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Happy New Year Everyone & A Thank You Video Dedicated To VR Army

Happy New Year Everyone & A Thank You Video Dedicated To VR Army

2021 is been a crazy year for VR Marvelites and for the whole VR industry, we crossed the milestone of the 250 subscribers mark and now we are a family of 270+ members…

No, it’s a not normal how-to or a list article… This article is dedicated to all the VR Army members who are and have supported us since the start…

We just can’t thank you enough for being in the Journey every single day

And We can assure you that 2022 will be different…

We just need your support, all the encouragement and suggestions that you drop in our comments section and the comments section of VR Marvelites, you know, is always open.

And as our Metrics states, 99% of you, are not subscribed, so subscribing to our channel will be awesome.

But everything’s aside, we feel gratitude and motivated to work harder when we receive these types of comments on our video.

Every single word of the VR Army matters a lot to us; it’s our fuel and our guiding star that tells us to make each and every video and article better and better

We just can’t wait for the year 2022 to show what we have in store for the whole VR Army; Giveaways, Freebies, Exciting videos; just to name a few…

We pray that you are safe, enjoying the holidays And as always Until Then Stay Strong VR Army

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