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Top 8 Best Beat Saber Custom songs that are Visually Mesmerizing

Top 8 Best Beat Saber Custom songs that are Visually Mesmerizing

Sink into the Rhythmic beauty of these Beat Saber Custom Songs...
(Updated July 2020)

When you hear the word Beat Saber, you probably think about that Beat saber is a rhythm VR star wars style game in which we slice the beats in half and enjoy the nirvana. 

But there’s a lot to explore in Beat saber because nowadays Beat saber is not about just slicing the beats, but it’s about creativity. So These are Best 8 Beat Saber Custom songs that are Visually Mesmerizing. 

This list contains custom beat saber songs that are visually stunning, and they show that Beat Saber is not just a rhythm VR Game.

The beat saber community is one of the most active, supportive, and engaging communities I’ve ever seen.

 Because the beat saber community always makes this game more enjoyable as fresh, new, stunning songs are consistently designed and developed by the awesome community. 

The song “Centipede – Knife Party” took hours to complete, which is entirely mind-bending.

These beat saber songs are all about visual graphics and capability of how someone can use the beat saber level editor in the most unique way.

One of the custom beat saber song I liked that touched my heart was A love story. YES! Someone literally made a custom song love story, and I absolutely love that song.

From Love stories to Astonishing light shows to Creative shapes made out of Imagination, beat saber has infinite things to offer. So here the Top 8 Beat Saber Custom songs that are Visually fascinating. 

*Link for all the Beat Saber Custom Songs is attached*

"Best Beat Saber Custom Songs"

Beat saber custom songs

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Top 8 Beat Saber Custom songs that are Visually Fascinating.

Xilent - Interluden & Human Error Mix

The light show of Xilent – Interluden & Human Error Mix is impressive. You can notice that the lyrics synchronize with lights, and that’s the most interesting I’ve seen. 

Also, the Beat is just hard-hitting, rock type and heavy. In one sentence, you’ll feel like you are a Terminator slicing robots in Beat saber, and that’s all I can justify this custom beat saber song. 

Kudos to Rustic for making this excellent map!

The Empress

Ah, I don’t know what to say about this custom song because the mapping is just, I’m speechless. 

The insane amount of time and effort to make this level, I can feel it by just watching the youtube video. “nicetomeetyou” the mapper of this map, Hats off to you bruh! 

The insane map meets insane beats. (Ah, what a rhyme)

Overkill - RIOT (Lightshow)

Now, this is just a light show that means no beats to slice. The reason why I included this custom song because I think Skeelie, the make of this song, did a wonderful job.

 Because you can clearly see the Hard-work gone into the making of this astonishing map and as it is a “Graphilly Beautiful” beat saber map, I consider it passes the test 😉

Xilent - Blue Shadows

Just like the name of the song ” Blue Shadows,” all of the walls in this song (you’d guessed that right) is in blue color, and that’s the detail I really liked.

 In Xilent – Blue Shadows, you’ll feel like drummer (really) because when the Beat staring from 0:47 to 1:11, I felt like I’ve become a Drummer in Beat saber.

 And this beat saber map is also made by Rustic. 

Getsix - Sky Fracture VIP

Getsix – Sky Fracture VIP – Mapped by anniversary team is a very fast-paced, visually stunning beat saber song. 

When you play this song, you’ll feel like you are in a 3D special effects theatre because the walls appear in a light-speed like a split second that gives the visual of having light shows with the lyrics. 


The Wall (Buunshin Remix)

First of all, When the song starts, you’ll experience amazing and astounding level design. One of the most exquisite details I noticed is that the borderlines at the bottom react when you slice the beats in half, and that made me go “whoa.” 

The visuals created with the light show and the white walls are just mesmerizing. Enormous respect to Rustic. ( Bruh, everywhere?)

Centipede - Knife Party

Centipede – Knife Party mapped by NiceToMeetYou is one of the most searched, visually mesmerizing, hardest Beat saber songs to date. When can sense how much time and effort “NiceToMeetYou” gave while making this level for the beat saber community. 

It creates an illusion of passing through the tunnels and other excellent shapes, and I am shocked by how he/she made mind-bending shapes with just squares. Massive Respect to you, bruh! 

Air - Mr.FijiWiji Remix

Right of the bat, Air – Mr.FijiWiji Remix, mapped by Gévarred, is an absolute masterpiece. I don’t know how gévarred put together this level, but I must say this custom song gave me chills.

 The white environment and a beautiful story which is in Japanese but the surroundings and the soulful voice said all of it. This song is a love story in Beat saber in VR. The attention to detail like light posts. 

This custom beat saber song is a Next level art, and I mean it. Definitely play this custom beat saber song. Story + Stunning visuals + VR = perfect love story!

If you want to translate every Japanese dialogue, then watch this video to understand the story.

So that’s was my list for the best Beat saber Custom songs (graphically)

Depending on your preferences and how much you play beat saber, there are many other awesome custom songs made by the awesome community. 

Comment which custom song / level you thought that visually stunned your eyes and imagination!

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