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Ragnarock vs Smash Drums; Which One Is The Best?

Battle of the Drums: Ragnarock vs. Smash Drums – Comparing Two of the Best Rhythm VR Games!

Hey VR Army! It’s Dewansh And Today We Are Comparing Smash Drums And Ragnarock To Find “the Best Drumming VR Game”.

Smash Drums and Ragnarock are both amazing Rhythm VR games with a focus on making the player feel like a DRUMMER. Both of them are similar but at the same time, they are not.

Here are 7 factors that set these 2 games apart. So make sure to read this post till the end to know the conclusion of Ragnarock vs Smash Drums

Oh, and did I mention that these VR Games are fantastic fitness games too? Double win!

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Drumming Style Gameplay Mechanics

First, let’s talk about the gameplay mechanics of both of the games.

Ragnarock is more of an arcade rhythm game where the gameplay revolves around drumming along with epic metal tracks to motivate your crewmates and progress through a Norse world.

But Smash Drums VR plays almost like a simulator, requiring players to consider factors such as hitting cymbals at half beats, adjusting the force of drum strikes, and Some drums even have offsets; making the game more realistic.

So in terms of gameplay mechanics, the point goes to SMASH DRUMS; 1 – 0!

Graphics And Environments

Now, when it comes to Graphics And Environments; Ragnarock features Viking-inspired environments while on the other hand Smash Drums features a variety of environments from the classroom to drumming on the moon.

Both of the games have impressive graphics, but In my opinion, Ragnarock has more visually appealing graphics that change based on the Mood of the song.

And there’s one particular level that impressed me, the “We are the fire” level which made my jaw drop and lose my combo…

So the point goes to Ragnarock VR; 1 – 1!

Ragnarock VR We Are The Fire - Warkings Level 8 Gold

Tracklist — Target Audience — Song Selection

Now, it’s time to talk about the most important factor which is the Tracklist or you say the “Target Audience”.

Ragnarock features metal tracks with a Norse-inspired theme and aims to resonate with metalheads.

On the other hand, Smash Drums offers a mix of indie rock, EDM, dance, and pop, appealing to a wider range of players with varied musical tastes.

It has more “Streamline-music” you can say, compared to Ragnarock.

In my opinion, Smash Drums will cater to a wider audience, while Ragnarock songs may have niche appeal.

But again it all comes down to personal preference, so both of these games get a point because Both games have extensive song lists; 2 – 2!

Can You Learn Drumming In VR? Do You Want Me To Test Then Comment Below!

But what if you want to learn or practice your drumming skills in VR? Can you do that? In my opinion, Smash Drums can be used as a great teaching tool.

And with some adjustments, the game could be utilized as a tool for learning or practising drumming skills. In contrast, Ragnarock is super simple to play.

So another point goes to Smash Drums; 3 – 2!

Custom Song Support? Smash Drums Don’t Have

Ragnarock has custom songs support and there’s a large number of custom songs to choose from; adding to the game’s replayability.

If you want to know how to install custom songs on Ragnarock then do check out this post.

Smash Drums doesn’t feature custom song support, So the point goes to Ragnarock; 3 – 3!


Both Of the games have Multiplayer Support so the point goes to both of the games; 4 – 4!

Fitness Value: How Many Calories Can You Burn?

Now, you might be wondering How many calories can I burn while playing them?

So, In a 10 Minutes Session of Ragnarock VR, I burned 120 Calories.

And In a 10 Minutes Session of Smash Drums VR, I burned 127 Calories

After that, another idea came into my mind, “How Many Calories Can I Burn While Playing Using Weighted Controllers?”

Like is there a huge difference or none at all, I wanted to test that and the results are quite shocking…

In a 10-minute session of Ragnarock VR with weighted controllers, I burned 180 calories.

And In a 10-minute session of Smash Drums VR with weighted controllers, I burned 189 calories.

That’s a 50 per cent increase! I’m using the Kiwi Design Weighted Controllers, so If you want to buy them, click here!

What’s The One Specific Thing I love In Ragnarock — The Viking Smash

What’s The One Specific Thing I Love in Ragnarock is the VIKING SMASH which feels so rewarding

When you perfectly tap the drums, your hammers get charged, after a certain combo, you can SMASH the shields beside you to give your boat a boost; electrifying everyone sitting in the boat…

Now there are two ways you can do that; You can either wait for it to charge and use it to get a small boost or you can just continue to tap the runes perfectly to get the GOLDEN ELECTRICITY.

What’s The One Specific Thing I love In Smash Drums —The DRUM HERO Mode

And What’s The One Specific Thing I love In Smash Drums is the “DRUM HERO” mode which you might know what to expect. It’s the DRUMMER’s VERSION OF GUITAR HERO.

This mode quickly became one of my favourites. Like its a little hard to get used to it but once to get a hang of it; it feels amazing.

After completing a song in this mode, I felt I could take on the kid from Whiplash; (editor’s note: although he was playing on normal difficulty), it doesn’t matter alright; feel my feelings!

Conclusion: The Best DRUMMING VR Game? —Genre-specific Appeal

In conclusion, Ragnarock is Arcady while Smash Drums is more realistic. While both games are centred around drumming & fall under the broader category of rhythm VR games, they cater to different musical preferences and target audiences.

Ragnarock is simple to play and mainly it has custom song support which is one of the necessary features of any Rhythm VR Game.

Smash Drums VR on the other hand can be played at any skill level; catering to both actual drummers and VR bandmates.

The game can be enjoyed as simple arcade fun but truly comes alive when the difficulty is cranked up.

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So in the end, who wins in the battle of Ragnarock vs Smash Drums?

Both of the games are TIED with the score of 4 – 4. I really hope you like this post and if so then do subscribe to our YT Channel and I’ll see you in the next post!

Until then Stay Strong VR Army!

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