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Return To Castle Wolfenstein is Coming to Oculus Quest

Return To Castle Wolfenstein is Coming to Oculus Quest via SideQuest

After Half-Life, Quake 1 & 2 And Doom Came To Oculus Quest Via SideQuest, Dr Beef Is Preparing To Launch The Legendary FPS Return To Castle Wolfenstein In The Similar Fashion

The Oculus Quest has the ability to enjoy among the most cult classic and iconic games of the early 2000s. After tackling the VR versions of Half-Life, Quake, and after that DOOM, modder DrBeef is now targeting Return To Castle Wolfenstein, another FPS classic.

The excellent Return To Castle Wolfenstein is certainly preparing to receive a mod to make it compatible in Virtual Reality. Released practically 20 years ago currently, the game is still offered on Steam for only $4.99

On top of that, like its previous mods, it will make the game totally usable in VR on Oculus Quest. The whole single-player campaign in addition to the one and two hand weapons will certainly as a matter of fact acquire complete compatibility in VR and 6DoF.

Powered by the id Tech 3 video game engine, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the upcoming Virtual Reality port will certainly feature HD textures, supersampling, and also advanced surface area reflections while keeping an excellent 72hz. 

According to VR_Bummser, the project is still in alpha, so maybe at its time before we get our hands on this enthusiastic port.

***Acronym RTCW is widely used in this post which stands for :  Return To Castle Wolfenstein ***

Return to Castle Wolfenstein VR for Quest // RTCWquest gameplay trailer #1

“Wolfenstein in VR”

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What are the Locomotion and Comfort Options in RTCW VR?


Comfort options that will be available, such as adjusting the turning to make it angular or fluid. The mod also has snap turning by default with support for smooth turning as well. Nonetheless, other options might be included as soon as the mod is completed.

While it doesn’t sound like teleport remains in the strategies there might be various other comfort options by the time the mod is completed and also launched to the general public, according to DrBeef.

When and Where RTCW VR is Launching?

Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Longplay

Like these previous mods, it likewise joins the SideQuest platform. After Half-Life, Quake, DOOM, and now Return To Castle Wolfenstein, what various other cult classic games will DrBeef tackle?

Those looking to play will need to possess a duplicate of the original PC release, currently readily available for $5 through Steam.

What are the Future Possible Mods that will likely come on SideQuest?

Return To Castle Wolfenstein VR

DrBeef has actually been responsible for countless Virtual Reality ports of traditional FPS titles from both iD Software along with Valve, including Half-Life, Quake, Quake II, and Doom.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is powered by the iD Tech 3 game engine, marking a step up from these past launches and also unlocking for future VR ports of various other iD Tech 3-powered games, 

such as Quake III Arena, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, as well as the original 2003 Call of Duty just to name a few.

A Word from Dr. Beef

Wolfenstein in VR

“We’re excited to offer the game a try out the cordless Oculus Quest and also interested to see exactly how a title like Return To Castle Wolfenstein feels modded for the headset. 

Doom, certainly, is the legendary 1993 first-person shooter from Id Software and the original Half-Life debuted in 1998, so we’re interested to see a slightly more contemporary title changed and also fully playable in standalone VR.”

DrBeef also says there are still plenty of things to take care of with the mod so there’s no word yet on a specific launch duration, as well as you can learn more concerning all of the mods from this team in their active Discord group https://discord.com/invite/jksQ6UT.

In the meantime, DrBeef and his group are working hard at the office implementing brand-new VR particular functions to the experience, consisting of 6DoF grenade throwing and also motion activated blade stabbing.

We’ll bring you updates on the mod’s progress as quickly as we have them and let us know in the comments if you’re anticipating playing Return To Castle Wolfenstein on Quest.

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