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UltrasClash V: Anime Fighting Sandbox Game For The Quest 2

UltrasClash V, An Anime Fighting Sandbox VR For The Oculus Quest 2

Ultrasclash V Is A VR Game Belonging To The Brand-new “Anime Action Sandbox” Genre And It’s Available For FREE For You To Try Out!

In UltrasClash V you’ll play as a Hero, exploring an anime-inspired Stadium thanks to the kinetic energy of your punches alone; you’ll roam our maps and smash hordes of evil minions hired by the even evil-er RAD, the game’s main antagonist and King of Anti-fun.

The hands and minds of this project are professionals from the IOX entertainment team in partnership with Infinite Officine

The game will be powered by their Punch Movement System and will have bullet time fights as well as physical engines.

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UltrasClash V - Trailer

At the moment they only offer a free-roaming version; they plan, though, to add a paid storyline.

They have, moreover, already prepared a mod kit for Ultrasclash V: contact their team by private message and you’ll get the chance to add new characters, moves, enemies, and environments of your own creation, contributing more and more to the open-content nature of this project.

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Ultrasclash Universe’s Uniqueness

Ultrasclash’s unique flavor stems from a “Rick and Morty” style humor and adds in the mix the action component of your most beloved anime.

The team’s central goal is to enhance their community, a community in which the user is an integral part of what is created; through this interaction, they aim to achieve a productive exchange between user and creator.

The user will get access to Ultrasclash Stadium, a Discord server that already hosts debates on our next moves, on which direction to steer the game towards, and how to have it better suit our most dedicated players’ style.

This project wishes to motivate gamers to become part of a young, passionate, and creative team, receptive to new ideas, and ready to implement significant contributions coming from the community.

Ultrasclash’s belief is one of constant betterment in pursuit of an organic community.

More details On UltrasClash V

Ultrasclash V

UltrasClash V is a unique blend of three beloved gaming genres: anime, fighting, and sandbox. Combined thanks to virtual reality, they create the fast-paced experience of a desperate, yet uncontrollably exhilarating, fight for survival and insistence.

Ultras Fighter is on presale on AppLab; our plans for the future are big, and they include new weapons, enemies, levels, gameplay options, and much more, powered by ground-breaking techniques never employed in such a way before.

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Even more UltrasClash V, on Presale

They will keep some of UltrasClash V’s levels free-to-play, yet their next step is to add a true VR story-driven campaign inspired by their interactive universe and full of discoveries and mysteries.

They offer this second version to allow their premium supporters to help them grow the project and live and play as a true UltrasClash hero, but they also value greatly feedback coming from the players who decide to play the free version: they’ll be able to have their voice heard as well.


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