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Here’s what comes in the Apple Vision Pro Box

The wait of 7 months is over. The Apple Vision Pro’s hands-on impressions are out and they are pretty “buzzing”. Some are saying that “It is a revolutionary tech that only Apple could’ve made” and some are saying “They don’t want to mess up their hair”.

Apple has already sold more than 200,000 Apple Vision Pro headsets and if Apple has sold that many Vision Pro headsets then you can bet they have taken care of the packaging especially considering the hefty price tag of $3500.

So here’s what comes in the Apple Vision Pro box. Spoiler: I am in AWE.

The Apple Vision Pro Box Contents:

1. Apple Vision Pro (this thing is an absolute beauty)

2. “Design by Apple in California” pamphlet (if you dig that… but when MKBHD said: “Ohh I bet there are stickers in here”… it had me rolling (but BRO is disappointed as there are no Vision Pro-themed stickers))

3. Microfiber Cloth specially designed to clean the Vision Pro glasses (as Apple likes to call it)

4. Thin Light Seal Cushion

5. Thick Light Seal Cushion

6. Apple Vision Pro Paperwork

7. Dual Loop Band

8. Battery – 3166MAH

9. USB C Brick + USB Type C to C cable

10. Glass protector (already on the Vision Pro)

The Color Combination: White and Silver

You can also buy the Apple Vision Pro Travel case which is a technical marvel on its own.

Apple Vision Pro Unboxing!

In my opinion, the Apple Vision Pro looks absolutely amazing. The first time I saw the headset, I subconsciously whistled…

Like Marcus said, “Apple Vision Pro is dense. It is heavy despite being small”.

Selling 200,000 units of a tech product that costs $3500 is no joke. Only Apple can pull this kind of stuff. And for the price of the Vision Pro travelling bag ($200), you can literally buy a full-fledged VR headset; Meta Quest 2 with CONTROLLERS ($250)!

So yeah, Let’s see what the future holds for VR “Spatial Computing”.

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