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Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Is Coming To Oculus Quest 2

Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond Is Coming To Meta Quest 2 This Week And Price Revealed

Oculus Has Announced That Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond Will Make The Leap To Oculus Quest 2, So That Owners Of The Oculus Quest 2 Will Be Able To Enjoy EA And Respawn’s Shooter This Year Without Using Oculus Link / Air Link.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond for Meta Quest 2 will be released on November 15th.

If you still own a Meta Quest 1, you will, unfortunately, be disappointed because the game will only be available for the Oculus Quest 2.

The game will offer Cross-Buy, but the multiplayer servers will remain separate. So you cannot compete on the PC towards the end of the game if you are using a Meta Quest 2 yourself.

And you will indeed have to start making space on the hard drive of your Oculus Quest 2 since the game will arrive on November 15th.

And if we are talking about making room, it is not for nothing since the title in its Oculus Quest 2 version will be between 40 and 45 GB.

We are far from the 180 GB of the PC version, but standalone 64 GB VR headsets will be cramped.

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Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond - Quest 2 Announce Trailer | Oculus Quest 2

Now talking about the game, the entire PC VR version will be available on Quest 2.

This includes the main campaign of ten hours, the five intense multiplayer modes playable up to 12: Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Blast Radius, Domination and Mad Bomber.

It will also include the gallery with documentaries on WWII, including Oscar winner Colette.

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A Message From Mike Doran ~ Oculus Studios

Mike Doran, from Oculus Studios, has shared more details about the port for Quest 2 of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, where he highlights that it will occupy about 40-45 GB (they do not yet know the final size, but it will enter the 64GB model and will include the videos in the gallery), that there will be no cross-play with the PC version, which will have cross-buy on Oculus Store (Rift – Quest), which will come with all the improvements made to the PC patches (such as skipping cinematics) and will cost $ 40 in the United States (apparently less than the PC version).

~ Mike Doran

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Does It Support Cross-buy? And What’s The Price

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Official Announcement Trailer

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond started for PC VR last year and will make the jump to Meta Quest 2 in the coming week.

If you already own the game in the Meta store for the PC, the Quest 2 version will be available for you free of charge, as the game will support Cross-Buy.

Finally, players who bought the game on Oculus Rift doesn’t need to worry since the game will be Cross-Buy. For others, it will cost you $39.99

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