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DISNEY Wants To CREATES Its METAVERSE Like Facebook & Nike

Like Nike & Facebook Or You Can Say META, DISNEY Aims To Build Its OWN METAVERSE

Disney Is The Latest Company To Get On The Metaverse Train, The Internet Buzzword Right Now. Disney Ceo Bob Chapek Said The Company Is Preparing To Step Into This New World. Disney’s Current Digital Presence Is “Just A Prologue” For The Metaverse Future

The VR and AR hype from 2016 will turn into Metaverse hype in 2021: The transformation of his company from a social to a Metaverse group announced by Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg has brought some momentum back into the XR market.

In a question-and-answer session on the occasion of Disney’s current quarterly figures, Disney boss Bob Chapek expressed his initiative on the Metaverse topic: Disney is considered a digital pioneer and is a leader in computer animation

This time around, the Walt Disney group is advancing its ambitions in the VR and AR market.

Microsoft expressed Metaverse ambitions, as did Nvidia on a business level.

3D software providers such as Unreal or Unity and many other infrastructure companies are included anyway.

This is easy because the vague definition of the term metaverse includes almost all attempts to bring the real and digital world closer together.

It’s the same with Disney.


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Disney’s Current Experience in the VR Market.

This won’t be Disney’s first attempt at combining the physical and digital worlds.

The company has already launched Disney Movies VR which offers an immersive experience of various Disney worlds (Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar).

These virtual reality experiences are available through Oculus VR headsets.

For VR there are numerous Star Wars experiences and VR movies brought Disney already on the market. VR technology is even used in the production of Star Wars films and series such as “The Mandalorian”. So the group has a lot of experience with XR.

Disney is experimenting with the AR lens from Mojo Vision, among other things, and a new theme park attraction with smartphone AR is to start in 2022.

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What Are Disney’s Plans for Metaverse?

Bob Chapek has confirmed that Disney will be creating its metaverse.

We can expect a theme park metaverse in which people will be able to experience the digital world through portable devices, smartphones, and digital access points.

The current attempts to link both worlds are “only a prologue” for the time when Disney could bring the physical and digital world closer together for “limitless storytelling in Disney’s metaverse”.

The Importance of Metaverse; Bob Chapek

Bob Chapek said, “My vision is for Disney + to become the platform for the Metaverse,”.

He sees the Metaverse as a kind of 3D canvas in which stories can bring together different formats such as books, films, and theme park attractions.

Disney’s storytellers could hardly wait for this entertainment future.

But What Is the Metaverse?

It is an immersive digital world where people interact with each other through their digital avatars.

The possibilities are limitless. Indeed, people will be able to socialize, shop, have immersive experiences and even collaborate on projects.

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Disney isn’t alone in gearing up to kick off what is set to be the next big internet event.

This company would henceforth devote its efforts to bringing the “metaverse” to life.

The Metaverse War will therefore certainly rage in the years to come.

A fight that doesn’t scare Disney after tackling Netflix and streaming a few months ago with her Disney Plus channel.

The Walt Disney group has serious assets up its sleeve with animated films, Marvel superheroes, and Star Wars, a license under which several VR games have already been released.

Companies like Microsoft and Roblox are also working on their metaverse and more companies are expected to jump on the bandwagon.

It is exciting to see what lies ahead in the future.

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