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Top 17 Best Oculus Go Games – Take Your Oculus Go To Its Limits

The Top 17 Best Oculus Go Games 2020 | Must Download Oculus Go VR Games

The Top 17 Best Oculus Go Games That Are Potentially Worth Your Time and Money
(Updated July 2020)

Everybody thinks that Oculus go games library sucks and with all of the controversy going on about the embarrassing list of Oculus go games, but that’s not true because there are some hidden gems that nobody noticed. So, Here are the Top 17 Best Oculus Go Games of 2020. 

Now, let’s go ahead and bring some positivity to it. Some people believe that every VR blogger or YouTuber has to cover every topic whether they known about it or not, but that’s not the case from my side.

 I have researched, played and tested plenty of Oculus go games and here are the Top 17 Best Oculus Go games that are potentially worth your time and money in my opinion. 

These are the Best Oculus Go games that made me feel like I’ve to share these fantastic and beautifully crafted Best Oculus Go games list with all my VR Army and my Oculus go, owners.

 These Oculus Go VR games will take your Oculus Go to its limits and provide the experience and impressiveness that all of you wanted. Continue Reading!

“Top 17 Best Oculus Go Games 2020”

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Here are your Best Oculus Go Games of 2020, every one of them is stunning and amazing and is unquestionably worth a Play… And Don’t forget to share this helpful post with your friends after reading this article 🙂

***All games in this list is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. Every game is Spectacular and Unique in it’s own way.*** 

Here are your Best Oculus Go Games of 2020!

17. Augmented Empire

‘Augmented Empire’ Available Now!

If you’re a fan of the classic XCOM series, this turn-based tactical cyberpunk adventure is for you.

Augmented Empire VR is a game about sewing a tale of trust, friendship and dealing with the loss that is all set in the city of new savanna.

 You’re going to take power back and giving it to those who deserve it. The game is essentially a turn-based tactical RPG which does not bring much outside of that genre however bringing it to VR really worked in my opinion.

Augmented empires turn-based system is a simple one making it very easy to pick up never mind your previous experience with this genre. 

There is no set way to take on the combat sequences, they leave it up to you–to take it on how you want, but you’ve to plan ahead for when it’s not your turn and when you’re going use your turn to try and get a clear shot of an enemy.

It features an intriguing story fully-voiced actors and over eight hours of gameplay. It’s a solid title that offers real value for money.

16. Kin VR


Kin is a gorgeous minimalistic platformer where you land on a mysterious planet and must jump dodge and slash your way out. 

 Kon is a puzzle platformer game with combat elements that will have the player traverse the remnants of an ancient civilization on a distant planet. Lively colors, smart gameplay and the impressive level design set the tone for kin. 

In Kin VR, the player moves through a world as a mysterious tiny girl with big hair clad in a bright dress defeating enemies and solving puzzles. She leaps from platform to platform traveling through different landscapes. 

The game has been developed by House of Secrets who also worked on a VR classic known as search — a music experience that was very popular in the dk2 era of the rift. This one isn’t going to be a walk in the park and is a challenging game that will put your reflexes to the test ( gamepad is required)

15. Oculus Arcade

Oculus Go // Oculus Arcade Gameplay

Very few people talk and know about the oculus arcade, but it’s one of the best experiences on the oculus go and to make things even better it’s free.

 You can play retro arcade cabinet games such as Pac-man Sonic the Hedgehog gauntlet and more.

You can choose from one of the three arcade rooms – Sega, Midway, or Namco – and drop directly into the retro goodness. However, you will need a gamepad to play.

14. Arca’s Path

Arca's Path Review & Gameplay - Let's Roll In Virtual Reality

In Arca’s path, you play the role of a girl who stumbles upon a mysterious mask was looking for scrap. The mask teleports her to the world of ARCA where she embodies a ball, and you must guide that ball through the treacherous world of ARCA trying to find your way to the home.

You’ll grab crystals hit switches and push blocks, but the ultimate goal remains the same get to the end of the level collecting all the crystals in a level unlocks a time challenge mode which of course is the same level but with the timer counting down the seconds. 

The exciting thing about this game is that you use your head alone to navigate the ball through the world.

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13. Battle of Kings

Battle of Kings VR / Oculus GO - Oculus Quest Play / First Impression / German / Deutsch / Spiele

Battle of Kings VR is a medieval-style tower defense game it’s cool because we don’t have tower defense games on oculus GO. 

But this is more of a traditional tower defense this game isn’t just a mobile VR exclusive it’s also on Steam and rift, so it’s a bit more fledged out than you think.

It’s an utterly top-down god mode traditional tower defense game in which you can place different towers like a crossbow a crystal that slows enemies and stuff like that. 

You make money throughout the level by defeating enemies to buy and place more towers. The cool thing is this also has a multiplayer mode to play with friends, so that’s pretty awesome.

12. Esper 2 VR

Kotaku Plays Esper 2 In Oculus Rift VR

In Esper 2 VR – you play as a secret agent with telekinetic powers, and you must save the planet by solving increasingly challenging puzzles in locales across the world. 

Travel to extraordinary areas; settle confounds, find insider facts, stop disgusting plots, and fall oblivious on different occasions. 

With a top pick cast, voiced by striking entertainers, Nick Frost, Lara Pulver, and Sean Pertwee, who join Eric Meyers, the regarded vocal talent from the first game. 

Tackle a broad scope of one of a kind and natural riddles. The humorous storyline and voice acting are superb that’s why I definitely recommend you to check Esper 2 VR out.

11. Drift

Drift VR - First Bullet Simulator for VR - Trailer - MRGV

Drift is a game that I’m actually really pumped about. Drift does some really inventive things with perspective as you play as a bullet shot from a gun and you dodge obstacles and zoom around corners as you drift through levels to hit your assigned target at the end of the scale.

It allows you to slow down time to take tight turns or dodge an unexpected pillar. The game mechanics on the surface are very basic, but I think that’s what makes this game and out taking a primary gameplay mechanic and building a well-designed fully realized game out of it one as we’ve never really seen before.

 I really appreciate it when developers think outside the box and make experiences that feel wholly unique.

10. They Suspect Nothing

RISE OF THE MACHINES! | They Suspect Nothing VR (Oculus Go Gameplay)

They suspect nothing looks actually pretty cool. It’s a comedy minigame compilation with 12 minigames in total, and almost every minigame is entirely different with lots of variation in style.

They Suspect Nothing is developed by the Coates Inc the developers of shadow point on oculus quest, so they’ve got a good track record of making quality VR games. 

In They suspect nothing, you’re the last human on earth, and you must infiltrate a robot only Society by completing a series of bizarre human detection tests in the form of minigames.

The game throws in a lot of chuckle comedy nothing like laugh out loud, but you’ll probably blow a little more air out of your nose than usual.

9. Daedalus VR

Daedalus Launch Trailer

Daedalus is about exploration and puzzle-solving at its core. Daedalus is a platformer and exploration game set in a spectacular and bizarre world. 

You thrust and glide through each level jumping from platform to platform to find three buttons scattered throughout the environment. 

The platforming is very slow and meditative, but it also gets challenging in later levels as platforms become harder to find and harder to land on with your limited thruster ability.

You need to calculate your plan of action throughout later levels carefully. Also, you’ll have to take advantage of wind columns, trampolines and activate mechanisms that pour new platforms at your feet to reach your objective. I think it’s an intriguing game that is entirely unique.

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8. Eclipse: Edge of Light

Eclipse Edge Of Light Oculus Go Gameplay

Eclipse edge of light is a first-person adventure that feels like a solid full VR game. Eclipse edge of light which was previously exclusive to the Google daydream platform and it won a ton of awards and got a lot of praise including VR mobile game of the Year award in 2017. 

So this literally dropped on the oculus store on the 1st of November, and you can pick it up now for $7.99 in British pounds $9.99 in u.s. Dollars.

After crash-landing on a mysterious planet, you find a powerful ancient artifact that holds the key to uncovering the mystery around the worlds missing inhabitants.

7. Blaze Rush

Blaze Rush is a third-person arcade racing survival game with no health no leveling and no brakes. You can assemble a team of friends to play in a local or online multi-player.

 Choose a car to your tastes and chase, blow up and cut off while you drive through hell. You have to adapt your style and tactics to new enemies obstacles and tracks.

Blaze rush reminds me of the frantic racing mixed with the combat of the original wipeout. This top-down arcade racer is a lot of fun with a variety of gameplay modes just put the pedal to the metal and don’t look back. 

You’ll need a gamepad for this one. Blaze rush is one of the most dangerous games you can play on the oculus go right now.

6. Republique VR

République VR is a Stealth Thriller Game for Oculus Quest

Republique VR is a stealth sneaking game that feels a lot like the original Metal Gear game side note David Hayter the original Solid Snake plays one of the characters in Republique.

In this game, your goal is to help Hope escape from the totalitarian facility called metamorphosis which is run by an evil headmaster with some messed-up life views. 

Hope has managed to contact you through her phone and has asked you to help her escape you do this by using Omni View software which allows you to see hope through the security cameras and tell her where to go where to hide who to attack you get the idea.

Story-wise there is a lot of great content here. The story feels full and has plenty of additional information to consume through scanning different items in the environment. The main story for Republic originally split over five episodes as a great plot with fascinating characters and stellar voice acting.

The whole game overall is somewhere around eight hours but that can depend on how fast or slow you go through the environments looking for all the collectibles.

This game really captures my attention because it is easy to get lost in both the story and gameplay because of its great mechanics and story point. 

The locations and the characters look polished and the visuals do a great job of making you feel like you’re there helping this teenage girl through security cameras. I highly recommend you to play Republique VR because of its story and game length that both worth your money

5. Thumper VR

The First 15 Minutes of Thumper
  • Developer : Drool
  • Genre : Rhythm , Music

Thumper is a unique one-of-a-kind gaming experience. It upgrades essentially every part of the experience through splendidly beating visuals, extreme music, and downright rough, instinctive rhythm-based gameplay.

The Game highlights Simple Controls: one stick and one button. Each level is part into a huge number of sublevels, every one of which contains an evaluated checkpoint. 

This guarantees disappointment is never excessively baffling as you’ll just ever need to replay a bunch of seconds before at long last gaining ground again.

Each devastating effect is joined with a beating unique soundtrack. To arrive at synesthetic euphoria, you should experience musicality hellfire.

Some Notable Features…

  • Stylish Visuals
  • Rhythmic Music
  • Extraordinary Soundtrack Music
  • 9 Beautifully Crafted levels (each with Sub-Levels)

4. Racket Fury

Racket Fury: Table Tennis - Launch Trailer | PS VR
  • Genre : Sports
  • Developer : 10Ants Hill, Pixel Edge Games

This is a definitive Table Tennis simulator , “The Racket Fury”. The gameplay itself is straightforward yet addictive. There are AI adversaries extending from entirely simple, excessively damn near unimaginable. There is additionally many mini-games intended to improve your exactness, serve and coordination.

The situations are simple yet compelling. Best of all , the Racket Fury community is extremely dynamic and cordial, something of an irregularity in VR multiplayer titles. You can Play with rivals in online multiplayer or practise against cutting edge AI.

It offers one thing that no other Virtual simulation title yet can, and that is a truly close guess to a genuine game. With material science intended to be as genuine as ever accomplished in a Table Tennis simulator, you will overlook you are in VR.

The majority of this implies you can genuinely lose yourself in this title. It nearly fools your psyche into deduction you are playing the genuine article. Simply be mindful so as not to incline toward that table, it isn’t generally there!

Some Notable Features…

  • Active Community
  • Enthusiastic multiplayer network
  • Brilliant amusement of a true sport
  • A close approximation to an actual sport

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3. Virtual Virtual Reality

VIRTUAL Virtual Reality - HTC Vive Gameplay (Part 1 of 2)

In Virtual virtual reality, humanity has been taken over by machines and the only role we have left to serve the AI overlords at the activity center. This game is like a mix between Job Simulator and the Portal Games.

 A gratifying experience and a joy to play through. You’ll have to cater to the AI is crazy needs or make a bid to break free and reclaim your humanity. Virtual virtual reality is easily one of the best titles available for the oculus go and definitely one not to be missed.  

The story and gameplay of Virtual Virtual Reality is astonishing, and it’s amusing and incredibly refreshing. This game is truly unique; you haven’t seen anything like it before.

 After you progress into the story, you’ll go through some trippy and reality-altering experiences. I don’t want to spoil them but rest assured this game gets pretty deep it’s much more than just a series of minigames. 

If you’re a VR veteran or if you feel like there’s nothing new to experience then I highly recommend it to give it a try!

2. Along Together


Along together is a charming platformer where you must help a kid find their missing dog. You control both the kid, and they’re invisible companion to navigate and manipulate the world around you. 

The game has iconic toys from the past hidden that you can find and play as minigames in between levels.

When they need your help, or things get dangerous, they turn to you for assistance. Your goal in this game is to guide the kid through magical worlds and work together to discover hidden secrets.

You harness the power of imagination to lift trees move boulders power incredible machines and create new roads where they are known to follow.

1. Land’s End

Lands End is an adventure game from the creators of Monument Valley. Now, if you have not played Monument Valley then here’s some info: 

It is a critically acclaimed game in which the player leads the princess “Ida” through mazes of optical illusions and impossible objects while manipulating the world around her to reach various platforms. Monument valley which has been downloaded by Millions rated 4.9 stars. 

So you can get a rough idea of how this game is designed and crafted, and that was the selling point for myself. It’s very much an exploration-based game that prides itself on its spectacular landscape it features some tough puzzles that kind of remind me of an indie game called the witness.

 You need to solve the problems to unlock new areas and use the power of your mind to awaken a lost civilization. The art style is of Land’s End is excellent, and it’s very stylized. It’s like a journey, way cool stuff and I recommend you to give Land’s End a go.


And that’s was your Best Oculus Go Games 2020 and that wasn’t so bad right. See there are some gems in the dirt. So, these are the top 17 best oculus go games that are even worth trying out on that 66 game list of Oculus Go games.

 Hopefully, you got some value out of this. That was my personal top 17 of oculus go games you must play now I know there are many more titles out there–hidden gems that people need to check out, so be sure to give them a spotlight in the comments.

To keep up to date with everything about VR , AR and MR, keep coming back to VR Marvelites but as always I love you all, and we’ll catch up next time

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