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The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners on quest & PSVR Confirmed

The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners on quest and PSVR is officially confirmed

The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners (2020) propelled on PC VR headsets and set up itself as one of the most grating and vicious entries into the VR horror-survival genre. The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners on quest and PSVR is officially confirmed. Read on…

the walking dead saints and sinners

If you have watched the pre-release trailer of TWD Saints and Sinners carefully, they have clearly teased the release for PSVR and Oculus quest respectively. Now, Skydance Interactive clearly stated that both PSVR and Oculus Quest users should expect the game on the respective platforms later this year.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Official Gameplay Trailer

When The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners on quest and PSVR is releasing?

Skydance confirmed the release date for The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners on oculus quest and PSVR via Twitter : The PSVR version slated for Spring 2020 and the Quest version for Q4 2020.

It’s there coming a walking dead game to oculus quest in March? Or is that just a myth

— jeeeS (@jeeeS91374146) January 24, 2020

The official Saints & Sinners Twitter account responded to that question.

The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners is a AAA full-fledged VR game, and it is a hit among fans and the VR community since it’s release. 

We’re hoping that the studio will be able to squeeze the horror-survival game onto those lower-spec platforms appropriately, as there’s often a lot of work involved with porting and optimising games for these platforms, especially the Quest.

The walking dead: Saints & Sinners proved to be a visually precise and atmospheric game, so it would be a blot if Quest & PSVR users miss out on the full magnitude of the adventure of The Walking Dead VR.

the walking dead saints and sinners

Although Quest users can play it right now via Oculus Link and a VR-ready computer but when it launches as a native Quest title later this year, it will effectively be one of the longest and largest titles on the quest platform to date. 

 If you want to see how The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners looks on quest via oculus link, I have embedded a YouTube video on regarding this query. 

But in my opinion, The walking Dead VR on quest via oculus link looks great and the textures, detailing and other graphics also look crisp and clear.

* Read this Ultimate guide on oculus link, if you don’t know how to use oculus link and how to set up oculus link easily. *

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners story lasts about 11 hours although there’s plenty of hours of scrounging for supplies and crafting powerful weapons.

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners Gameplay | Oculus Link On Oculus Quest


  1. Hello I want to play this on my quest but can’t seem to figure it out. I purchased it through steam. Did you purchase TWD on steam and play it through VD on your quest with the cable? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!

    • Hello John, Yes you can play the TWD on the quest by using the Oculus link cable. You can read the guide here: https://www.vrmarvelites.com/how-to-use-oculus-link/. Also, there’s another option to run steam VR games on the quest which is through Virtual desktop. Just launch virtual desktop on your Oculus Quest > Open Steam VR > Open TWD: Saint and SInners. That’s it. If you encounter any other problems, then please reply to this comment. Cheers VR Army!


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