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Top 10 Best VR Simulation Games 2021 | Best Value For Money

Top 10 Best VR Simulator Games That Will Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True!

With such huge numbers of choices readily available, we present a total rundown of our preferred very Best VR Simulator Games.

Simulation games are one of the most extensive and famous game genres. It’s additionally one of the most prevalent on VR on the grounds that the controls work quite well.

The simulation game genre enables players to take on jobs they may have never gotten the opportunity, offering you a look into a different universe where you may have moved toward becoming something different like a truck driver or a specialist, or perhaps a space station janitor? 

Best VR Simulator Games are easy to play, amusing to draw in with, and some of them can keep going for a considerable length of time. 

On the off chance that you need the best value for your money, here are the Top 10 Best VR Simulator Games! 

So Take up your cup of Coffee and Let’s see who made the List…

“Best VR Simulator Games”

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Here Are The Top 10 Best VR Simulator Games That Are Best Value For Your Money

Vacation Simulator

Vacation Simulator - Launch Trailer - Owlchemy Labs
  • Price : $29.99
  • Platforms : PSVR; Oculus; Valve Index; HTC Vive; Windows Mixed Reality

From the Makers of Job Simulator, robots set out to reveal what else people did other than ‘work’. Following quite a while of carrying out the Responsibilities and earning actually a large number of Dollars. 

They chose to go on a Vacation and there you have it The Vacation Simulator. Visit the lively universe of Vacation Island and gain genuine experiences of a get-away.

You can do anything whenever from movement rich goals loaded up with a bright cast of Bots and unlimited associations to sprinkle in the pool, and selfie your approach to totally unwinding!

Vacation Simulator

Some Notable Features…

  • Virtual Vacation
  • Stress Reliever
  • Adventurous Mini Games
  • Many Awesome Landscapes

X-Plane 11

X Plane 11 Virtual Reality | First look with the Oculus Rift | It's pretty awesome
  • Price : $59.99
  • Platforms : Oculus; Valve Index; HTC Vive

This devotion to the truth of flight has long made Laminar Research’s X-Plane the go-to game for avionics devotees and genuine pilots, taking off for entertainment only or sharpening their certifiable abilities. X-Plane 11 has pushed authenticity yet further.

You’ll feel the plane: the flexing wings, the turning of the motors when you hit the throttle, the profound murmur when you send the arrival gear.

X-Plane 11

Some Notable Features…

  • The Realism
  • Very Detailed Interior
  • Very Detailed Designs
  • Feels Like a Real Flight
  • Sound Effects are Amazing

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Budget Cuts

THE BEST VR HAS TO OFFER - Budget Cuts (VR) #1
  • Price : $29.99
  • Platforms : PSVR; Oculus; Valve Index; HTC Vive; Windows Mixed Reality

Budget Cuts is a VR stealth game where you skillfully zip, sneak or Rambo your way forward through exciting battles!

You are a worker at uber aggregate TransCorp and Unfortunately, TransCorp is a specialist in the matter of assembling cost-cutting robots, and soon your activity will be at risk.

As another of your collaborators is being hauled off to the frightening HR division, a secretive bundle touches base at your desk area. Will you have the option to spare your activity? “

Budget Cuts” is as of now accessible on Steam for $29.99 with help for Rift, Vive, and Windows PC VR headsets

Budget Cuts

Some Notable Features…

  • Awesome Gadgets
  • Hardcore Gameplay
  • Become A Stealthy Agent
  • Surprisingly Great Humour

The Climb

THE CLIMB Launch Trailer (Oculus Rift - VR Game)
  • Price : $39.99
  • Platforms : Oculus

Climb enormous heights and feel the exhilaration of outrageous free performance climbing and Explore ‘n’ appreciate the perspective on four wonderful, vivid areas.

Experience the adrenaline surge as you rise to epic heights, investigate caverns, discover alternate ways, and the sky is the limit from there.

Race other players’ ghosts, rise leaderboards and win more than 100 accomplishments to unlock the amazing gears for your Character. Bouldering – Beat exceptional courses that request flawless skill.

This game additionally accompanies the ‘Tourist mode’ where you can Climb with Easy and Simplified mechanics, perfect for acquainting friends with VR. Feel the rush NOW!!!

The Climb

Some Notable Features…

  • Solo Climbing
  • Climb Epic Heights
  • Race with Opponent
  • Leaderboard to Compete
  • Four Immersive Locations
  • Day and Night Environment
  • Explore the Never-seen Land
  • Many Achievements to Cheer up Players

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Prison Boss VR

Prison Boss VR – Launch Trailer | PS VR
  • Price : $19.99
  • Platforms : PSVR; Oculus; Valve Index; HTC Vive

Acquire money until you can store it no more and become the Prison Boss!
Prison Boss VR is a creating and exchanging game. This game transforms your VR space into a Jail! Craft cigarettes, liquor and treats for different prisoners! Modify your cell as your notoriety develops!

The creating and crafting framework in the game utilizes controllers in special ways. Each crafting formula comprises a progression of gestures that you have to Perfect. 

Roll your cigarettes, top off jugs, cook cakes and that’s just the beginning! The game highlights 11 diverse craftables things, made out of 6 distinctive base assets.

Prison Boss VR

Some Notable Features…

  • Customization
  • 11 different craftables items
  • Craft cigarettes, alcohol and cookies
  • Makes use of controllers in Unique Ways

Creed: Rise to Glory

GET BEAT UP IN BOXING SIMULATOR - Creed: Rise to Glory VR Boxing - HTC Vive Pro Gameplay
  • Price : $29.99
  • Platforms : PSVR; Oculus; Valve Index; HTC Vive

You are Adonis Creed, battling head to head with the world’s top rivals to build up your boxing inheritance. This serious true to life experience includes new Phantom Melee Technology for effective VR skirmish battle so you can prepare, battle, and win like Creed.

Challenge both your body and psyche as you experience the rising of Adonis Creed from an unfamiliar dark horse to a world-class warrior. This game accompanies Multiple Game Modes like store-driven Career, adjustable Freeplay, or minigame-based Training.

Got the stuff to turn into a hero?

reed: Rise to Glory

Some Notable Features…

  • Online PvP battle
  • Multiple Game Modes
  • Cinematic Experience is Amazing

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Hand Simulator

  • Price : $1.99
  • Platforms : Oculus; Valve Index; HTC Vive

Hand Simulator is a game wherein you control your very own hands. There are various different and interesting things to discover in Hand Simulator.

You can play with spinners, dive into the nuances of taking care of weapons, milk a cow, participate in a Mexican duel with your companions, play chess or just talk in an unknown club.

Hand Simulator is where everybody discovers stimulation for their preferences.

Hand Simulator

Some Notable Features…

  • Multiple Levels
  • Collectable Cards
  • Play with Friends
  • Control Your Own Hands in VR

Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator ER - PlayStation Experience 2016: Gameplay Trailer | PSVR
  • Price : $9.99
  • Platforms : PSVR; Oculus; Valve Index; HTC Vive

Surgeon Simulator is an incredible and funny (at the same time) simulator, sewing together pitch-dark cleverness with the life-sparing medical procedure.

Become Dr Burke, an eventual specialist with a not exactly ordinary toolbox, as he performs methodology on patients.

Complete alarming transplants in theatre, high-weight techniques along the hallway, and moving activities in the back of a rapid rescue vehicle.

Enduring hands? Better believe it, that ain’t going to help!

Surgeon Simulator

Some Notable Features…

  • Become a Surgeon
  • Perform Brain surgery
  • Perform Heart Surgery
  • Many patients to test your skills including Donald Trump

Job Simulator

Job Simulator - Launch Trailer | PS VR
  • Price : $19.99
  • Platforms : PSVR; Oculus; Valve Index; HTC Vive

Do you at any point pondered and imagined turning into the best auto technician or Chef or simply need to expel the dissatisfaction of your supervisor… This is the game for you

In this game, you can be an Office specialist, Auto technician, Gourmet Chef and a Store Clerk

Human occupations are currently recollections of the past; Humans have now evaporated… This is 2050 BABY!!! There are no 9-5 occupations there’s just fun in this world…

This is a standout amongst the best simulator games since you can do essentially anything…

Job Simulator

Some Notable Features…

  • Play as Chef
  • Stress Relieving
  • Play as Store Clerk
  • Live your Dream Job
  • Play as Auto Technician

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Iron Wolf VR

IronWolf | Oculus Rift
  • Price : $19.99
  • Platforms : Oculus; Valve Index; HTC Vive

Unleash torpedoes on enemy ships, shoot down fighters and bombers using marvellous and Dangerous guns

Developed starting from the earliest stage VR, each piece of the submarine has been created for the most ideal VR experience and All controls inside the submarine are completely accessible

IronWolf VR is a roomscale submarine game playable either as a single-player or with the online community (CO-OP).

Iron Wolf VR

Some Notable Features…

  • 3D Sound
  • Online Co-Op
  • Shoot down your Enemies
  • Stealthily hunt enemy convoys
  • Submarine controls are physics-based
  • Crafted for the best possible VR experience

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So, here you have it, The Best VR Simulator Games. We trust that through the span of your pilot, driver, or crazy ride modeller preparing that you’ve taken in some things, and had the same amount of fun simultaneously. 

Let us know by commenting below: What is your favourite simulation game? Until then Stay Strong VR Army!

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