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HOW The Metaverse BOOSTED The Consumer VR Market?

The Metaverse Gives A Boost To The Consumer Virtual Reality Market

According To Omdia, The Metaverse Is Expected To Increase The General Public Market For Virtual Reality From $6.4 billion in 2021 to $16 billion in 2026. Games Will Remain The Main Use With Nearly 90% Of The Jackpot In Contents.

The consumer virtual reality market, which has tended to stagnate over the past three years, is set to wake up dramatically. 

In 2021, it should reach 6.4 billion dollars, hardware and software combined, according to an analysis by Omdia, then 16 billion dollars (14 billion euros) on the horizon in 2026.

A surge that Omdia attributes to the metaverse wave, glorified as a great revolution in our digital interactions with the promise of erasing the borders between the real and virtual worlds.

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The metaverse gives a boost to the consumer virtual reality market

The manufacturers of virtual reality headsets, on which these immersive uses are based, can rub their hands. 

According to Omdia, sales are expected to reach 12.5 million units in 2021, bringing the installed base worldwide to 26 million devices by the end of 2021, up from 19 million a year earlier. And this fleet will continue to expand to reach 70 million units by the end of 2026.

So that is how Metaverse has boosted the whole VR industry. After Facebook changed its name to META, the word “Metaverse” suddenly became the BUZZ word.

See why Facebook changed its name to Meta and what’s the meaning behind it or you can check out our Detailed Case Study about META and Its Metaverse.

The big giants like Disney, Nike, Niantic, Microsoft and other companies are also building their own versions of Metaverse.

What’s your opinion regarding the Metaverse and the boost the VR industry has got. Let’s chat in our comments section. Until then Stay Strong VR Army!

META, the big winner

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