beat Saber | Best Oculus Quest 1 & 2 Rhythm Games

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Here are your Top 10 Best Oculus Quest Rhythm Games

10. Audio Trip

Audio Trip - Early Access Trailer [VR, Vive, Rift, WMR, Index]
  • Developers : Kinemotik Studios
  • Genre : Art/Creativity, Music, Sports

Audio Trip is a VR dance game where you get jewels, ride strips, crush drums, and evade obstructions as you move your way through strange conditions extraordinarily made for every tune.

Make it your Audio Trip by utilizing the in-VR level manager to make custom dance tracks with your own one of a kind dance moves, with a similar tool used by the developers to create their choreography!

Store Link

Some Notable Features…

  • Flow With the Rhythm
  • Dance to Your Custom Songs
  • Very Intense Workout Vr Game
  • Make Your Own One-of-a-kind Dance Moves

9. Dance Central

Dance Central VR - The BEST VR Rhythm Game
  • Genre : Music, Social, Sports
  • Developers : Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.

Dance Central is a follow-the-leader full-body dancing challenge faced off against virtual dance partners where you need to mirror the dance moves that you see to the right of your partner.

This game features a music library of 32 songs and each song has unique dance choreography so there’s a lot of different dance moves to experience.

They’re all very popular songs as well you’ve certainly heard many of these songs before.

I found the menu system quite creative. It’s a rather ingenious VR UI interface because you instantly know how to use it but it also immerses you mentally into believing that you are communicating with these dance partners

There is a multiplayer challenge mode and it’s a pretty great workout game. I think this could be a spectacular party game with everyone taking turns.

Store Link

Some Notable Features…

  • Just-dance Alternative
  • Interesting Ui Interface
  • Awesome Workout Game
  • Music Library of 32 Songs
  • Multiplayer Challenge Mode

8. Audica

AUDICA - Launch Trailer
  • Genre: Rhythm, Shooter
  • Developers: Harmonix Music Systems, Inc

AUDICA™ is a VR Rhythm Shooter from Harmonix, the producers of Rock Band™ and Dance Central™. 

Equipped with a couple of rhythm blasters, you shoot and crush targets to the beat of a soundtrack that highlights tunes from a portion of the world’s most famous artists. 

The better your planning and precision, the better your score. The better your score, the higher your place on AUDICA’s Leaderboards. It includes a 33-song soundtrack, all set in an entrancing cosmic playground.

AUDICA is fantastically intuitive and vivid from the first time when you play in a fantastic immense arena. Audica is easy to play but hard to ace.

Audica is an unquestionable requirement for enthusiasts of Rhythm Shooters.

Store Link

Some Notable Features…

  • Note variety
  • Good campaign
  • Excellent visuals
  • Real spectator mode
  • Great difficulty curve
  • 33 mesmerizing songs soundtrack

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7. OhShape VR

Doing the Cha Cha Slide in OhShape VR!
  • Genre : Odders Lab
  • Developer : Arcade, Music, Sports

OhShape is a VR rhythm workout exercise experience. The main gimmick is that blue walls are flying toward you and they have human-shaped holes inside that you need to match to keep progressing through the course. 

Besides that, you’ll also find red walls that you need to punch away and yellow obstacles that you’ll either need to sidestep or squat to avoid.

There are three difficulty levels and If you’re looking for a VR workout experience and you’re tired of playing beat Saber, then this is definitely a unique choice that stands out for its original visual style.

The support of Custom songs is also available.

Store Link

Some Notable Features…

  • Three Difficulties
  • Custom Song Support
  • Alternative for Beat Saber
  • Rhythm workout exercise experience

6. Thumper VR

Thumper - Release Trailer | PS4, PSVR
  • Developer : Drool
  • Genre : Rhythm, Music

Thumper is a unique one-of-a-kind gaming experience. It upgrades essentially every part of the experience through splendidly beating visuals, extreme music, and downright rough, instinctive rhythm-based gameplay.

The Game highlights Simple Controls: one stick and one button. Each level is part into a huge number of sublevels, every one of which contains an evaluated checkpoint. 

This guarantees disappointment is never excessively baffling as you’ll just ever need to replay a bunch of seconds before at long last gaining ground again.

Each devastating effect is joined with a beating unique soundtrack. To arrive at synesthetic euphoria, you should experience musicality hellfire.

Store Link

Some Notable Features…

  • Stylish Visuals
  • Rhythmic Music
  • Extraordinary Soundtrack Music
  • 9 Beautifully Crafted levels (each with Sub-Levels)

5. AudioShield

BEAT SABER but with SHIELDS! Audioshield VR (Oculus Quest Gameplay)
  • Genre : Arcade, Music
  • Developers : Dylan Fitterer

Audio Shield is pretty much a classic within the VR community and the oldest of all rhythm VR games. It is an awesome game that never gets old.

Audio Shield is a pretty straightforward game in which you have two shields and with those two shields you fight the music, you hit the beats.

You can play the game’s original tracks or you can decide to download your own through google drive or dropbox so for everyone there is something to do here.

It’s also good to know that the more you dance the more points you obtain, so make sure you push it to the limit!

Store Link

Some Notable Features…

  • Amazing Replayability
  • Custom Songs Support
  • Oldest and a Classic Vr Rhythm Game
  • Compete With Your Friends on the Leaderboards

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4. Synth Riders VR

Playing Synth Riders VR with the Valve Index and a Haptic Suit!
  • Genre: Rhythm, Fitness, Dance
  • Developers : Kluge Interactive, Retrowave VR

Synth Riders coming from Kluge Interactive is a combination of dancing and guitar hero, but your energy is crucial. 

In synth riders, you are on a rail, and you have to hit the colours to the corresponding hand as well as just simple hit markers. Obstacles have to be avoided; otherwise, you will lose your combo and risk not completing the song. 

I like how the markers and maps enable you to get your groove on as they do have a pattern that promotes you to dance. Synth riders is a great fun VR title that is also a workout game allowing you to burn off that fat. 

There is also a beat map editor available for you to create your own tracks if you want to, but also on sidequest, you can add custom songs as well.

If you’re not familiar with side loading and side quest, it’s effortless to get it all set up. It takes maybe five to ten minutes max to get it all ready.

Store Link

Some Notable Features…

  • Abstract art style
  • Intense VR Workout
  • Custom Songs support
  • Neon coloured Cyberpunk world

3. Box VR

BOXVR - Gameplay Trailer | PS VR
  • Developer: FITAR Limited
  • Genre : Sports, Rhythm, Fitness

Box VR is looking to take the sensation of working out in VR to the next level by essentially focusing simply on daily cardio workout routines all without ever having to leave the house.

You stand in one place with music thumping while a series of targets come at you, each one colour-coordinated to one of your gloves indicating which hand you should be punching with.

Three types of blocks can only be taken out with the correct motion--jabs, hooks, and uppercuts along with walls to avoid.

The game keeps tracking the number of calories you’ve burned. There are over a hundred songs to choose from and all are perfectly suited for the task at hand. Box VR is the game that’ll make you sweat and use it as intended as a fitness program.

If you’re the kind of person who’d rather stay home than go to a gym, Box VR offers an excellent alternative

Store Link

Some Notable Features…

  • Intense VR Fitness Game
  • Huge songs library of 100+ songs
  • Great cardio workout at home in VR

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2. Pistol Whip VR

Pistol Whip - 2089 Launch Trailer | Oculus Quest, PC VR
  • Developers : Cloudhead Games
  • Genre : Action, Arcade, Music, Shooter

Pistol Whip is a relentless action-rhythm FPS VR Game. Adventure through a true to life slug hellfire controlled by a very breakneck soundtrack to turn you into an absolute action saint legend.

Inspired by God-mode films like John Wick and Equilibrium, Pistol Whip tosses you weapon first into a dangerous cluster of hand-crafted combat scenes each set to their own very fast and energetic soundtrack.

Unlike other rhythm-based VR games, Pistol Whip has no line in the sand; you have total opportunity to shoot, fight, and evade focuses on the rhythm YOU see fit.

Pistol Whip is one of the most exceptional, quickly satisfying action game in VR. It is a real to life collection of savagery. 

It’s an exceptional traverse between Superhot + Beat Saber = Pistol Whip.

Store Link

Some Notable Features…

  • Best for fitness
  • Abstract art style
  • Intense VR Action
  • Hand-crafted action scenes
  • Pulse Pounding Soundtrack
  • Unstoppable action-rhythm FPS
  • Cinematic symphony of violence.
  • Dodge targets to the rhythm you see fit
  • Non-stop speed without motion sickness
  • Variety of gameplay modes, such as Dual Wield


CAN YOU HAVE MORE FUN THAN THIS?! | Beat Saber #1 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)
  • Developers : Beat Games
  • Genre : MUSIC / RHYTHM , Party , Family

In my opinion, In everybody’s life, music plays an important role. But combining those feeling, that vibe with the tetherless experience of the oculus quest takes the experience to a whole next level.

Jump into a vivid mood experience you have never observed! Appreciate the carefully designed levels and solely made electronic move music, all inserted in an engaging modern world and stay aware of the adrenaline-siphoning music… This game is going to make you move!

After playing Beat Saber in VR, everything changed. I felt like I’m a beat slicer Jedi that is on a mission to conquer every song in the world.

The beat saber community is one of the most active, supportive, and engaging communities I’ve ever seen.

Each time I play this game and my psyche and soul become free… Become the Rhythm Star war Jedi and cut your way to triumph and harmony…

Store Link

Some Notable Features…

  • Rhythmic Game
  • Remarkable Gameplay
  • Best Game for Music Lovers
  • An enormous number of Song List
  • An extraordinary approach to getting Fit

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So that’s was my list for the Best Oculus quest Rhythm Games that are like Beat saber.

Rhythm games have been around for quite a while. Who can overlook the times of Dance Revolution? We saw an enormous spike in prevalence with games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero also. 

Those games aren’t open access to the consoles; however, the music genre has made a significant impact on VR. 

There are many respectable Rhythm VR games out there for the oculus quest, and a significant number of them utilize the oculus quest tetherless capacity. Thus that was our rundown for the Best Music Games on Oculus Quest 

On the off chance that we missed any of the best rhythm games for the oculus quest, inform us concerning them in the comments! You can likewise look at our other list on the Oculus Quest.

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