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MaskMaker Is Coming On 20 April 2021 For PCVR And PSVR

MaskMaker: From The Makers Of A Fisherman’s Tale, Is Coming On 20 April 2021

First Announced In July 2020, The Mysterious Maskmaker Finally Reveals The Secret Of Its Release Date On PSVR And PC VR Headsets!

Maskmaker, behind this evocative name, hides the new production of the Parisian team of Innerspace VR. You’ve probably heard of them before, since they’re the Makers of the adorable, award-winning VR Game: A Fisherman’s Tale.

So what is Maskmaker? Well, the game transports players to a magic mask workshop to meet Prospero, the powerful “leader” of the kingdom of masks, who invites you to his workshop to become his new apprentice.

The studio presents Maskmaker as their most ambitious VR project to date.

“Maskmaker Is Out On April 20th For PC And PSVR”

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The “MaskMaker Experience”

MaskmakerVR | The World of Maskmaker Trailer | MWM Interactive

Maskmaker offers intriguing puzzles using Extensive and Unique VR exclusive features.

As you learn how to craft magic masks, players will soon discover that their new ability allows them to transport to different worlds and possess the different Guardians of the Mask Realm. 

In the game, players will be able to explore the world, observe the unique lifestyles of each culture they discover, create their own style of mask, and be transported to new environments and atmospheres using their masks.

Players also have to explore each world to collect rare resources, solve puzzles, and develop their crafting skills to create increasingly sophisticated masks and prove that you are worthy of being Maskmaker. 

From mask to mask and puzzle to puzzle, players will weave their way through the realm of masks in search for Prospero and ultimately uncover the truth behind his identity.

A Word From The Creative Director

Maskmaker | Announcement Trailer | MWM Interactive | Innerspace VR | Available Spring 2021

“Our team is committed to creating non-linear adventure games that make players feel like they’re actually there as they explore the mysterious world of Maskmaker,” said Balthazar Auxietre, Creative Director and co-founder of Innerspace VR.

“We designed the game in such a way that players feel like real craftsmen when they create the elaborate masks and experience the freedom in the unique worlds in the masks.”

Maskmaker is slated for release on April 20, 2021, on PSVR and Steam where it will be compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and WMR headsets. For the moment, an Oculus Quest version is not on the schedule;

However, given that A Fisherman’s Tale is well available on Oculus Quest, we assume that the Maskmaker will appear there sooner or later as well.

When I first played A Fishermans Tale, I instantly became a fan of their art and imaginative power. And I have high hopes from this game. I think it will deliver a huge impact on the VR gaming industry just like their previous game did. What do YOU think?

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