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Top 15 Amazing Best PARTY VR GAMES On Oculus Quest 2

Top 15 Best Oculus Quest Party Games – The Must-Have Quest Party Games To Play With Your Friends!

Have Fun, Make Jokes Or Just Go Crazy With These Oculus Quest Party VR Games. These Games Will Take Your Party Fun To Whole New Level – I Can Guarantee That 😉

Finding the best Oculus Quest 1 & 2 party games that you and your friends can play at your party? Then don’t worry, we’ve assembled a list of Top 15 Best Quest Party VR Games that will take your party’s awesomeness to the next level. 

These games don’t require complicated setups and they are very simple to play which is ideal for anyone who is trying VR for the time.

The best way to play these games?
You can start a “High-score Challenge” in which everybody is trying to beat the score the previous player has set Or you can just play casually with everyone taking turns.

So, if you’re looking for VR games that will provide hours of FUN and Enjoyment for everyone involved, then you can’t go wrong with these VR party games. 

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Here Are Your
Top 15 Best VR PARTY GAMES On Oculus Quest 2 For All Ages

15. OhShape VR

Doing the Cha Cha Slide in OhShape VR!
  • Genre: Odders Lab
  • Developer: Casual, Music, Sports

So, the first game that is on our list of the Best Oculus Quest 2 Party VR Games is OhShape VR

OhShape VR is a pretty straightforward game; The blue walls are flying toward you and they have human-shaped cut-outs that you need to match to keep progressing through the level. 

Besides that, you’ll also find red walls that you need to punch away and yellow obstacles that you’ll either need to sidestep or squat to avoid.

If you’re looking for a unique VR Party Game, then this is definitely an amazing choice that stands out for its original visual style.

OhShape VR is a super-fun & hilarious party game and it doesn’t need any special setup or “VR Skills”, just put on the Quest 2 and let the fun and party begin!

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OhShape VR

Some Notable Features…

  • Three Difficulties
  • Custom Song Support
  • Alternative for Beat Saber
  • Rhythm workout exercise experience

14. Dance Central

Dance Central - The BEST VR Rhythm Game
  • Genre: Music, Social, Sports
  • Developers: Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.

Dance Central is a follow-the-leader full-body dancing VR Game faced off against virtual dance partners where you need to mirror the dance moves that you see.

This game features a music library of 32 songs and each song has unique dance choreography. So there are a lot of different dance moves to experience.

There is also a multiplayer challenge mode which works as a “try to beat my high-score” challenge that you can play with other players in your party.

Dance Central is a spectacular party game with everyone taking turns.

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Dance Central

Some Notable Features…

  • Just-dance Alternative
  • Interesting Ui Interface
  • Awesome Workout Game
  • Music Library of 32 Songs
  • Multiplayer Challenge Mode

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13. Acron Attack Of The Squirrels

The Best Oculus Quest Party Game!
  • Developer: Resolution Games
  • Genre: Action, Arcade, Social

Acorn attack of the squirrels is an asymmetric VR party game, which is a chaotic, crazy, and fun couch game. One player is in VR represented as the tree protecting their acorns.

Meanwhile, two to eight frenemies can then grab their mobile phones to become rebel squirrels that will do anything to steal the golden acorns using an arsenal of unique abilities. 

Now the game can be played locally and also remotely with players across the world as long as you have a way to communicate with each other like using discord, for example.

The game is highly addictive and must be played with at least two other people to make it work. You can do this locally, or you can go online. 

And that’s why Acorn is one of the Best VR Party Games available on the Oculus quest 2

Acron Attack Of The Squirrels

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Cross-Play
  • 2 to 8 players at a Time
  • Oculus quest: Party game
  • Asymmetrical Multiplayer game

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12. Puppet Fever

BECOME THE PUPPET MASTER - Puppet Fever! (Oculus Quest Gameplay)
  • Developers: Coffee Stain Studios
  • Genre: Family, Multiplayer, Creativity, Casual

Puppet fever is a very different VR title that took the classic seasonal game charade that everyone of all ages can be involved in and brings it into the virtual world, making it more expressive and exciting.

The player inside the Quest 2 is given a card that could be a movie or a profession or just some sort of word, and you have to act out that word using puppets.

Then Your friends and family have to guess what’s the word. Definitely, you will have hilarious and unforgettable party moments.

Puppet Fever

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11. Eleven Table Tennis

Eleven Table Tennis MRC Trailer
  • Developer: For Fun Labs
  • Genre: Sports, Multiplayer

Want to play table tennis at your party without the need of setting anything up? Then we present to you Eleven Table Tennis.

This is a definitive Table Tennis simulator. The gameplay itself is straightforward yet addictive.

When you’ll play this game, you’ll feel like, “You are really playing Table Tennis”. I know it sounds absurd but there’s no way around it to put it, you need to experience it for yourself

With Physics intended to be as genuine as ever accomplished in a Table Tennis simulator, you will overlook you are in VR.

There are additionally many mini-games intended to improve your exactness, service and coordination.

Table tennis is already a cult-classic party game but with the Oculus quest 2, you can take your party anywhere…

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Eleven Table Tennis

Some Notable Features…

  • Active Community
  • Brilliant amusement of a true sport
  • A close approximation to an actual sport
  • Enthusiastic multiplayer network, with cross-stage support

10. Gorn VR

Gorn | PSVR Launch Trailer | PSVR
  • Genre: Action, Fighting
  • Developer: Free Lives & 24 Bit Games

GORN is a Hellish VR action simulator game, where you and your friends can do pretty much anything because it’s your battleground!!! 

Violently strike down from swords, maces, and bows to nunchucks or even your blood-drenched exposed hands. 

Gorn is a round of rough experimenting, finding new methods for crushing your enemies with each passing weapon.

Its is an excellent party VR game, especially if it’s a “BOY’s ONLY” party😂

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Gorn VR

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Silly combat Moves
  • The Ultimate Action Simulator
  • Variety of Weapons To Wreck Havoc

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9. Holopoint

MOST EXHAUSTING VR GAME! | Holopoint (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)
  • Genre: Sports
  • Developer: Alzan Studios, LLC

Holopoint is among the most intense party VR games on the Oculus Quest 2

Holopoint is a samurai archery game that will yank you out of your chair and make you move as no game has done before.

If your friends are feeling a little energetic, want to burn some calories or want to feel like a badass Ninja, Holopoint is the VR game for your party.

This game will get you in shape while you are having with your friends at the party.

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Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Exhausting Experience
  • Great VR fitness Game
  • Great To Play With Friends
  • Adrenaline Filled Gameplay
  • Become a True Archer in VR

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8. Fruit Ninja VR

Fruit Ninja VR - Gameplay Trailer | PS VR
  • Developers: Halfbrick Studios Pty Ltd
  • GENRE: Action, Casual, Simulation, Sports

Fruit Ninja VR is exactly like you would expect it to be. It’s the same gameplay on iOS but with VR swords you know the drill slice away at all the fruit while avoiding the bombs.

 I’ve always enjoyed casually playing the mobile game, violently slicing fruit is somehow very satisfying and the gameplay is equally satisfying in VR.

All the original game modes are here as well as a new survival mode.

It’s a simple & fun VR game that is perfect for parties because All ages can play this game and I think kids will definitely love it!

Fruit Ninja VR

Some Notable Features…

  • Amazing Modes
  • Casual Arcade VR Game
  • Splendid VR Game For All Ages
  • Survival Mode – Available Only In VR
  • Extremely Successful Fruit Ninja Franchise In VR
  • Zen Mode – To Just Slice Your Way To Mindfulness

7. Space Pirate Trainer DX

FIRING MY LASER BEAM | Space Pirate Trainer (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)
  • Developers: I-Illusions
  • Genre: First-person Shooter, Arcade


Blasters robots and an arcade experience, how can you go wrong with Space pirate trainer?

In Space pirate trainer, you fight against various flying robots and mechanical baddies. Between the multiple modes and leaderboards, you’ll be ducking, rolling and spinning for a good long.

Still, it’s the sheer joy that comes from stepping out of the way of a laser blast like Neo in the matrix swapping shot types in the heat of a battle.

So if you and your friends are looking for a Wave Based Shooter and want to become Space Pirates then this game will exceed your expectations.

You can play this game with everyone taking turns, trying to beat the highest score.

And that’s why Space Pirate Trainer is our #7 pick among other Best Oculus Quest Party Games

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Space Pirate Trainer DX

Some Notable Features…

  • Classic arcade feel
  • No tether = Unlimited fun
  • Multiple interesting modes
  • Impressive gameplay mechanics
  • Space wave-based first-person shooter

6. Angry Birds VR: Isle Of Pigs

Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs Launch Trailer
  • Genre: Casual, Puzzle
  • Developers: Resolution Games

Angry birds have officially flown into VR. Mean Green pigs are basing on structures and you need to slingshot Angry Birds to take down the structures and damage the green pigs.

The game brims with charm and personality due to great personality animation. And whenever you trigger a huge structural avalanche, it’s really rewarding.

One spin in the VR version is that you need to teleport around the structure to prepare the best strike as well as in some cases, you’ll need to lean or stoop low for the appropriate shot.

I’m sure, we all at one point played angry birds with our friends trying to figure out how to get those 3 stars but now with VR, we all can become a part of the game.

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Angry Birds VR

Some Notable Features…

  • Amazing Physics
  • 4 Worlds to Explore
  • Charming Characters
  • Popular franchise in VR

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5. Synth Riders VR

Playing Synth Riders VR with the Valve Index and a Haptic Suit!
  • Genre: Rhythm, Fitness, Dance
  • Developers: Kluge Interactive, Retrowave VR

In synth riders, you are on a rail, and you have to hit the colours to the corresponding hand as well as just simple hit markers.

The markers and maps enable players to get their groove on as they do have a pattern that promotes them to dance.

It is a combination of dancing and guitar hero, but your energy is crucial. 

So if you’re looking for a Rhythm Game that everyone at your Party will enjoy then you can go blindly with Synth Riders because with Great Music comes Amazing Party Moments!

Synth Riders VR

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • Abstract art style
  • Intense VR Workout
  • Custom Songs support
  • Neon coloured Cyberpunk world

4. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Richie's Plank Experience Oculus Quest Trailer
  • Developer: Steel Crate Games
  • Genre: VR CO-OP, Multiplayer, Puzzle

On number 4, we have “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.” This cooperative game has one player trying to defuse a bomb while the other players give them instructions.

You can’t see the bomb’s manual, so you have to rely on your teammates to describe it to you. And they can’t see the bomb either, so they have to rely on you to tell them what to do.

It’s a perfect example of how VR can be used to create an immersive and interactive experience.

And, since it’s an Oculus Quest game, you can play it without any wires getting in the way.

So, If you want a challenging Co-Op game that you can play with Friends or at Parties then Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is the most hilarious and fun game you can find on the Oculus Quest Store.

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Keep Talking and Nobody Explode

Some Remarkable reasons to BUY this Game

  • VR Team Game
  • Best Co-Op VR Game
  • Very Challenging Riddles
  • Clear instructions = Victory

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  • Developers: Beat Games
  • Genre: MUSIC / RHYTHM, Party, Family

Beat Saber is “THE PARTY GAME” because it’s Simple, Self Explanatory, Easy To Pick Up, Super Fun and Addictive to play.

After playing Beat Saber in VR, everything changed. I felt like I’m a beat slicer Jedi that is on a mission to conquer every song in the world.

There’s just no description of this game. If you find no other VR game to play at your party then go blindly with Beat Saber.

And that’s why Beat Saber is our #3 pick among other Best Oculus Quest Party Games

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Some Notable Features…

  • Rhythmic Game
  • Remarkable Gameplay
  • Best Game for Music Lovers
  • An enormous number of Song List
  • An extraordinary approach to getting Fit

How to Add Custom Beat Saber Songs On Oculus Quest 1 & 2 – 5 Steps

2. Cookout VR

Cookout VR Oculus Quest Gameplay | Multiplayer VR Cooking Game
  • Developer: Resolution Games
  • Genre: Casual, Food, Social, Multiplayer

Cookout VR is pretty much overcooked in VR and you can go at it in single player with the help of your trusty robot sidekick but multiplayer is where the fun is and this is where the game truly shines.

The game slowly introduces you to new mechanics and new creatures that you need to approach with different tactics but more importantly, you’ll have to coordinate with your teammates as you will rarely have all the ingredients needed to make a sandwich

The gameplay is fast and frantic and it’s a family-friendly game that is fun for all ages; perfect to play with both strangers and friends.

And that’s why Cookout VR is our #2 pick among Best Oculus Quest Party Games

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Cookout VR

Some Notable Features…

  • Fun For All Ages
  • Overcooked In VR
  • Variety Of Power-Ups
  • 50 Nicely Created Levels
  • Over 80 Towns To Explore
  • Perfect VR Game For Parties
  • One Of The Best Multiplayer Game
  • Endless Mode To Test Your Cooking Skills
  • Simple Mechanics But Fast And Frantic Gameplay


Richie's Plank Experience Oculus Quest Trailer
  • Developers: Toast VR
  • Genre: Arcade, Flying, Simulation, Party

And finally, we have Richie’s Plank Experience. It is a title that we have all seen before, the internet is full of videos of people trying it.

The concept is very simple: do you dare to walk on a board suspended more than 200 meters above the ground? Take a seat in the elevator and climb to the top of the building to see the doors open onto the void.

A short experience that promises laughter and excitement with your friends and families.

The Richie’s Plank Experience is something that should be tried at least once in a lifetime and the game also supports Hand Tracking.

And that’s why RICHIE’S PLANK EXPERIENCE is our #1 pick among Best Oculus Quest Party Games

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Some Notable Features…

  • One Of The First VR Game Ever Released
  • One Of The Best VR Game To Play For The First Time
  • Perfect Game To Jazz Up Your Party

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So there you have it, our pick of the very Best Oculus Quest 2 Party VR Games

Whether you’re looking for a game to play at your next party or just want some ideas of new games to try out yourself, we hope that this list has given you something to think about.

Be sure to check out the games mentioned and let us know in the comments below which ones are your favourites and if we’ve missed any of your favourite Oculus Quest party games, we might just add them to our list.

And if you’re curious about what other great VR games are out there, be sure to head over and check out our channel where we regularly upload content on all things VR gaming.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming, Until Then Stay Strong VR Army!

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