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What Does “META” Mean? Why Did Facebook Choose This?

Why FaceBook Choose META As Its NEW NAME? We’re Gonna Answer That

I Bet You Don’t Know The Meaning And History Behind “Meta” Because This Name Has Both Historical Meanings And New Visions. (3 Minute Read)

On October 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced the change of the name of his firm, From Facebook To Meta, but I bet you don’t know the meaning and history behind “META”

Because this Name Has Both Historical Meanings And New Visions. Continue reading to uncover the mystery

So What Does “Meta” Mean?

At first glance, the term refers to science fiction. Indeed, “META” is a Greek term that means “BEYOND“.

For Mark Zuckerberg, this name reflects both the present and the future he wants to build, that his company is dynamic and foresees a long future.

In another sense, the CEO of Meta is hinting at his ideas which originated in a dorm before taking over the whole world.

It also illustrates the significant events that the community has experienced thanks to its business.

In addition, Meta signifies the firm’s will to take up the new challenge, that of going Beyond what we think today.

Finally, “Meta” would be taken from the program that Facebook plans to develop: the metaverse.

In short, the new name of Facebook reflects its new vision which is to tap more into virtual reality.

Facebook to Meta

Now that it is leaving its old name, the firm will adopt a new vision while keeping its company’s vision: to bring us closer.

It aims to be the one who will offer a virtual world within the reach of the general public and their Metaverse is called “THE HORIZON”.

To see more clearly, it is necessary to shed more light on WHY FaceBook Changed Its Name To “META”?

So check out our post on Why Facebook become “Meta”? And Everything You Need To Know About META In 2022

So with the various accessories that are already on sale for use and to enhance the virtual reality experience, users will soon leave Facebook behind to get a taste of this new virtual universe.

The big giants like Disney, Nike, Niantic, Microsoft and other companies are also building their own versions of Metaverse.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, Until Then Stay Strong VR ARMY!

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