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HUBRIS Is Coming To PCVR In Just A Week – What To Expect?

Hubris The Highly Anticipated Game Is Arriving At PCVR In December!

The Hubris Universe Is Rich And Full Of Mystery, Offering Players A Unique VR Gaming Experience That They Will Be Hard-pressed To Find Elsewhere

Hubris VR is one of the most awaited games; a futuristic adventure, coming to PCVR on December 7 brought to us by the Belgian Studio Cyborn.

The game will also be released for Quest 2, PlayStation VR2, and other VR platforms, but that will have to wait until 2023.

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The Mind-Blowing Story & Fight For Survival

Hubris VR - Announcement trailer

What the players will find in the coming week of December is an action and exploration title set in an absorbing and mystical universe, in which we will be a recruit of the Order-Of-Objectivity, also known as the ‘OOO’.

Who has been sent to a system of Twin planets in search of the missing agent; Cyanha.

We will land in a hostile world, in the middle of the terraforming process, to live an adventure in which we will have to face various creatures, shoot, climb, swim, collect resources, make weapons & tools, control vehicles, and constantly learn how to advance.

Hubris VR - Official Gameplay Trailer

We’ll also face a great variety of wild creatures, various enemies, humanoids, and even the occasional robot, all with the difficulty that survival games usually give us, because… yes, here we must also take into account our primary needs to be able to survive.

And The Best Thing:

Hubris - Official Release Date Announcement Trailer

One of Hubris’s strengths is, without a doubt, the spectacular and near-realistic graphics

Seas full of aquatic creatures, lush forests where visibility is a privilege, and rocky mountains with difficult access that will test us every second of our existence; All this with an amazing level of detail.

But the minimum graphics card requirements are to have an Nvidia GTX 1080 or an AMD RX 580.

It has been tested with all PCVR Headsets, you can play Hubris while sitting down and several other comfort options are also added to cater for every VR gamer.

Below are some of the reasons why we are excited about this game and you should be too!

Top 5 Reasons To Get Excited About Hubris VR:

  1. You get to be a badass cybernetic agent fighting in the name of justice and It’ll be up to you to prove that you have what it takes to become a true agent of OOO!
  2. The graphics are absolutely incredible and really give you the feeling of being in another world.
  3. Explore a Vast Open World: The world of Hubris VR is vast and open, offering players plenty of room to explore. From piloting spacecrafts to traversing dangerous terrain on foot, you’ll never run out of things to do in this expansive game world.
  4. It’s Incredibly immersive: Thanks to cutting-edge VR technology, Hubris VR offers players an incredibly immersive gaming experience. Whether you’re scavenging for supplies or battling fierce creatures, you’ll feel like you’re right there in the thick of the action!
  5. And With its engaging storyline and interesting characters, Hubris VR is sure to capture your imagination and keep you coming back for more.

Editor Pick:

Hubris drew attention from the first moment due to its graphics, and although many players have already tried its demo, the studio assures that this was just the appetizer.

The studio announced that WE (the VR Gamers) are going to be surprised with epic settings, characters created using motion capture techniques and clashes with alien wildlife, humanoids and mechanized enemies that will require unique tactics to defeat.

The PC VR version of Hubris will be published on Steam and Viveport on December 7 and its price will be $39.99.

So get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Hubris and experience how it feels to fight for your survival!

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