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Top 10 Scariest PSVR Horror Games | PlayStation VR Horror Games

Top 10 Scariest PSVR Horror Games | Scary PlayStation VR Games 2021

We’ve obtained what we believe are the Best PSVR Horror Games of all time and are eternal. From current insta-classics like Resident evil 7 to Scary doll horrors like Five Nights at Freddy. (UPDATED)

Looking for the Best PSVR Horror Games? Then there’s no reason to miss out on this list of Best PSVR Horror Games

There’s a glut of horror movies to make you jump out of your seats – however, horror games in PSVR can go that added distance by making those terrifies truly interactive as well as immersive.

Every moment is extraordinary as well as tense when you’re the one playing the game on PlayStation VR with the controller and making the options that could indicate life or death. 

When you’re the one making them, it’s a great deal harder to laugh at on-screen personalities making silly and also clichéd decisions.

What follows is our option of the very Best Horror Games on PSVR, from current popular horror VR games to new scary experiences. There’s every little thing here.

“Scary PSVR Games 2021”

psvr horror games

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Here are your
Top 10 Best PlayStation VR Horror / Scary VR Games

10. The Brookhaven Experiment

  • Genre : FPS , Horror
  • Developer : Phosphor Games

The Brookhaven Experiment is a strongly startling and have very loathsomeness moments, it’s wave-based VR shooter for the HTC Vive Oculus Rift, Playstation VR and other VR Headsets

The game’s story bases on a trial turned out badly and afterward what occurs next models the tale of this game . Playing The Brookhaven Experiment you get yourself alone, in a progression of forlorn, dull and hazardously frightful surroundings fending off influxes of beasts. 

The Brookhaven Experiment is a delight to play, particularly in case you’re a fanatic of zombie shooters or appreciate warding off

Some Notable Features…

  • Cross Platform
  • Zombie Shooter
  • Robust Narration
  • Stunning Environment Design

9. Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher

Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher - Launch Trailer | PS VR
  • Genre : Horror
  • Developer : VIVA GAMES

You play as Tyre, a special forces agent who’s mom had some kind of supernatural secret, but recently died in a bombing.

 Wanting to learn more about her life and death, he takes an assignment that takes him to Yingzhou Island, where apparently dragons live.

Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cypher is an action-exploration game, with a multitude of shootings and the odd puzzle.

 In essence, it is, as we say, an adventure in the style of Naughty Dog, and it is a formula that shortly after you do well, you are going to have a very entertaining product.

If you have played any shooting game in virtual reality, you already know that shooting using PS Move is usually extremely satisfying, and Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cypher is no exception.

A game without the production values of Naughty Dog, shorter and more limited, but that fulfills its mission of making you live an adventure like those of Nathan Drake in VR

Some Notable Features…

  • Uncharted in VR
  • Multitude of Weapons
  • Action-exploration VR game
  • Become Nathan Drake in Virtual Reality

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8. A Chair In A Room

A Chair In A Room: Greenwater [Part 1] - A SCURRY VR HORROR GAME (Chapter 1)
  • Genre : Horror
  • Developer : Wolf & Wood Interactive

Rich natural narration that leaves you enveloped with the investigation and tense mental awfulness that is new and novel to VR – it takes guts to answer the ringing telephone, peer through the window or go down to the basement. 

Drawing on components of Southern Gothic, you should explore perilous and unsafe marshes and investigate rundown motels in an examination of institutional debasement, strict corruption and murder

In the most recent update, this game Improved their work of art, refreshed surfaces and included post-preparing .They have Remastered soundtrack and added Additional signs to help with a guide through the riddles and story.

Some Notable Features…

  • Refreshed detailing
  • Mind-Blowing Narration
  • Heart beating Horror Scenes
  • Pioneering design in room-scale VR Games

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7. Resident Evil – 7 BioHazard VR

HEART ATTACK INCREASED BY 1000% | Resident Evil 7: Biohazard #1 [PlayStation VR]
  • Developer : Capcom
  • Genre : FPS , Horror

An astounding game in its very own class… This game gave me chills… The resident evil 7 biohazards (ps4) was additionally dreadful and frightening and now this VR release is likewise following footsteps of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard 

Residennt Evil 7: Biohazard sets another bar for survival loathsomeness games and stands side by side with the best games in the establishment’s long history.. 

By uniting elements from the past, such as the slow pacing, focus on exploration, mind-bending puzzles, and desperation for survival, with the pulse-pounding first-person gameplay of the recent era of horror games. 

Capcom has crafted a veritable modern classic. Resident Evil 7 embraces virtual reality as a medium and proves that you don’t have to cut corners or make sacrifices to create a compelling VR experience.

 It has even more intense experiences, much the same as the AAA diversions we’re accustomed to playing on PS4 and Xbox One. 

Some Notable Features…

  • AAA VR Game
  • Robust Narration
  • Pulse-pounding gameplay
  • Intense horror Experiences
  • Truly Ass kickin’ environments
  • The Vibe of Resident Evil Games

6. Affected: The Manor

  • Genre : Horror
  • Developer : Fallen Planet Studios

The one thing that I need to state about this game immediately is that Affected: The Manor is totally annihilating, alarming and will be a flat out impact for enthusiasts of loathsomeness, rushes, chills, and pant soaking dread fests.
When I first played Affected: The Manor I spent presumably per cent of the time with my eyes shut in light of the fact that it’s so dull and frightening in the VR world that can’t simply… Ohh, you get that thought… This is a distortion obviously. 
Affected: The Manor is the scariest VR game I’ve at any point — and before you ask, yes I’ve played Dreadhalls. 
The two titles are fundamentally the same as in idea, however, a fresh gothic workmanship style, splendid utilization of sound, and packages of imaginative alarms give Affected: The Manor edge over Dreadhalls’.

Some Notable Features…

  • Fresh gothic look
  • A True Horror Game
  • Heart beating Horror Scenes
  • A must play VR Horror Game

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5. The Persistence VR

The Persistence - Complete Edition - Announce Trailer | PS4, PS VR
  • Genre : Horror
  • Developer : Firesprite

First individual frightfulness meets roguelike investigation in VR!

A severe VR science fiction stealth, horror, The Persistence challenge you to get by in space in a destroyed ship that invades with outsiders and freaks that are pursuing your flesh. 

The group have all been slaughtered, however, the Security Officer and Engineer get by as computerized chronicles. would you be able to endure long enough to fix the ship and make it back home? 

In a completely new sort of stealth ghastliness game, solely for PlayStation®4 with PlayStation®VR, you should stow away in the shadows and fight startling freaks as you endeavour to recover the motors on the web, plot a course – and some way or another recover the ship to Earth. Would you be able to remain alive long enough to spare The Persistence? 

Some Notable Features…

  • Sci-Fi Horror VR Game
  • Awesome Sound-track
  • Mind-Blowing Narration
  • A Survival Horror Game

4. The Exorcist Legion VR

Playing the Exorcist was a mistake...
  • Genre : Horror, Adventure
  • Developers: Wolf & Wood, Ltd.

Wolf and Wood, the award-winning team behind A Chair in A Room: Greenwater and The Harbinger Trials, exhibits another virtual experience in terror. 

The Exorcist: Legion VR is an episodic VR adventure set in the world created by the academy-award winning horror maestro William Peter Blatty.

Every section includes an extraordinary wicked element that will test your boldness and resolve. If you dare, the scariest story ever is currently yours to encounter. The total Series incorporates Chapter 1 to Chapter 5. 

The Exorcist: Legion VR is, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding VR Horror games of 2019, amongst other VR games available. 

The sheer feeling of dread you can feel when you were efficiently investigating richly detailed environments is terrific. 

If you’re searching for an extraordinarily dangerous awfulness experience that will probably inspire shouts and cries of dread, you can’t turn out badly with The Exorcist: Legion VR.

Some Notable Features…

  • Episodic VR adventure
  • The scariest story ever
  • Richly detailed environments
  • The worlds created by the Academy-award-winning horror maestro

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3. The Walking Dead : Saint and Sinners

Fighting Zombies in VR is TERRIFYING | The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners VR #1
  • Developer : Skydance Interactive
  • Genre : AAA VR Game, Action, Adventure, Zombie Appocalypse

Imagine what would happen if you took a half-season of the walking dead tv show mashed it together with Deus ex and drizzled it with the best aspects of a modern VR game and iconic post-apocalyptic terror what you might end up is the walking dead saints and sinners, and it absolutely nails it.

The walking dead gives you the freedom to do whatever you want. You get to define who you are through your own decisions in a setting that’s is meticulously detailed and open-ended. 

This caliber of storytelling reaches a height that VR games have otherwise yet to achieve. You also have to continue crafting or finding new weapons as your old ones fall apart that forces you to make each swing in each shot count.

 Since you actually have to swing and with your real-world appendages, saints and sinners become the perfect storm for adrenaline junkies.

The inventory management is intuitive and feels excellent. Limited stamina is also a worry; it makes you slow and unable to swing or run away, meaning you need to land every blow with finesse.

If you do die, you’re forced to respawn, and you only get one chance to reclaim your inventory. This mixed with the fact that your health and stamina are decreased when you die is a perfect formula for some of the most terrifying moments you can have in a VR. 

But that terror is met with an equal amount of satisfaction if you can make it out with your loot. The walking dead saints and sinners is a noteworthy step forward for VR gaming, proving that a Deus ex like action RPG can feel right at home in a headset.

 Every element clearly has a level of thought and care behind it, swirling survival horror and role-playing staples together with nuance.

Some Notable Features…

  • AAA VR Game
  • Amazing and gripping storyline
  • Terrorizing environmnet design
  • Craft > Loot > Survive > Repeat
  • Bone-Breaing combat and action
  • Incredibly detailed crafting system
  • Excellent inventory management system
  • Become a character in the iconic Walking dead franchise

2. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

The First 13 Minutes of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
  • Genre : Horror
  • Developers : Supermassive Games

To Describe Until Dawn: Rush of Blood in one Sentence; It is a descent into madness, taking you on an unnerving crazy ride of thrills and scares in a fast-paced, arcade-style shooter.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood delivers on the promise of pulse-beating scares. It combines phenomenal acting and voice work, with a convincing setting, cheesy blood and gore film tropes. This is a game that excels when it’s using the gruesomely definite world and immersive visuals and sound to genuinely surround you and penetrate your brain.

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, presented Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and said that “The rush of the ride won’t just originate from the track ahead, however from an unnerving world that is out to get you.” The game and each level can be played at one out of four skill levels: Easy, Normal, Insane, and Psychotic.

Every one of the first three presents an increasingly troublesome test. Psychotic Mode, the last skill level, is the most troublesome and just allows a single life. Finishing every one of the four will open a ‘true ending’ for the story.

Some Notable Features…

  • Insanely Scary
  • 4 distinct difficulties
  • Best Horror PSVR Game
  • Perfectly used the VR Tech
  • Scary and Astonishing Story
  • A really frightening Horror VR Game
  • Breathtaking Acting and Voice acting

1. Five Nights At Freddy’s VR

Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted - Part 1
  • Genre : Horror
  • Developers : Steel Wool Games

Now, this game doesn’t require any presentation. Five Nights at Freddy often know as FNaF is the franchise that had given everybody a Nightmare and It’s back for more in the version of VR which is the most appropriate spot for Freddy (Sounds scary right?).

Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted is an accumulation of classic and unique mini-games set in the five nights universe.

 Survive frightening encounters with your preferred executioner animatronics in an accumulation of new and classic FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S experiences. “Where fantasy and loathsomeness wake up!”

Encounter your preferred killer similar killer robots including; Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Springtrap, The Mangle, Funtime Foxy, and Circus Baby.

 That’s why FNAF VR : Help Wanted is our #1 pick for the list of Best PSVR Horror Games 2021

Some Notable Features…

  • Five Nights at Freddy horroness
  • Go up against your Favorite Animatronics
  • Relive the Classic Universe of Five Nights at Freddy.

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Our checklist is, in part, an effort to mirror the broad spectrum of scares on the planet of PlayStation VR.

However, more than anything, what’s your opinion on our list of Scariest Horror Games on PSVR and what you believe are the most intriguing, well-executed, and also ageless instances of scary in the VR world. 

Comment below NOW!

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