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Is Boneworks Coming to Meta Quest 2? (2024)

The question that everyone is still asking in 2024: Is Boneworks coming to Meta Quest 2 or its successor Meta Quest 3? Read on!

In 2019, everyone was talking about this one game, no it wasn’t Beat Saber; it was Boneworks.

Boneworks marked a landmark moment in VR gaming history, becoming the biggest and one of the most-sold VR games of all time after its launch on Steam (PCVR) in 2019.

Since then, five years have passed, and still, VR gamers are asking the same question:

Generations have changed, but the answer remains the same: NO. Stress Level Zero’s Boneworks is not coming to Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3.

Regardless, it would be an absolute miracle in VR technology for a Quest version to happen. I know that graphically demanding games, such as The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, have made their way to the Quest.

However, developers have to invest a significant amount of time in optimizing their games for the Quest 2 versions. Even then, the Quest 2 versions typically have lower quality compared to their PC counterparts; compromising textures, effects, and so on.

Instead of going through all this trouble, developers at Stress Level Zero decided, “Forget it. Let’s make a whole new Boneworks-style game from the ground up for the Meta Quest.”

So, keeping the rise of Meta Quest and the cries of Quest players in mind, Stress Level Zero launched the Boneworks successor natively on the Meta Quest: Bonelab.

BONELAB - Launch Trailer l Meta Quest

Bonelab plays and feels just like Boneworks but without the frustration of connecting your Quest to your PC. It works and runs perfectly on the Meta Quest (natively). Boneworks gameplay – (minus) PC = Bonelab.

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Here’s the solution: If you don’t know (if you live under a rock), you can turn your Meta Quest headset into a PCVR headset in under 10 minutes.

That way, you can play Boneworks on your Meta Quest headset. Now there are two methods through which you can Boneworks on your Meta Quest: WIRED or WIRELESSLY for FREE. (Click on the links for the respective guide).

So, if you’re still thinking that Boneworks will somehow be available on the Meta Quest 2 or 3, you’re probably better off saving up for a PCVR headset.

Boneworks - Launch Trailer

Boneworks is a first-person shooter VR game developed and published by Stress Level Zero. You take on the role of Arthur Ford, a cybersecurity director who escapes into an unfinished simulated universe.

It offers a variety of interesting and entertaining physics-powered things to do across its full-length campaign, Arena, and Sandbox modes.

Boneworks is available on Valve Index, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality. And not on Meta Quest headsets🙂

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