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The 5 Best Multiplayer VR Horror Games That You Can Play With Friends & Family!

Are You Looking For A Thrill? Look No Further Than These 5 Best Multiplayer Horror VR Games. Gather Your Friends And Combat Terrifying Monsters, Go Ghost-hunting, Or Race Against The Clock To Escape Horrifying Situations.

While there are a ton of great horror games in VR, multiplayer games offer the best scares.

VR gaming is the perfect way to get your scare on with friends. Whether you’re into multiplayer games or prefer the company of others while you play, we’ve got the perfect list of horror games for you.

So gather your team and get ready for some heart-pounding thrilling fun with the Best VR Multiplayer Horror Games that you can play right now!

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Here Are The Top 5 Best VR Horror Games With Multiplayer & CO-OP Mode

5. Reiko’s Fragments

Reiko's Fragments Official Trailer
  • Platforms: Meta Rift, PCVR
  • Developers: Pixel Canvas Inc

Reiko’s Fragments pushes the boundaries of both virtual reality and first-person gameplay by bringing friends together in this terrifyingly exciting escape room challenge.

In this FPS/VR game, players must escape a haunted house while being hunted by a vengeful ghost.

But the real terror comes from playing with friends – With up to eight players using their phones and one player in VR, this game combines the immersive power of VR with the intense tension of playing against friends for a truly spine-tingling experience.

So if you’re a fan of horror games or are looking for a new way to scare your friends, Reiko’s Fragments is definitely worth checking out.

Reiko’s Fragments

4. SURV1V3

SURV1V3 - Launch Trailer (VR, Oculus, Index, Vive, WMR)
  • Developer: Candymakers
  • Platforms: Meta Rift, PCVR

Are you tired of the same old wave shooter zombie games in VR? Are you looking for something with a bit more realism and strategy?

SURV1V3 immerses players in a realistic apocalypse where they must level up their character, craft weapons, and tools, and constantly watch for threats in order to survive.

The game offers both single-player and co-op modes, allowing players to test their skills alone or join forces with up to four friends.

Its dynamic gameplay encourages cooperation and collaboration among players as they fight for survival in an unpredictable world.

So for those tired of arcade-style zombie shooters, SURV1V3 delivers a heart-pounding survival adventure that immerses players in the world like never before.


3. Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine Launch Trailer | Oculus Quest
  • Platforms: Meta Quest, PCVR
  • Developer: Vertigo Games, Jaywalkers Interactive

Arizona Sunshine VR is one of the best first-person shooter games set in a post-apocalyptic Arizona.

Players must navigate through various environments while fending off hordes of undead, searching for weapons and supplies along the way.

You can use realistic weapons and gestures to interact with the environment and take on zombies up close or from a distance.

Arizona Sunshine VR offers intense gameplay and immersive graphics, creating a thrilling virtual reality experience.

Play alone or with friends as it offers both individual campaign mode as well as online co-op gameplay for an added level of excitement.

So whether you’re a fan of survival horror or just want to test your zombie-slaying skills in VR, Arizona Sunshine is definitely worth checking out.

Arizona Sunshine VR

2. Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia - Official Announcement Trailer
  • Platforms: PCVR
  • Developers: Kinetic Games

Phasmophobia, the online co-op psychological horror game, allows players to experience paranormal activities in a whole new way through VR.

The game immerses players in an eerie environment where they must work together to collect evidence and survive spooky encounters with ghosts.

The gameplay becomes increasingly intense as the ghosts become more hostile toward the players, making Phasmophobia even more terrifying.

It also offers cross-platform play, allowing both VR and non-VR players to join forces and explore haunted locations together.

And With 4 player co-op support, Phasmophobia offers endless opportunities for thrills and scares – making it a must-play for horror fans.

So wipe your sweaty palms, grab your equipment and join your friends in Phasmophobia’s heightened world of ghost hunting.

Phasmophobia VR

1. The Forest

The Forest - Official Trailer
  • Platforms: PCVR
  • Developer: Endnight Games Ltd

The Forest VR immerses players in a beautiful yet terrifying world, where they must fight to survive against a clan of blood-thirsty mutants!

As the lone survivor of a plane crash, players must gather resources and build their own shelter to protect themselves from the dangers of the forest.

The game features a living and breathing world with fully interactive environments, allowing players to chop down trees for building materials or scavenge for food to stave off starvation.

And the option to play solo or with friends adds another layer of excitement as players work together to navigate this terrifying wilderness.

So strap on your headset, jump off the plane and get ready to enter The Forest VR – where survival is only a virtual reality.

The Forest VR

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So there you have it! Our List list of the 5 Best VR Horror Multiplayer Games. Are there any other VR multiplayer horror games that should have made the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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