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5 Best FREE Horror VR Games On Meta Quest 2 [2023]

The 5 Best FREE VR Horror Games On Meta Quest To Play Atleast Once!

There’s An Ever-growing Number Of Fantastic Free-to-play Horror Games On Oculus Quest. Below Are Some Of The Very Best Ones.

Following the release of Resident Evil 4 and FNaF on Oculus Quest 2, many might be searching for more spooky games to keep the frights rolling. While there are a ton of great horror VR games available, paying for every one of them can be tough on the wallet.

Thankfully, there are tons of free horror games that can be played through Applab and Sidequest.

But Just like any other genre, Free horror VR games can vary quite a bit in quality, so here are the 5 best Free Oculus Quest horror VR games that you should play at least once!


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These 5 FREE Horror VR Games On Meta Quest 2 Are Super Scary! | FREE Oculus Quest 2 Games

So, Here Are The 5 Best FREE Horror Oculus Quest 2 Games

5. Catos VR: Multiplayer Horror

This Vr Game Scares Me....
  • Developer: Acidic Reaction Studios
  • Genre: Action, Horror, Sports

So let’s start this list off with Catos VR!

In Catos VR: Multiplayer Horror, you must outrun a fully custom AI-controlled cat while exploring eerie environments, interacting with other players, and personalizing your character with cosmetic items.

The cat moves independently, with random destinations, creating a sense of unpredictability and suspense. You can meet new people, make friends, and team up to face the challenges together.

The game features hand movement controls, emphasizing the need for wearing hand straps.

While the game falls under the horror genre, it also has comedic elements, making it a “funny horror” experience.

Catos VR

4. PolarDread

POLARDREAD VR: Release Date Trailer
  • Developer: MVRKY
  • Genre: Horror

On the number 4th position we have placed: Polardread VR

The game draws inspiration from the Sit And Survive Genre, where you need to survive a night in a winter-themed resort, using your wits and resourcefulness to outsmart bloodthirsty mascots while the clock ticks towards morning.

To survive, you have access to multiple actions. You can hide under desks, throw objects as distractions or weapons, and close doors and vents to stop the mascots’ progress to gain an advantage.

You must manage resources effectively to make it through the night. And The winter-themed setting adds to the overall sense of isolation and vulnerability.

Overall, PolarDread combines elements of survival, horror, and strategy to deliver an intense and challenging gaming experience.


3. Backrooms VR

Backrooms VR Trailer
  • Genre: Adventure, Horror
  • Developer: WCDuck Games

Moving on with our list of FREE HORROR VR GAMES we have Backrooms VR.

“Backrooms VR” is a game that allows players to explore the surreal Backrooms environment using Gorilla Tag locomotion.

This locomotion method mimics arm movements to swing and navigate within the game.

You can navigate through Level 0, Level 1, and the Poolrooms, encountering hostile entities along the way.

Each level offers a unique atmosphere, presenting new challenges and mysteries to uncover.

Backrooms VR

2. Crawlspace

Crawlspace Trailer
  • Genre: Action, Horror
  • Developer: Kiririn Games

Now coming up onto the number 2nd position we have Crawlspace VR.

The game revolves around retrieving missing dolls from a crawlspace while avoiding their deadly attacks over five suspenseful nights using a unique VR crawling mechanic.

Each doll in the game has its own unique attacks that add to the mystery and danger that lurks in the shadows.

And also, be Prepared for heart-pounding moments as the game features well-timed jumpscares that heighten the horror aspect of the game.


Crawlspace 2

1. Noclip VR

Noclip VR is the SCARIEST Backrooms Game...
  • Developer: Reality Games Online
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror

Noclip VR is a multiplayer VR game where players utilize unique locomotion abilities to solve puzzles and navigate through environments.

But what sets this game apart is its proximity chat feature. This feature allows you to communicate and interact with other players who are physically near you in the game.

It’s as if you’re truly in the same space, whispering secrets or strategizing together.

But If you accidentally wander into the wrong areas, you might find yourself in a place called the Backrooms.

It’s like the game’s twisted version of “Oops, wrong turn!” Trust me, you’ll want to find your way out of there ASAP.

Noclip VR is all about teaming up and exploring together, making it the perfect game for some unforgettable multiplayer fun.

Noclip VR

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So, there you have it! The Top 5 Best “FREE” Oculus Quest 2 Horror Games that you can play right now!

From the heart-pounding backrooms of “NoClip” to the twisted nightmares of “Catos,” these free VR experiences are sure to give you an adrenaline rush like no other.

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