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The Best Free VR Games Like Beat Saber (Meta Quest + PCVR)

2 “FREE” VR Games To Play On Your VR Headset If You Love BEAT SABER

FREE VR Games Like Beat Saber: Whether You’re Thinking To Buy Beat Saber (which you shouldn’t) Or You’re Looking For More VR Games Like it, Here’s The Best “FREE” Alternative To Beat Saber! (I Know I Have Wrote 2… Read On To Know Why!)

After the success of this post, I went on a “quest” to find free VR games Like Beat Saber, and let me tell you, it wasn’t an easy task.

I searched the whole internet, played through 5 to 10 Beat Saber alternatives, tried every VR Chat knockoff, and explored all games on SideQuest and AppLab. But none of them is even playable. I mean, NONE OF THEM!

But, in the end, my determination led me to the one game that I can truly say is a Beat Saber Alternative – Moonrider. (now that’s too dramatic)

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So, Here Are The 2 FREE VR Games Like Beat Saber On Meta Quest 2

1. Moonrider

Moonrider.xyz 'Still Alive' On Oculus Quest 2
  • Developers: ‎Supermedium
  • Genre: Rhythm, WEBXR, Fitness

The one thing I wanna say about Moonrider is that; This game is in my opinion, one of the best FREE VR Games available and the closest thing to Beat Saber.

You can play Moonrider on any VR Headset as you don’t even have to install it; it runs perfectly on the web browser and for FREE.

Just open up your Browser in your VR Headset and search Moonrider in the search bar. Click on the bottom right corner pop-up that says ENTER VR MODE.

The game has a huge library of songs to choose from which I was not expecting for a game that is FREE… Also can choose between 3 modes; Saber mode, Punch mode or Zen mode.


2. Maestro Masterclass

Maestro: The Masterclass Christmas Update!
  • Developer: Double Jack
  • Genre: Casual, Music & Rhythm

And now, let’s talk about another spectacular VR Rhythm game that I am sure you would enjoy is Maestro VR: The Masterclass.

Instead of slicing the beats in half, you create symphonies that are full. Instead of Slashing the beat left and right, you CONTROL the music left and right.

You don’t even need controllers for this game; the game uses hand tracking as the input method.

The game is very polished, and works flawlessly; surprising for a game that is FREE. And when you complete the symphony perfectly you’ll get a high like no other.

Maestro Masterclass

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So, there you have it, a selection of FREE VR Games like Beat Saber!

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