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How do you get PINK in Gorilla Tag? (No Mod – 2023)

Whether it is the desire to stand out or simply the pursuit of aesthetic pleasure; here’s how to make your gorilla “PINK” in Gorilla Tag in under a minute

  1. First, start Gorilla Tag. You’ll be in your treehouse as always.
  2. Then go across the room to the PC.
  3. When you’re there, use the arrows on the left side to scroll down to “Color”
  4. You’ll see three color code settings. They are Red, Green, and Blue.
  5. Press Option 1 to select Red, and then click on 9.
  6. Then press Option 2 and click on 2.
  7. And finally, Press Option 3 and then click on 9.
  8. And boom, you have successfully changed your gorilla’s color to PINK.

You can play with the color settings to get your desired pink shade (shout out to all the perfectionists all there).

Option 1 = Red

Option 2 = Blue

Option 3 = Green

Number 1 is the lowest saturation while number 9 is the highest.

So that’s how you make your gorilla PINK in Gorilla Tag.

*This works on every VR platform; PC VR, Meta Quest and others*

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Here are some other Gorilla Tag color codes:

*The same principle applies; the first number in the code is Option 1 and so on and so forth*

  1. Purple – 4 0 9
  2. Red – 9 0 0
  3. Teal – 1 9 9
  4. Black – 9 9 9
  5. Yellow – 9 9 0
  6. White – 0 0 0
  7. Dark Green – 0 2 0
  8. if you have any other requests then comment below or share your gorilla tag color codes with the community!

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