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PSVR 2 Is Coming! Everything You Need To Know! (Full Analysis)

PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR 2) Has Been Confirmed By Sony And PS5 VR Controller Presented

Sony Unveils The Design And Characteristics Of The Next VR Controllers For The PS5 (PSMove 2?) With Adaptive Triggers, Haptic Feedback, Tactile Detection…

Sony has just announced new VR controllers for the PS5. These controllers promise more immersion with adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, finger touch recognition, and more.

Sony is slowly continuing to unravel the mysteries surrounding the future of virtual reality on PS5. After formalizing the upcoming arrival of a new VR headset, it is now the controllers that are showing.

It is once again through the PlayStation Blog that Hideaki Nishino, the current senior vice-president responsible for “Platform Planning & Management”, takes the floor to once again evoke “next-generation VR on PS5” .

This time, the man lingers on the VR controllers that will accompany the next virtual reality headset of the PS5. If the PSVR 2 still hides its curves, the new VR controllers are already showing their nice design .

“PS5 VR Or PSVR 2 – Which Name You Like?”

New PSVR 2 Or PS5 VR Controllers

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Special Features Of The NEW PS5 VR Controllers (PSVR 2)

PSVR 2 Controllers Special Features

Sony announced the following features for the new VR controllers:

Adaptive triggers: Every VR controller (left and right) has an adaptive trigger button that offers noticeable resistance when pressed, similar to the DualSense controller. If you’ve played games on PS5 before, you’ll know that the L2 and R2 buttons offer resistance when, for example, you draw your bow to shoot an arrow. If this mechanic is applied to VR, a completely new gaming experience opens up.

Haptic feedback: The new controller offers haptic feedback that is adapted to its shape. That makes your experiences in the game world more impressive, more noticeable and more detailed. You will feel the difference whether you are hiking through rocky deserts or wielding your weapons in close combat. Get ready for an extraordinary audiovisual experience that is so central to VR.

PSVR 2 Controllers

Finger touch recognition: The controller can recognize where your thumbs and index or middle fingers are, even if you do not exert any pressure with them. This allows you to move your hands more naturally while playing.

Tracking: The movements of the VR controller are tracked by the new VR headset via a tracking ring on the underside of the controller.

Action buttons/Analog sticks: On the left controller there is an analog stick, the triangle and square buttons, a “grip” button (L1), a trigger button (L2) and a create button. On the right controller there is an analog stick, the cross and circle buttons, a “grip” button (R1), a trigger button (R2) and an option button. The “Grip” button can be used, for example, to pick up objects in the game.

Ergonomics Of The New PSVR 2 Controllers

Ergonomics Of The New PSVR 2 Controllers

Sony informs that the ergonomics of these new PSMove 2 VR controllers will be at the top! Designed to adapt to all shapes of hands, the controllers can be held naturally and without constraints, while enjoying a high level of freedom in games.

According to Hideaki Nishino, we can expect the new VR controller to provide VR experiences with significantly more presence and immersion than ever before.

The new controllers from Sony are visually reminiscent of the controllers from Oculus and also rely on a ring that will contain tracking points. However, the ring of the Sony controller will go around your wrist and not sit on the front of the controller. Sony writes on its own blog:

“When developing the controller, we also paid attention to its ergonomics. It is well balanced and fits comfortably in either hand. To do this, we evaluated tests with users with different hand sizes and applied findings from decades of using controllers on all PlayStation platforms. The result is an iconic design that will transform the way VR games are played.”

The New Shape Of PS5 VR Controllers

PSVR 2 Controllers Special Features

The first thing that I liked about the new PSVR controllers will undoubtedly be the shape of these VR Controllers, these PSMove 2 no longer have ANYTHING to do with the old ice cream cones of 2010!

Sony officially describes its New Design in their PS blog:

The first thing you will notice with our next generation VR controller is the unique design, which takes an “orb” shape that allows you to hold the controller naturally while playing with a high degree of freedom. There are no constraints on how you move your hands, giving developers the ability to create unique gaming experiences.

Since the controllers are only slowly being delivered to developers and new VR glasses for the PS5 will not appear this year, the release of the new PSVR controllers will also take some time. 

Nevertheless, we got a first glimpse into VR on the PlayStation 5 and again received confirmation that Sony is still sticking to the topic and investing in VR.

These new PS5 VR Controllers integrate all the technology of the Index Valves (three fingers per tracked hand) but with in addition (To be forgiven for the two missing fingers) a force feedback and adaptive triggers, which make it on paper ,for now, one of the best controllers on the market!

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