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BEAT SABER: Lady Gaga Music Pack DLC Arrives: 10 NEW SONGS

Beat Saber: Lady Gaga Music Pack DLC Arrives In VR Rhythm Game

The Lady Gaga Music Pack DLC Has Just Landed In The Hit Virtual Reality Rhythm Game Beat Saber. Just Like The Other Music Packs Available In The VR Title So Far, It Of Course Adds Plenty Of New Tracks. In All, Fans Are Therefore Entitled To 10 New Songs From The American Pop Star.

The launch of the Lady Gaga Music Pack was a big surprise for Beat Saber fans. In fact, Meta showed it off at The Game Awards. 

Don’t forget that the studio behind the VR rhythm game, Beat Games, is owned by Mark Zuckerberg’s firm

In any case, the VR title now goes to 136 official tracks with this new music pack. 37 of them are available for free with the purchase of the game. The remaining 89 are offered in paid DLC.

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Lady Gaga Music Pack DLC: What New Tracks Are Available?

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As mentioned previously, the Lady Gaga Music Pack DLC, therefore, brings 10 new tracks in Beat Saber. Among them are some of the pop star’s most popular songs. 

Songs like Alejandro, Born This Way, Bad Romance, and Just Dance (feat. Colby O’Donis) is some of the songs featured in this Beat Saber Lady Gaga Music Pack.

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There is also Paparazzi, Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande), Poker Face, and Stupid Love. Don’t forget The Edge of Glory and Telephone (feat. Beyoncé). 

To take full advantage of all these titles in the VR game, you will have to buy the full pack at 13 dollars, or about 11.53 euros.

However, it is also possible to purchase the tracks one at a time for $2. Of course, new effects and environments have also landed in the title VR to serve as backdrops for these new songs. 

Note that the new music pack is available on all supported platforms, i.e. on PC VRPlayStation VR, and Meta Quest headsets.

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