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TOP 7 Best ART & CREATIVITY Oculus Quest Games & Apps (2022)

Top 7 Best Oculus Quest 2 ART & CREATIVITY Games And Apps To Let Your Imagination Run Wild In VR

The Best Art And Creative VR Games On The Oculus Quest 2 For The Curious And Imaginative Mind

In the world, we know, there are people with incredible artistic talent, capable of creating spectacular works with drawing, painting or sculpture.

And apart from entertainment, VR is also one of the best ways to boost and share your creativity in the best possible way.

The best VR games themselves are extraordinary examples of innovativeness and creativity, however, shouldn’t something be said about games that urge or expect you to be creative in-game? Also, by “creativity,” we mean drawing or painting or making music, for instance.

In this post, we’ll take a look at probably the best examples of these VR games On the oculus quest 2, and what makes them amazing ways of communicating your imagination.

So here are the TOP 7 Art/Creativity Quest Games to improve and show your creativity to the world…

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Top 7 Best Oculus Quest 2 Art/Creativity Games & Apps To Try In 2022

7. Let’s Create Pottery VR

OVERVIEW - Let's Create! Pottery VR | Part X Gameplay | Oculus Quest VR
  • Developers: Infinite Dreams sp. z o.o.
  • Genre : Art/Creativity, Casual, Relaxation/Meditation

Have you ever created pottery in your life? Well, if you haven’t you might want to first take a stab at it through Infinite Dreams’ Let’s Create! Pottery VR experience.

The studio describes the experience as a great way to relieve your everyday stress and find your inner peace. It’s an impressive, therapeutic, and uplifting experience you can enjoy in the comfort of your home.

You can choose the color of the clay, shape it on the potter’s wheel with your own hands, add the necessary elements, burn and decorate like a real artisan

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Let’s Create Pottery VR

Some Notable Features…

  • Mood Uplifter
  • Find Inner Peace
  • Become An Artisan
  • Create Your Ideal Pot
  • Decorate And Shape Your Post However You Want

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6. VR Animation Player

"The Remedy" Trailer, A VR story created in Quill !
  • Developers: Facebook Technologies, LLC
  • Genre: Art/Creativity, Media Player, Narrative

If you love art and want to jump into some animated artistic renders by others, then VR Animation Player is exactly what you’re looking for. 

VR Animation Player is a very unique experience in that you can jump into hand-drawn animated art pieces and walk around and get as close to or as far away from the art as you would like. 

There are a ton of art pieces to enjoy, and you can enjoy the animated artistic stories. And if you want to create your own imaginative and artistic stories or artwork, you can do so with this amazing app.

And also this app is FREE on the Oculus Quest Store…

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VR Animation Player

Some Notable Features…

  • Fully 6DOF
  • Create Your Own Animation In VR
  • Amazing And Immersive Animated Stories

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5. Color Space

Color Space Trailer For Oculus Quest and Rift
  • Developers: Lighthaus Inc.
  • Genre: Art/Creativity, Casual, Relaxation/Meditation

Color Space takes the stress reduction and mindfulness concept to a whole new level, immersing you in a virtual coloring book filled with 13 life-sized works of art just begging for a splash of color.

The more you color, the more it comes to life with animation and sound. It’s a good example of how VR’s immersion can be genuinely helpful.

Color Space is available now on Oculus Quest and adapts the timeless appeal of coloring books to the complete sensory control of VR. Just pick a color and a place to put it.

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Color Space

Some Notable Features…

  • Stress reducer
  • Perfect for all ages
  • 13 life-sized works of art
  • Coloring book in Virtual reality
  • Coloring book in Virtual reality

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4. Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush - Launch Trailer | PS VR
  • Developers: Google
  • Genre: Art/Creativity, Casual, Productivity

Tilt Brush is the Microsoft Paint of Virtual Reality: Just as Microsoft’s paint program turns the PC monitor into a canvas for everyone, Tilt Brush has been transforming Virtual Reality into a 3D drawing-room since 2015.

Painting is done with a virtual brush and paint, but light and animated materials such as fire, snow or steam can also be incorporated into a work of art. In this way, lively and three-dimensional 3D scenes are created that can be viewed from all sides.

With Google’s VR application, Tilt Brush, you can share your works or discover new artistic talents much easier.

Tilt Brush

Some Notable Features…

  • Bring Your Art To Life
  • Share Your Astonishing Art With The World
  • Lets Your Imagination Run Wild In Tilt Brush
  • Turn Your Room Into A Full-Scale 3D Canvas
  • Discover Talented Artists From All Around The Globe

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3. Kingspray Graffiti

Graffiti Artist Tags A Wall In Graffiti Simulator • Professionals Play
  • Developer: Infectious Ape
  • Genre: Art/Creativity, Casual, Simulation

Kingspray Graffiti VR is an uncommon VR experience/game and I think that’s an amazing adjustment from the typical wave-based shooters. The focus on detail is outstanding and you’ll enjoy the happy feelings the game produces.

The whole point of VR is to be able to escape real-world problems and stress, go places you’ve never been previously, do things you could not usually do, or be blown away by extraordinary brand-new experiences and Kingspray Graffiti VR provides simply that

I love the graphics and the visuals as a whole, in addition to the thought that’s gone into the physics of the paint– the differences made by levels of pressure, cap kinds, spray range from the wall, and so forth.

Even for the newbie, there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had, whether utilizing projector mode to stencil; or playing together with good friends. Kingspray Graffiti VR is more than worth the small financial investment if only for its uncommon character and appeal.

That’s why Kingspray Graffiti is our #1 among the Best Oculus Quest EDUCATIONAL Games and #3 On Best ART/Creativity VR Games

Kingspray Graffiti

Some Notable Features…

  • Ideal For All Ages
  • Excellent For Learning
  • Escape The Real World
  • An Unusual Experience In VR
  • Perfect Fun For Family Or Friends
  • Become Graffiti Artist In Virtual Reality
  • Ultra-Detailed Surrounding And Textures
  • The Actual Feeling Of Using The Spray Can With Real-world Physics

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2. Tribe XR

  • Developer: Tribe XR Inc
  • Genre: Educational, Music, Simulation, Art/Creativity

With Tribe XR, beginners, experienced and aspiring DJs can create sets in VR and stream them around the world. They can stream them live on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live.

We should also not forget the live video workshops as well as the 3D courses on demand. The app also provides budding DJs with pre-recorded courses.

They can therefore learn them to discover the basics of mixing. There are even live group lessons where they can improve their skills.

According to CEO and co-founder of Tribe XR, Tom Impallomeni, the app is the world’s first VR DJ school and platform.

He also hopes that this will inspire and push amateur DJs to become true professionals, even international stars.

That’s why Tribe XR is our #2 among the Best Art/Creativity Oculus Quest Games

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Tribe XR

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1. Sculptr VR

VRtistry: Making ART with HANG GLIDERS & ROCKETS! - Masterpiece VR and SculptVR
  • Developer: SculptrVR, Inc.
  • Genre: Art/Creativity, Exploration, Productivity

With SculptrVR, you can develop shapes, sculpt away at them, repaint them, relocate them, and fuse them with various other shapes. In short, you can sculpt in Virtual Reality.

You can do so in a space, or include and also create an entire landscape made of the very same virtual ‘rock’ like everything else.

Sculptr VR is very easy to use for all ages and become an expert in it.

The very best thing you can do to maximize your satisfaction with it is to throw yourself right into it and discover it directly.

Individuals constantly discuss the educational opportunities of Minecraft in colleges, but SculptrVR indicates an even more interactive and involving digital future.

It’s is an important and essential addition to virtually everyone’s Quest library.

That’s why Sculptr VR is our #1 among the Best Creativity and Art Oculus Quest 2 Games

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Sculptr VR

Some Notable Features…

  • Must-Have Oculus Quest Game
  • Become A Sculptor In Virtual Reality
  • Make Any Shape Or World You Want
  • An Essential Creativity VR Application
  • A Perfect Example Of The Future Of Learning
  • An Excellent Game / Experience For Learning Opportunities

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There you have it… That was our list of The Best VR Art And Creativity Games And Apps On The Oculus Quest

So which app you are going to use? Or did we miss any of your favourite apps or games? Then make sure to comment below…


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