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Green Hell VR CO-OP Multiplayer Mode Revealed!

Team Up, Gear Up, and Conquer the Jungle in Green Hell VR’s Multiplayer!

Green Hell VR CO-OP Multiplayer Mode Revealed: Survive the Jungle with Your Friends!

Green Hell VR’s Exciting New Co-op Feature Revealed by Developer Incuvo.

Imagine finding yourself alone in the deep jungle, with no food or equipment.

But fear not! With the upcoming multiplayer game mode, you can team up with up to 4 friends and face these wilderness challenges together!

Work as a team to gather resources, build shelter, and hunt for food in a realistic VR environment.

Release Date Of The Green Hell VR Co-op Multiplayer Mode?

While the exact release date for the multiplayer mode hasn’t been announced yet, stay tuned for updates.

After surviving in the “Green Hell” for about two weeks we reviewed the game, don’t forget to check it out.

Are you ready to take on the jungle? Until Then Stay Strong VR Army!

More Information About Green Hell VR:

  • Developer: Incuvo
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Simulation

Green Hell is one hell of a game that uses VR technology to perfectly capture and immerse us into their “GREEN HELL”.

It’s a psychological epic where you have to rely only on yourself, a deep story about human nature, a lot of resourcefulness, cold sweats and a painful but rewarding learning process.

This is not a simple port, but rather a complete overhaul of the gameplay, reinforcing the aspect of survival by 200% while bringing a very successful physical dimension…

The studio has also succeeded in making everything fit in the Meta Quest 2 without slowing it down.

So, If you are looking for a hyper-hardcore survival, in which you can immerse yourself, And want to feel and experience the sheer feeling of survival where you have been left out and trying to live then you can’t go wrong with Green Hell VR

Green Hell VR



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