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The Synth Riders “Groovin’ Essentials” Music Pack Is Here!

Bruno Mars joins Synth Riders To Bring You The “Groovin’ Essentials” Music Pack

Get Your Funk’n’groove On With Synth Riders And The Groovin’ Essentials Music Pack, Featuring Bruno Mars, Silk Sonic And Starcadian In A 24K Lineup Of Award-winning Hits.

Synth Riders sets this party off right with Bruno Mars’ chart-topping hits “24K Magic” and “Runaway Baby”, before you “Skate” back to the 70s with Silk Sonic, the Grammy award-winning collaboration between Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak.

Then go back to the future with Starcadian in “Manuals” and “Supersymmetry”, with his unique blend of Synthwave meets Disco – in Space!

Five stellar songs with strong roots in disco and funk, make this the perfect soundtrack while you dance ‘til dawn!

The new collection will be available from December 15th on Meta Quest, Steam, PlayStation VR and Viveport.

“Groovin’ Essentials Music Pack”

Synth Riders - Groovin' Essentials DLC | Dec 15 [Release Trailer]

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The “Groovin’ Essentials” Experience

In a first for Synth Riders, our level creation team worked closely with dancer Phil “SACBxY” Tayag to choreograph this pack.

As a choreographer for Bruno Mars and former founding member of the Jabbawockeez his insights make this pack unique! As an added bonus, players can dance along with the exclusive “SACBxY” choreography for “Manuals”, featured in our gameplay trailer!

Check out Phil “SACBxY” Tayag in “Manuals” in our trailer

The Groovin’ Essentials Music Pack Songs:

“Groovin’ Essentials” Music Pack features five paid DLC songs:

  • “24K Magic” – Bruno Mars
  • “Runaway Baby” – Bruno Mars
  • “Skate” – Silk Sonic (feat. Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak)
  • “Manuals” – Starcadian
  • “Supersymmetry” – Starcadian

The “Liquid Disco”

The "Liquid Disco"

To celebrate the launch of this pack, we’re adding “Liquid Disco” – it’s the hottest club in town to play Synth Riders, as featured in our trailer, and it’s available to every player for free!

Step inside a stunning futuristic nightclub with a dancefloor that reacts to every song – available for both regular & spin modes.

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Like Always: A Word From The Creative Director:

“Bringing together Bruno Mars, Silk Sonic and Starcadian for this pack is a highlight for us – musically different, yet all sharing common influences from funk and groove. “Groovin’ Essentials” expresses both Synth Riders’ retro-future outlook and our dance-at-the-heart gameplay.”
Abraham Aguero – Creative Director Kluge Interactive

The Groovin' Essentials Music Pack

With the addition of “Groovin’ Essentials”, Synth Riders’ impressive soundtrack has surpassed 100 songs, with more than half of those included free with the game and 45 as optional DLC.

Meta Quest owners who haven’t yet played the game can try it out for free in the demo available on App Lab, featuring 5 songs with all modifiers.

“Groovin’ Essentials” launches December 15th on Meta Quest, Steam, PlayStation VR and Viveport. All five tracks can be purchased individually for $1.99, or together as a bundle for $7.99 with a 20% discount.

Follow Synth Riders on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and join their Discord community for more news and events.

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More Information About Synth Riders

Synth Riders VR

Synth Riders – Launch Trailer | PS VR
  • Genre: Rhythm, Fitness, Dance
  • Developers: Kluge Interactive, Retrowave VR

Synth Riders coming from Kluge Interactive and Retrowave VR is a combination of dancing and guitar hero, but your energy is crucial. 

In synth riders, you are on a rail, and you have to hit the colours to the corresponding hand as well as just simple hit markers.

There are held notes of which you have to follow the trail to continue earning points and maintaining your combo. Obstacles have to be avoided; otherwise, you will lose your combination and risk not completing the song. 

I like how the markers and maps enable you to get your groove on as they do have a pattern that promotes you to dance. Synth riders is a great fun VR title that is also a workout game allowing you to burn off that fat. 

There is also a beat map editor available for you to create your own tracks if you want to, but also on side quest, you can add custom songs as well.

 If you’re not familiar with side loading and side quest and want to try this game for yourself, it’s effortless to get it all set up.

So I’ve linked a couple of tutorials on how to start sideloading, or you can read the ultimate guide on sidequest. It takes maybe five to ten minutes max to get it all ready.

Some Notable Features…

  • Abstract art style
  • Intense VR Workout
  • Custom Songs support
  • Neon coloured Cyberpunk world

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