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3 Free VR Games Like Boneworks/Bonelab On Meta Quest

Whether It’s The Physics Sandbox Or Brutalizing The Ragdolls, Here Are 3 Free VR Games Like Boneworks To Keep You Busy And Scratch That Physics Itch (Until You Buy Boneworks…lol)

It’s tough to find games like Boneworks/Bonelab and unfortunately, you can’t play Boneworks on your Quest headset. The reason why Boneworks is so famous is because of its physics mechanics and ability to do anything we want (quite literally).

  • If you had stress at work? Ragdolls are here
  • Want to try the new martial arts move? Ragdolls are here
  • Broke up with your girlfriend? Ragdolls are here
  • Want to have total chaos? Ragdolls are here

No matter the situation these 3 games are always my answer. They are Free, Fun, and have similar mechanics of Boneworks; all you need is imagination!

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So, Here Are 3 Boneworks/Bonelab Knockoff Games On Meta Quest

3. Project Demigod – Demo

  • Genre: Action, Fighting, Flying
  • Developers: ‎Omnifarious Studios LLC

Project Demigod is an action-packed FREE VR game where you can become the Hero of your dreams!

The game lets you mix and match superpowers and face off against a range of enemies, like Ninjas, Robots, Agents, and more.

And just like Boneworks, this game utilizes physics-based mechanics, providing satisfying combat encounters as you fight, fly, swing, shoot, and smash your way through ragdoll enemies.

Although this is a demo, you can still do a lot of things!

Project Demigod – Demo

2. PHIN: Physics Sandbox ALPHA

  • Developer: I3Llamas
  • Genre: Sandbox, FPS

PHIN is a physics-based VR sandbox game where you can build vehicles, interact with ragdolls (interact is such a non-brutal word), and play with rockets, motors, weapons, and much more…

It’s like the ultimate physics simulator where you can do anything just like Boneworks/Bonelab. But unlike them, PHIN VR is FREE!

PHIN: Physics Sandbox ALPHA

1. Physics Playground

  • Developer: Exo
  • Genre: Combat, Physics, FPS

Now, let’s talk about the game that I think highly resembles Boneworks/Bonelab which is Physics Playground!

A game made in Unity that is entirely driven by Rigidbody Physics. Its gameplay is similar to Boneworks/Bonelab, i.e., the whole game is based on physics concepts only!

You have a variety of weapons to choose from like handguns, assault rifles, shotguns, katanas, hammers and much more.

Just by pressing the “spawn enemy” button, you enter the arena, and the enemies will come after you. It’s an endless game, and you will feel entertained even after 2-3 hours of gameplay.

Physics Playground

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So, there you have it, a selection of Free VR Games Like Boneworks that deliver a similar experience to the OG Boneworks/Bonelab, all available on the Meta Quest.

These games offer physics-based gameplay, immersive environments, and thrilling action, without costing you a single penny!

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