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The Best BOXING VR GAME? – PCVR, Meta Quest, PSVR [2023]

VR Boxing In 2023: Comparing The Best Boxing VR Games Across All Platforms!

Searching for “THE” Boxing VR Game That Suits Your Playstyle and Is Worth Your Time and Money? Well, I’ve Got You Covered! I’ll Share My 30-Day Experience of Playing Every Boxing VR Game on the Market so That You Can Find the One for You!

Boxing VR Games remain the most popular and searched genre for a very good reason. It helps you to get back in shape, and reduce stress all while having a lot of fun. But which Boxing VR Game to play?

Well, I’ll be sharing my 30 days of experience playing EVERY SINGLE VR GAME IN THE MARKET!

Now, I know what you might be thinking, “wow, that’s a lot of games!” And believe me, it was no easy task. But I did it so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of trying out all these games yourself.

Each game has its own unique features and is suitable for different age groups and skill levels, so I’ll be breaking it all down for ya.

Whether you’re a hardcore boxing fan or just looking for a fun VR game for you or your kids, this post will help you make the best decision.

Here’s the VR Boxing Workout Routine pdf that you can download for FREE:

All of these 3 Boxing VR Games are available on all major VR Platforms; PSVR, Meta Quest and PCVR i.e. Steam.

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Creed: Rise To Glory; A Cinematic Boxing VR Game

CREED: Rise to Glory™ | Official VR Launch Trailer
  • Developer: Survios
  • Genre: Action, Fighting, Sports


Now, let’s start this list off with Creed: Rise To Glory; A Cinematic Boxing VR Game

A VR game set in the world of the Rocky franchise and puts you in the shoes of Adonis Creed. You’ll start from humble beginnings in the gym, working your way up to become a world champion boxer.

The game boasts impressive graphics, sound design, and attention to detail… THIS GAME HAS IT ALL! I really liked the subtle things that are in this game like when the referee introduces you the Spotlight turns onto you and the slow-motion introductions…


Creed: Rise to Glory has a lot of punch when it comes to game modes. It features a single-player story campaign, a semi-open world i.e. boxing gym, and even a multiplayer mode.

Not to mention, having Sylvester Stallone as your cornerman shouting iconic advice is a true knockout.

And while the phantom melee technology can make punches feel a bit clunky, the sound effects and overall vibe of the game more than makeup for it.


The single-player campaign mode is engaging, with cutscenes and character interactions but it is SHORT

And in terms of gameplay, the matches typically last around 5-7 minutes, which is just enough time to get your boxing fix without dragging on too long.

Level of Difficulty

One standout feature is the unique knockout mechanic. Instead of a simple black screen or waiting period, you have a limited amount of time to “get back into your body” after being knocked down, adding an extra layer of intensity to each fight.

According to me, anyone can play this game; no matter the age.

Area Space

You need some area space for playing this game. And yeah, Remember to stretch before playing VR boxing, or else you might end up with a sore back or pulled muscle. Who knew that punching air could be so dangerous?

Creed: Rise to Glory

Knockout League; Arcade Boxing VR Game

Knockout League | Oculus Quest + Rift Platform
  • Developer: Survios
  • Genre: Action, Fighting, Sports


The 2nd Boxing VR Game that caught my eye was Knockout League; An Arcade Boxing VR Game

Knockout League VR is an arcade-style boxing game that focuses on fun and fast-paced gameplay, with each opponent having a unique fighting style and special moves to keep you on your toes.

The game has a colourful and vibrant environment, which is designed to keep players engaged. And the upbeat and energetic music, combined with sound effects and dialogue, add to the game’s overall charm and appeal.


Unlike other boxing games that focus on realism, Knockout League VR has a playful aesthetic style that is charming and appealing.

And the MITT-PUNCHING is just…… I can’t express it, you gotta try it out for yourself and the feeling when your trainer appreciates you for properly punching the mitts is just one-sided.

I think I had more fun training than in actual playing.

If you’re not sure how to throw a proper punch, don’t worry. Just close your eyes, swing your arms wildly, and hope for the best. Who knows, you might just get lucky.


The game’s maximum match time of 6 minutes makes it perfect for quick pick-up-and-play sessions.

Knockout League offers great replayability due to its arcade gameplay, the variety of opponents, and a wide range of training mini-games.

And let me tell you, the mini-games and training modes are the biggest standout of this game.

Level of Difficulty

Knockout League VR is perfect for all ages, including kids, with a difficulty level that is just right.

It offers an excellent cardio workout, requiring quick reflexes and movements, making it perfect for people looking for a fun way to stay fit and active.

Area Space

And this game also doesn’t require that much play area, you just need to stay in the middle and you’ll be good to go

Knockout League

The Thrill of the Fight; The Ultimate VR Boxing Simulator

The Thrill of the Fight | Oculus Quest + Rift Platform
  • Genre: Action, Fighting, Sports
  • Developer: Sealost Interactive LLC


Now let’s take a look at our last Boxing VR Game; The Thrill of the Fight; The Ultimate VR Boxing Simulator.

Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee” May Work For The Great Muhammad Ali, But In VR Boxing, It’s More Like “dodge Like A Cat, Punch Like A Robot

The graphics and environment may not be as flashy as Creed, but they are still good enough to keep you immersed in the game.

And for only $9.99 you get the ultimate Boxing VR Simulator which is one of the major reasons that it’s a hit among the VR Community


The first aspect that stands out in this game is the feeling of throwing punches. The game has a unique physics engine that makes each punch feel realistic and satisfying.

You’ll feel the impact of your punches as they connect with your opponent, and you’ll feel the thrill of victory when you land that knockout punch.

Like its very hard to describe how it feels to knock out an opponent in this game.


The game time per session is not fixed, as you can defeat your opponent in the first round or you can play for 5 rounds straight; each round lasts for 3 minutes with 1-minute breaks in between.

The game does feature mini-games & other modes but I think that part isn’t its strongest but its is a perfect VR game for those who want to use VR for exercise.

Level of Difficulty

You can customize the settings to suit your preferences in terms of difficulty and other factors.

But, in my opinion, this game is not for everyone and especially not for kids. The game is very hard to play although it features easy difficulty. But yeah, I just wanted to point that out.

The thrill of the fight is easily one of the most frustrating VR games but as soon as you knock out your opponent it becomes the most satisfying VR game.

Area Space

The game requires a decent play area to play. I must tell you that if you don’t have the recommended play area of 6.5 ft by 5 ft then don’t you think of buying this game, because I’m telling you with my experience.

I was so immersed and focused on defeating my opponent that I punched my wall and broke my fingers, you can see that video on our YT channel (Stay Tuned!)

The Thrill of the Fight


Depends on what you want honestly – if you’re looking for realism and calorie burning, the thrill of the fight is the winner hands down.

If you’re looking for a more “gamey” and cinematic feel then Creed is your pick.

And finally, if you’re looking for an arcade game that brings back nostalgia then Knockout League is the game you’re looking for.

Click here if you wanna know How to Properly Start Boxing In VR by implementing all the games that we’ve discussed in this post… We’ve also added tips & tricks for you and your kids [if you have any] for enjoying VR Boxing in the best possible way…

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Virtual reality boxing is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a world where you have to throw punches, dodge attacks, and most importantly, not break your TV or your wrist in the process.

When looking for the perfect boxing VR game to fit your needs, consider the graphics and environment, realism, game time, excitement factor, and level of difficulty.

Our top three recommendations – Thrill of the Fight, Creed: Rise to Glory, and Knockout League – cater to a wide range of age groups and skill levels, ensuring an enjoyable boxing VR experience.

So, put on your headset and gloves, and step into the virtual ring for some knockout fun! Until Then Stay Strong VR Army!

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