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The Best BASEBALL VR GAMES: Meta Quest, PCVR (2024)

These Are The Best Baseball VR Games Available Right Now On Meta Quest (1, 2 & Pro), PCVR & Other VR Platforms

I Know Many Of You Have Played Really Fun Sports VR Games Like Knockout League, Racket Fury, And Table Tennis But Wait…Have You Played Baseball In VR?

Hey VR Army! I am Dewansh and If you’re looking for the Best Baseball VR Games on your VR headset then we’ve got you covered.

Thanks to Virtual Reality, baseball fans worldwide can now enjoy a whole new level of baseball fun without stepping out of their house.

From taking charge of a team to immersing yourself in the action on the field, and even swinging your controllers for that perfect home run, there’s something for everyone in the world of baseball VR games.

So, let’s dive into the list of the best baseball VR games for you to enjoy in this exciting era of gaming.

Whether you’re playing on Meta Quest or PCVR, get ready to step into the field and hit that home run!

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Here Are The Best Baseball VR Games That You Can Play Right Now!

TOTALLY BASEBALL: The Best Baseball VR Game

TOTALLY BASEBALL Trailer Oculus Quest
  • Developer: Viewer Ready Corp
  • Genre: Simulation, Social, Sports

America’s favourite pastime has made it to the Quest platform. Yes, Totally Baseball has launched on the Quest Store for just $14.99!

Totally Baseball is a VR sports game where players can engage in various baseball activities such as pitching, fielding, and batting.

The game features customization options for avatars, adding a personal touch to the gaming experience. And the multiplayer mode is truly fantastic!

You can choose to play with other people in one-on-one matches or join a free mode where up to 20 players can play together.

It also features different difficulty levels and venues, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience.

For Whom This Game Is For?

With its practice and tutorial modes, this game is suitable for both beginners and experienced players alike… So if you want to experience MLB in VR then Totally Baseball is the game you are looking for!



WHAT THE BAT?: An Amazing Baseball VR Game With A Twist

What the Bat? - Launch Trailer | PS VR2 Games
  • Developer: Triband
  • Genre: Casual, Simulation, Sports

Now, lets talk about a game that puts a unique twist on the baseball genre games which is What The Bat VR

“What the Bat?” is a comical baseball-themed game that offers 100+ unique levels of craziness and fun challenges.

As you explore nine chapters, each with its distinct setting, you get approximately 4 hours of gameplay that promises you entertainment and laughter.

From taking a bath and making coffee with baseball bats to pampering a dog, this game is an absurd and laughter-filled delight. However, keep in mind that What the Bat? is all about fun and humour; it won’t turn you into a baseball pro!

For Whom This Game Is For?

In conclusion, if you’re in the mood for a game that offers a hilarious and offbeat adventure then What the Bat? is your go-to choice.

This comical masterpiece will have you laughing, gasping, and grinning from start to finish.


Meta Quest – WHAT THE BAT?

WIN Reality Baseball: The Best Baseball Training Simulator

WIN Reality Baseball VR | Meta Quest
  • Developer: WIN Reality
  • Genre: Health & Fitness, Sports

Looking for the ultimate VR baseball training experience? Look no further than WIN Reality, the #1 virtual reality baseball and softball training system.

Whether you’re a pro player or just starting out, WIN Reality lets you step into the batter’s box anytime, anywhere, to face unlimited game-speed pitches.

With 10 expert-designed training drills, you’ll improve your pitch recognition, timing, and plate discipline in no time. And with the option to attach your own bat, it’s like you’re really in the game.

The features don’t stop there – with 600+ pitchers of all velocities, arm angles, and pitch types, you’ll never run out of challenging practice scenarios.

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For Whom This Game Is For?

So whether you’re a Little Leaguer or a Major Leaguer (got my metaphor?), WIN Reality is the perfect virtual training tool for baseball and softball players of all levels.

Train, learn real-life baseball skills and never run out of the matches and pitches to play on!

Meta Quest – WIN Reality

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So, there you have it! The Best Baseball VR Games That You Can Play On Your Meta Quest, PCVR and VR Platforms!

I know there aren’t many Baseball VR games around but with these three VR games, you can definitely scratch that itch and be ready to hit that home run!

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