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Top 15 Best Oculus Quest ARCADE GAMES You Should Try In 2022

The 15 Best Arcade VR Games On Oculus Quest 2 To Play In 2022

If You Are Looking For The Best Arcade Games For Oculus Quest 2, Then This Article Is The One You Are Looking For

Just like Rhythm VR games, Arcade games paved a very special path in the VR Industry and hence, there are a huge number of arcade games in the meta quest store.

But there are only a few arcade games that offers unique gameplay and that are worth your time and money.

So Following is the list of arcade games that we hand-picked based on different types and genres. We’ve added Arcade-Shooters, Action and adventure arcade games and much more…

And Make sure to read the “For Whom This Game Is For” section because that section can help you pick the game you’re looking for.

So here’s the list of 15 best oculus quest 2 arcade games that can challenge you and leave you wanting for more.

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The 15 Best VR Arcade Games For Oculus Quest 2

15. Fruit Ninja VR

Fruit Ninja VR - Gameplay Trailer | PS VR
  • GENRE: Action, Arcade, Casual
  • Developers: Halfbrick Studios Pty Ltd

Fruit Ninja VR is exactly like you would expect it to be. It’s the same gameplay on mobile but with VR swords; you know the drill slice away at all the fruit while avoiding the bombs.

I’ve always enjoyed casually playing the mobile game, violently slicing fruit is somehow very satisfying and the gameplay is equally satisfying in VR.

All the original game modes are here as well as a new survival mode in which a flying bot fires fruit at you but the Zen mode is my favourite; casually slice away without any bombs getting in your way.

For Whom This Game Is For?

If you like to play this game on your phone then trust me you’re gonna love playing it in VR. It’s simple, fun and perfect for casual play. Not just you even your kids will enjoy playing it.

So that’s why Fruit Ninja is our #15 pick for the Best Arcade Games On Oculus Quest

Fruit Ninja VR

Some Notable Features…

  • Amazing Modes
  • Casual Arcade VR Game
  • Splendid VR Game For All Ages
  • Survival Mode – Available Only In VR
  • Extremely Successful Fruit Ninja Franchise In VR
  • Zen Mode – To Just Slice Your Way To Mindfulness

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14. Pixel Ripped 1995

Pixel Ripped 1995 - Launch Trailer | PS VR
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Arcade
  • Developers: ARVORE Immersive Experiences

Pixel Ripped is a unique VR game series that perfectly captures the gaming and lifestyle of bygone gaming eras with its retro charm and situational comedy.

If you don’t know, this game is the direct sequel of Pixel Ripped 1989. And with Pixel Ripped 1989 we travel back to the Gameboy, SNES, and Sega Mega Drive era when they dominated the living rooms.

Pixel Ripped 1995 offers a great time travel experience for anyone who grew up with the SNES and the Sega Mega Drive.

As in the predecessor, the gameplay usually takes place on two levels at the same time: the game within the game and your own reality.

The video games are lovingly implemented, both visually and in terms of sound.

For Whom This Game Is For?

So if you want to play Nostalgia filled Action Adventure VR game on your Quest 2 then go for Pixel Ripped 1995 blindly because this game is a true homage to nostalgia

And that’s why it’s the Best Retro Arcade Oculus Quest Game.

Here are some more adventurous journeys for you to experience: Top 15 Best Oculus Quest 2 Adventure Games 2022

Pixel Ripped 1995


Some Notable Features…

  • Creative Game Concept
  • Exceptional Sound Design
  • Nostalgia Filled Adventure
  • Pixel-perfect Platformer Gameplay
  • The Retro Is Perfectly Implemented
  • Perfectly Captures The Vibe Of The 90s

13. Dash Dash World

Dash Dash World | Oculus Quest + Rift Platforms
  • Developer: MOTIONX STUDIO
  • Genre: Action, Casual, Racing, Arcade

Dash Dash World is an arcade kart racing game from MotionX Studio. In this game, We enter into the craziest tracks that are full of obstacles and participate in competitions full of weapons and drifts.

And If you find yourself in trouble, you can use the most absurd weapons, such as an egg-throwing hen, a frying pan, a bee grenade or even gloves with which to freeze your opponents.

It also has a multitude of control options, to customize and compete, however you want

Dash Dash World features both a single-player story campaign and you can also compete in online duels with cross-play support.

New tracks, weapons, and tournaments will be added after launch, so you’ll always have a reason to come back to compete in this frenetic arcade speed racing game.

For Whom This Game Is For?

So if you’re looking for an arcade-style kart racing game and want to live out your “Mario Kart” fantasy then look no further, drift into this amazing game now!

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Dash Dash World

Some Notable Features…

  • Good Controls
  • Absurd Weapons
  • Intense Kart Racing
  • Gigantic Disco Tracks Full Of Obstacles

12. Warplanes: WW1 Fighters

Warplanes: WW1 Fighters - Launch Trailer [PC VR]
  • Developer: Home Net Games
  • Genre: Arcade, Flying, Simulation

Warplanes: WW1 Fighters lets you fight World War II battles in historic planes.

It is more of an arcade shooter than a simulator. You face fighters, bombers, airships, and even enemy ships. Authentic to the era, you engage in close-range combat and use hand-dropped bombs.

The controls are flexible: you can fly the plane with the thumbstick on the Oculus controller or grab the stick in the cockpit with the real-style controller and operate it realistically.

Buy new planes or modify one with the money you get by winning fights. Sounds fun right? It certainly is!

For Whom This Game Is For?

Warplanes: WW1 Fighters is the thrill of the fight, unlike the other Planes VR games.

Want to feel How it is to be a plane fighter then Warplanes: WW1 Fighters is for you!

Drop bombs, shoot machine guns, modify your planes, go to the battlefield, and many more. It legitimately feels like you are in the war zone.

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Warplanes: WW1 Fighters

Some Notable Features…

  • Full Of Thrill
  • Multiple Planes To Choose
  • Great For Flying Enthusiasts
  • A Real Feeling Of Being In A War
  • The Ultimate Arcade Shooter Game

11. Yuki

Yuki - Launch Trailer | PS VR
  • Developer: ARVORE Immersive Experiences
  • Genre: Action, Arcade, Shooter, Space/Universe

Yuki is a mix of rogue-like and bullet hell genres and If you enjoy anime, then this game will certainly become your favorite.

Yuki is a cheerful VR game set in a spectacular anime universe and It’s like stepping into a child’s imagination and flying through various worlds.

You need to dodge the obstacles that come your way while blasting the deadly Yokaliens all while grooving to the sound of seductive music.

As you navigate through each of the new entrancing game levels, you’ll fall in love with Yuki more and more.

If you have kids at home then here are the Top 18 Best Kids Oculus Quest 2 Games – VR Games That Kids Love

For Whom This Game Is For?

So, If you enjoy games that test your nerves while we evade tens of thousands of opponent shots in the vein of classic arcade shooters, then Yuki is the one for you.

Want to groove to the seductive music? Here are the headphones/earphones that we recommend: Best Oculus Quest Headphones/Earphones – From Cheap To High


Some Notable Features…

  • Spectacular Music
  • Anime Universe In VR
  • Entrancing Game Levels
  • Live Out Your Anime Fantasies
  • One Of The Best Arcade-Shooters


STRIDE - Launch Trailer | Oculus Quest Platform
  • Developers: Joy Way
  • Genre: Action, Arcade, Sports

Do you love Mirror’s Edge and have a strong stomach? Then Stride is just for you!

Because here you experience and control the game with your own body instead of just sitting and pressing buttons. Stride takes inspiration from the real parkour experience.

But the experience is far more immersive and physical than on screen and comes closest to real-life sport – without the risk of breaking your bones.

In Stride you can do almost everything you could do in Mirror’s Edge: Jump from the house roof to another house at high speed and at dizzying heights, run along walls in breakneck acrobatics, and incapacitate villains with a pistol or bare hands.

Even bullet-time and zip lines made it into the game. The game offers three arcade modes in which you can compete with other players via leaderboards.

If you experience motion sickness then here’s some help: 9 Ultimate Tips on How to Prevent Motion Sickness in VR Forever!

For Whom This Game Is For?

If you enjoy doing parkour or have ever wondered what it would be like to jump and do flips from one roof-top to another (without breaking bones), I definitely recommend you check out STRIDE.

And that’s why STRIDE is our #10 Pick For Best VR Arcade Games For The Oculus Quest 2


Some Notable Features…

  • Mirror’s Edge In VR
  • Fast Fluid Gameplay
  • A Real Parkour Experience
  • Fun And Addictive Gameplay Modes
  • Intuitive Mechanics That Feel Amazing In VR

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9. Path Of The Warrior VR

Path of the Warrior | Announce Trailer | Oculus Quest
  • Genre: Action, Arcade, Fighting
  • Developers: Twisted Pixel Games

Path of the Warrior is an action-packed arcade VR game. It has become one of my favourite games to show and to get people excited about VR. 

As it harkens back to the Age of arcade games like double dragon and Streets of Rage, it shows what it’s like to experience such a game in VR. 

In Path of the warrior, you have to beat up bad guys with all sorts of different crazy attacks and every level puts you face-to-face with new enemies and surprises.  

The combat is fun and works great with the ability to use almost anything from the environment to slash, smash and just all-around pulverize the baddies while listening to a funky retro 80’s soundtrack.

The locations are fun, and each one has a different feel. The bosses are challenging and hilarious too. The game also features a co-op mode that allows you to team up with a friend and cause mayhem together.

For Whom This Game Is For?

So if you are looking for one of the best Arcade-style VR Action Games and want a healthy dose of nostalgia, then Path of the warrior is your go-to Arcade-Action Quest Game.

Here are some amazing multiplayer games with awesome communities or you want to take your Party Fun To a Whole New Level then here are our Top 11 Best Oculus Quest 2 PARTY Games that require No Setup and are perfectly suitable for new VR players

Path Of The Warrior VR

Some Notable Features…

  • Funky Soundtrack
  • Multiplayer VR action
  • Challenging Boss fights
  • Arcade-style Beat’em up
  • A healthy dose of Nostalgia
  • Use everything for your Combat

8. The Climb 1 & 2

The Climb Launch Trailer
  • Developer; Crytek
  • Genre: Arcade, Exploration, Sports

Climb enormous heights and feel the exhilaration of outrageous free performance climbing and Explore ‘n’ appreciate the perspective of wonderful vivid areas.

Experience the adrenaline surge as you rise to epic heights, investigate caverns, and discover alternate ways, and the sky is the limit from there.

Race other players’ ghosts, rise leaderboards and win more than 100 accomplishments to unlock the amazing gears for your Character.

This game additionally accompanies the ‘Tourist mode’ where you can Climb with Easy and Simplified mechanics, perfect for acquainting friends with VR.

For Whom This Game Is For?

One of the great titles that have deserved the honour of appearing in the Oculus Quest 2, because they are an example of how far this technology can go.

So if you have ever wondered how it feels to climb up to the mountain top and touch the sky then give a break to your imagination and grab your headset, it’s time to play The Climb!

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The Climb

Some Notable Features…

  • Solo Climbing
  • Climb Epic Heights
  • Race with Opponent
  • Leaderboard to Compete
  • Four Immersive Locations
  • Day and Night Environment
  • Explore the Never-seen Land
  • Many Achievements to Cheer up Players


Gun Club VR - Launch Trailer | PS VR
  • Genre: First-person Shooter
  • Developers: The Binary Mill

Gun Club VR takes you to the range with an arsenal of the world’s most powerful weaponry. Addictive gameplay and unsurpassed realism combine to make Gun Club VR the ultimate virtual weapon simulator.

First of all, I can surely say that Gun club VR is one of the most complete, detailed, polished, and accurate VR games.

Developed on real-world ballistics, you can handle, load, cock, and fire these weapons.

From Pistols, SMGs to shotguns and assault rifles to grenade launchers and dozens of the most iconic weapons in the world.

Using stocks and scopes, extended mags, and laser sights you can customize your weapons to fit any scenario.

There is a multitude of different range scenarios. And for true shooting purists, there is the classic target range mode where there are no time limits, no scores, just you and your weapon.

For Whom This Game Is For?

So if you are looking for an Ultimate and definitive gun-range experience in VR that features multiple modes, customization options, and a lot more then Gun Club is a must-play for you.

Gun Club VR

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Real-world ballistics
  • Different modes to enjoy
  • Ultimate VR gun simulator
  • Infinite customization options
  • A big arsenal of deadly weapons
  • Incalculable guns available at your disposal
  • Complete, detailed, polished, and accurate VR game

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6. Holopoint

Holopoint: Oculus Edition - Trailer [VR, Oculus Quest]
  • Genre: Action, Arcade, Sports
  • Developer: Alzan Studios, LLC

Holopoint is among the most intense arcade-fitness VR games of all time.

Your end score is not just bound to your skill of pressing buttons, this is extremely necessary to keep moving to dodge energy balls.

You need to listen if people are coming from behind and use your actual arms to aim and fire on them instead of your mouse and keyboard.

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For Whom This Game Is For?

Tired of playing games by sitting on the couch all day long? then maybe you’ll like to move your body a little.

This samurai archery game will drag you out of your chair and force you to move like no other. This game is for you because, believe me, it will get you in shape.


Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Exhausting Experience
  • Great VR fitness Game
  • Great To Play With Friends
  • Adrenaline Filled Gameplay
  • Become a True Archer in VR

5. Knockout League

Knockout League | Oculus Quest + Rift Platform
  • Developer: Grab Games
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fighting

Knockout League is a VR boxing game that looks back at the arcade-style boxing games of the past like ready to rumble but it punches out with its crazy characters, timing, and fight style memorization gameplay.

You can get a really good workout in the knockout league both from the matches and the minigames. It just gets your heart pumping and your body moving…

Knockout League looks really polished. The character models look great and The animations are also fabulous.

The gameplay is fun and challenging and the mechanics and visuals work together to create a game that I think all will really enjoy.

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For Whom This Game Is For?

What’s the difference between other boxing VR games and Knockout League?

So Knockout League still uses realistic boxing moves like different punches and dodges and blocking but the gameplay mechanics are more like an arcade game or a platformer.

And That’s Why Knockout League is our #5 pick for the Best Arcade VR Games On The Oculus Quest

Knockout League

Some Notable Features…

  • New enemies
  • Fun challenges
  • Awesome Gadgets
  • Unseen Environments
  • Surprisingly great humour
  • A multitude of new environments

4. Swarm

Swarm | Oculus Quest + Rift Platforms
  • Developer: Greensky Games
  • Genre: Arcade, Shooter, Social

Swarm is a high-action, arcade-style shooter that makes you feel like an armed futuristic Spiderman. Basically, it’s Spider-Man with guns.

This is the crazy premise of Swarm, a frenzied shooter in which we must destroy the hundreds of robots that plague the planet.

Each combat arena is full of platforms, having to move at the same time as we shoot.

In the game, there are five macro-areas divided into five sub-levels, of which the last is always the boss at the end of the section

Also, the soundtrack is excellent. Swarm is a lightning-fast and extremely entertaining single-player FPS.

For Whom This Game Is For?

Anyone who loves shooting in virtual reality will find here an undeniable pearl of the genre, both in terms of the pure shooting element, but above all in terms of the pace of the action: dense and without any compromise.

And that’s why Swarm is one of the best arcade shooting games on oculus quest 2

So, will you be able to rise to the top of the world rankings?

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Some Notable Features…

  • Excellent Sound Track
  • Splendid Artistic Level
  • High-action, Arcade-style Shooter
  • Become Spider-Man But With Guns

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3. Tetris Effect: Connected

A 1989 TETRIS Expert Plays TETRIS EFFECT for the First Time
  • Genre: Arcade, Puzzle, Relaxation/Meditation
  • Developers: Monstars Inc., Resonair, and Stage Games

Tetris Effect is one of the most calming games that I have ever played in VR.

Describing Tetris Effect feels very underserving: Tetris Effect is none other than Tetris, soaked in a whirlwind of colors, music, and emotions, and each and every one of them is perfect…

It offers two game modes: In campaign mode, the player travels through a galaxy and completes more than 30 individually designed Tetris levels on one of three levels of difficulty.

Each level has its own theme, graphics, and music. The gameplay is instantly addictive and the 15 effect modes bring plenty of variation to the game.

They just re-examined the Tetris to “THE TETRIS EFFECT”. There’s in no way like submerging yourself in its unusually delightful universes

Here are 15 More Mind-Bending Oculus Quest 2 Puzzle Games 

For Whom This Game Is For?

Tetris Effect is a rare jewel in the VR industry, with attractive graphics and soothing music, it feels more like a meditation than a game.

If you like Puzzles and Tetris In General then choosing to play Tetris Effect as your first game on Oculus Quest 2 is a No Brainer.

And that’s why Tetris Effect is our #3 Pick For The Best Oculus Quest Arcade Games

Tetris Effect: Connected

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Super Addictive Gameplay
  • Energetic and Ambient Audio
  • Eye-Catching and stunning visuals
  • The Classic Tetris is Back in the ’90s
  • Re-Imagination of Cult Classic Tetris In VR
  • Each And Every Aspect Of The Game Is Perfect

2. Robo Recall: Unplugged

Robo Recall Trailer
  • Genre: Action, Arcade, Shooter
  • Developers: Drifter Entertainment / Epic Games

Robo Recall is a polished action-packed arcade shooter from Epic Games. In the future, the world will be populated by robots.

When the tinny comrades turn against humanity because of a program error, a brutal recall program is started: They are turned into piles of scrap at gunpoint.

For Whom This Game Is For?

If you want to play an arcade shooter game that is exhilarating, smooth, satisfying, and challenging and it just feels like we are creating a great deal of Chaos then Robo Recall: Unplugged is for you!

Just Like Robo Recall, Here are the TOP 20 Best Oculus Quest 2 SHOOTING Games To Play In 2022

Robo Recall: Unplugged


1. Space Pirate Trainer DX

Space Pirate Trainer - Official Trailer
  • Developers: I-Illusions
  • Genre: First-person Shooter, Arcade


Blasters robots and no tether, how can you go wrong with Space pirate trainer. Space pirate trainer is a space-based wave VR shooter.

In Space pirate trainer, you fight against various flying robots and mechanical baddies. Between the multiple modes and leaderboards, you’ll be ducking, rolling and spinning for a good long.

The gameplay mechanics of Space pirate is very impressive. There are four gameplay modes to choose from and the game runs smoothly even with a ton of enemies appearing simultaneously on the screen. 

Still, it’s the sheer joy that comes from stepping out of the way of a laser blast like Neo in the matrix swapping shot types in the heat of a battle and the leaderboards that extend the replayability of this game.

For Whom This Game Is For?

If you enjoy wave shooters or have ever wondered what it would be like to be inside of a Galaga game, I definitely recommend you check out space pirate trainer.

And that’s why Space Pirate Trainer DX is our #1 Pick For Best VR Arcade Games For The Oculus Quest 2 and definitely the best arcade shooter on the oculus quest 2

Space Pirate Trainer DX

Some Notable Features…

  • Classic arcade feel
  • No tether = Unlimited fun
  • Multiple interesting modes
  • Impressive gameplay mechanics
  • Space wave-based first-person shooter

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So that was our comparison and list of the best Boxing VR Games On The Meta Quest 2 to play in 2022. Let us know which boxing game attracted you and which one you are going to play!


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