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10 Best FREE Meta Quest Shooters You Need To Play!

Whether You’re A Fan Of Sci-fi, Battle Royale, Or Classic Shooters, There’s Something For Everyone On This List Of The Best Free Shooter Games For Meta Quest.

Now, let’s be real here, VR games have exploded in numbers but Shooter games have always been popular among gamers. It’s like a jungle out there, filled with puzzles and adventures

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 free shooters for Oculus Quest 2 that you can’t afford to miss.

With our top 10 picks, you’ll be able to explore different worlds, engage in thrilling battles, and test your skills against other players.

So grab your headset, lock and load, ‘cause here are the 10 Best FREE Oculus Quest 2 Shooters You Need To Play!

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Here Are The Top 10 FREE Shooting VR Games That You Can Play Right Now On Your Meta Quest 1 & 2

10. Roll-a-Mech

Roll-a-Mech - Oculus Quest
  • Developer: ROBOSARU Games
  • Genre: Action, Arcade, Shooter

Roll-a-Mech VR is a mech combat game in which you take control of an advanced mech that switches between ball and walker modes in fun multiplayer death matches.

The game’s soundtrack is also well-crafted, with avatars and voice chat support too!


9. We Are One Demo

We Are One - Release Date Trailer | Meta Quest 2 + Pro
  • Developer: Flat Head Studio
  • Genre: Action, Puzzle, Shooting

We Are One is a puzzle shooter where you solve mind-bending puzzles by cloning yourself and playing with time loops.

You are your only teammate, so you need to plan ahead and cooperate with your clones to overcome the challenges.

You can use your clones to solve puzzles, fight enemies, and even build structures.

The game has a unique art style that combines watercolour textures with digitally drawn lines. It is easy to pick up but challenging to master, making it perfect for VR beginners and experienced users alike.

So, if you are looking for a VR game that is both challenging and unique, then We Are One Demo is definitely worth playing.

We Are One Demo

8. Wadality

Wadality on App Lab NOW! ( Quest 2 ) Trailer | VR Online Battle Arena
  • Developer: Manerai
  • Genre: Fighting, Flying, Shooter

Wadality is a free multiplayer VR shooter game that offers a unique vertical gameplay experience that sets it apart from other VR shooters.

Players can take advantage of the vertical space. For example, You can fly above your enemies, shoot them from different angles, and dodge incoming attacks by moving in any direction.

Players control their movements using hand gestures and the game’s developers have designed the locomotion system to be comfortable and safe for players, reducing the risk of motion sickness

Overall, the locomotion system in this game is one of its biggest strengths because It’s unique, intuitive, and incredibly fun to use.

So, if you’re looking for a free and exciting VR shooter game that offers 100% motion freedom, then Wadality on Oculus Quest 2 is definitely worth checking out.


7. Hibow

Hibow v0.8.0 trailer
  • Developer: Chesstar Studios
  • Genre: Battle Royale, Flying, Shooting

Hibow is a free-to-play shooter game developed by Chesstar Studios. You play as a Hibow Hero and be the last one standing on the future bow fight battlefield.

You can aim and shoot with ease, and the haptic feedback adds to the realism of the experience. With its unique blend of archery and shooting mechanics, Hibow stands out as one of the best free shooter games available on the Oculus Quest 2.

It also has a co-op mode, which allows you to team up with friends and take on the enemy forces together. This adds a new level of excitement to the game and makes it even more enjoyable to play.

Overall, Hibow VR is a great way to experience the thrill of archery without leaving your home.


6. Aim XR

  • Developer: Proto XR
  • Genre: Action, Shooter, Social

Aim XR is a 5v5 fast-paced multiplayer shooter that focuses on precision shooting in a VR environment.

The game offers both offline and online modes. The online mode lets you join lobbies filled with players from all over the world which uses a matchmaking system that puts users in touch with those at similar skill levels.

Players can even host their own LAN servers if they are on the same WiFi network, allowing them to play without being connected to the internet.

Aim XR

5. Tea For God Demo

Tea For God - VR Trailer [PCVR, Oculus Quest]
  • Developer: void room
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooting

Tea For God Demo VR is a unique VR game that offers endless gameplay in a small space. This game uses a technique called “non-euclidean geometry” to create an infinite world within the confines of your play area.

As you move around, the game generates new rooms and corridors, making it feel like you’re exploring an ever-changing maze.

The gameplay is simple but addictive. The game’s mechanics are designed to encourage movement, so you’ll need to physically dodge and weave to avoid enemy fire.

One of the best things about Tea For God VR is its replayability. Since the game generates a new world every time you play, no two playthroughs are ever the same. This makes it a great game to pick up and play whenever you have a few spare minutes.

Overall, Tea For God Demo VR is a fantastic example of how VR can be used to create unique gaming experiences.

Tea For God Demo

4. HAX Demo

HAX | Official Trailer
  • Genre: Action, Shooter
  • Developer: Engine Organic

Alright, its time to talk about the awesome VR shooter game that has snagged the fourth spot on our list of the best free VR shooter games; HAX VR

HAX provides fun and excitement that you’d expect from a traditional shooter but with the added immersion and power of VR.

The developers have put a lot of effort into making the controls intuitive, so you can seamlessly navigate the game.

HAX offers a wide range of weapons at your disposal; From traditional firearms to melee weapons. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife of destruction!

Now, I must mention that the current version of HAX is single-player only, but, the multiplayer is in the making!

HAX Demo

3. Cactus Cowboy – Plants At War

Cactus Cowboy - Plants At War [TRAILER]
  • Developer: Cactus VR Studios
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooter

Cactus Cowboy is an action-packed VR shooting game that will have you riding the range and battling bugs like a true cowboy.

Teamed up with your trusty partner Emilio, you’ll face off against the bugs in thrilling battles across trenches, cities, and woods, all while uncovering the secrets behind their dangerous.

This game takes the Wild West and combines it with VR, transporting you to the Cactus Cowboy World like never before.

So, Dust off your cowboy hat, strap on your holsters, and show those bugs who’s boss!

Cactus Cowboy – Plants At War

2. Population: ONE

POPULATION: ONE | Launch Trailer | Oculus Quest & Rift Platforms
  • Developer: BigBox VR, Inc.
  • Genre: Action, Arcade, Shooter, Multiplayer

Population: One is a great VR game for fans of the battle royale genre.

You and your group of 2 others fight it out on a map until only one person or team is left. There are 18 gamers in total, separated into 6 teams of 3 players each.

The game feels unique and fresh each time you play because of its free movement mechanics and the ability to build walls on the fly like Fortnite.

The player base is growing, and the game offers special events, seasons, and new content to keep shooter fans happy.

So If you’re looking for a brand-new, exciting, and heart-pumping Multiplayer shooter VR Game that you can play with your friends and family then you should definitely play Population: ONE and best of all its FREE!

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Population: ONE

1. Pavlov Shack Beta

Pavlov Shack Beta - Oculus Quest Trailer (Out Now For Free on App Lab)
  • Developer: Vankrupt Games
  • Genre: Action, Shooter, Social

And coming up on the number 1 position of the Best FREE VR Shooter is Pavlov Shack. Pavlov Shack is a Counter-strike (type) multiplayer shooter game but for virtual reality.

With realistic weapon mechanics and customizable guns, you’ll feel like a true badass. Want to attach a scope to your rifle and rain down precise headshots? Go for it! Or maybe you prefer the up-close-and-personal touch of a shotgun? It’s all there for you to play around with.

Plus, the reloading mechanics are so immersive… Like You’ll be dropping magazines, reaching for grenades, and searching for an imaginary magazine on your body. Just be careful not to accidentally toss your controller while frantically dodging enemy fire – we don’t want any real-life casualties in this virtual warzone.

The game also features a variety of multiplayer modes, so you can team up with friends or go head-to-head in intense shootouts.

So grab your Oculus Quest 2, gather your friends, and get ready for some intense, thrilling, and absolutely free VR shooting action with Pavlov!

Pavlov Shack Beta

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So there you have it! The Best “FREE” VR Shooters On Oculus Quest 2. These VR Shooting Games won’t cost you a dime, so why wait any longer?

And, if you’re looking for even more great VR content, be sure to check out our other articles and YouTube Channel.

Until Then Stay Strong VR ARMY!

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