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Echo VR 90Hz Support Is Here On Oculus Quest 2

Finally! Echo VR Now Supports 90Hz On The Oculus Quest 2

The First Major Oculus Quest 2 Update Since Launch!

Oculus has rolled out its very first big upgrade for the Quest 2 standalone VR headset, satisfying a few pledges it made when the headset launched last month. Headlining the new functions is the 90Hz refresh rate mode that currently broadens to all system-level apps by default– consisting of with Oculus Link, which has officially left beta.

And now Another big Oculus Quest game simply got support for the headset’s main selling point which is support for 90Hz refresh. That suggests now Echo VR will look smoother as well as extra convincing than they did previously. It can just be that 90Hz assistance gives you the edge in the multiplayer matches, as well.

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Soon, more VR Games like Superhot, Echo VR, Beat Saber, Vacation Simulator, Job Simulator, Racket: Nx and also Space Pirate Trainer will certainly support the greater refresh rate.

That stated, in September, developer Ready at Dawn confirmed that it isn’t currently dealing with bringing the video game’s development, Echo Combat to Quest, though plans might transform in the future.

There are two even more enhancements: Later in November, Oculus is going to let you capture the headset’s display with the iOS or Android application, so you can make clips of your very own. Before this, you needed to either share recorded clips straight to Facebook or by manually connecting your Quest 2 to your PC.

Will you be taking a look at Echo VR’s 90Hz update? Let us chat in the comments below!

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