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Final Fury: A Arcade Fighting Game For VR Coming In 2023

Kluge Interactive, The Studio That Brought You Synth Riders, Announces Final Fury, A Classic Arcade Fighting Game Reimagined For VR

Kluge Has Been Hard At Work On A New Fighting Game “Final Fury” That Will Be Coming Out In 2023.

Final Fury takes the solid mechanics and furious pace of an arcade-style fighter, but puts them into VR for some immersive 1v1 multiplayer battles!

In this new fighting game, you’ll have to rely on your precision and reflexes which requires players to move around to chain combos while using special moves so they can defeat their opponent

The fighters in this game come with their own backstories which are revealed throughout the course of gameplay as well as unique visuals inspired by each individual personality – such as Tempest and Glitch, that were revealed in the announcement trailer.

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Final Fury - Announcement Trailer | Coming to All Major VR Platforms in 2024

The mechanics are solid yet fast-paced which means you’ll have fun even while facing off against each other

Final Fury is not for button-mashers because It’s easy to learn, but difficult enough so you have an enjoyable time mastering it.

Like Always: A Word From The Creative Director:

We grew up playing games like Street Fighter and Killer Instinct and wanted to be the first to bring this genre to VR in order to fully immerse ourselves in the fights

~ Abraham Aguero – Creative Director At Kluge

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The developers of the game are passionate about giving players a truly unique gaming experience, and they are excited to see what gamers think of their new title; Final Fury VR.

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The official Final Fury Discord is also available to join if you wish to talk directly with the devs and the community.

The next entry from this development team is set to release across all major VR platforms. If you’re waiting for a new VR game to come out then be sure to add Final Fury to your list!

For more information, visit their website or contact them at their socials:

Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and/or TikTok

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